Day 3 of Spring Clean Challenge!!!

Happy hump day:)))  We’re three days in and the detox should be getting a little easier.  The first few days are the worst but if you hang on and persevere, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel:)  Again, the detox is to take away the crutches and the ‘drug’ of choice in our lives.  One of the hardest things to do is to start dealing with our feelings.  When we let go of our ‘drug’, we are forced to really feel.  This is a good thing!  When you are cranky, overwhelmed, angry, irritable, etc…it means that you are human and your heart is beating.  When we choose to numb out and not deal, we are not connected, present, and engaged in life.  I promise you that there will be great clarity and energy right around the corner if you do not give up!!!  You will learn new tools to deal rather than go to donuts, cakes and cookies:)))


1. Wednesday- Stretch, cardio, upper body, and close out with a stretch.  Moving and stretching our bodies are an important part of the workout.  Don’t skip it!  Check the exclusive page for videos:)))



2. Food-Know the difference between emotional eating and true hunger.  When you abuse your body by not eating or overeating then you can mess up your hunger cues.  A baby doesn’t have to be told when it’s hungry.  They will let you know!!! It’s interesting that they start to scream for food about every three hours. We were designed that way.  We need to eat when we’re hungry and stop when we’re full.  When we don’t follow the natural cues, we numb out.  That’s when we eat mindlessly, even when we’re not hungry.  So check out this cool list.  The next time you pick up a snack, ask yourself these questions….




3. Mantra for the Day:  It’s Supposed to be Hard!
If you are asking yourself, “What did I get myself into???” Well, you’re on the right path:)  This is supposed to be hard.  It’s so much easier not to care, to eat whatever you want and to lie to yourself.  You have engaged in really dealing with this part of your life.  So, when you start to whine and complain about how much you want chocolates, caffeine, alcohol, etc…then tell yourself that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.  Self control is like a muscle…the more we use it, the stronger it gets.  Also, when we don’t use it, we lose it!!!



Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!

Day 2 of Spring Clean Challenge!!!

How did the first day go for you?  I felt great!!!  I taught a couple of classes and ate really well.  My problem is that I’ll get so busy that I’ll miss meals, then by the time I eat I’m so hungry I’ll overeat. I have to do a better job planning my snacks.  So this challenge isn’t just a weight loss challenge, it’s just a good accountability tool for us to get back on track.  Some people even do the challenge to gain weight so don’t let the word ‘detox’ scare you:) Let’s support each other on this journey!


1. Tuesday- Stretch and do some cardio today.  Whatever type of cardio you end up doing make sure you enjoy it!  There’s so many different types of cardio workout.  Find one that fits you and your life.  Make it a point to do abs and push ups too.  You don’t need equipment or a gym membership.  Just drop and give me 20!!!:)))



2. Food- Eating clean is a way of life.  It’s not some sort of fad or gimmick.  Back in the day, it was a lot easier to eat  ‘clean’.  Now it’s nearly impossible.  Everything that is available to us is pre packaged and fake food.  When I travel internationally, it’s so amazing to see how people eat.  Our family went out to a village in the Philippines and we ate fish that was caught right then and there and fruit right from the tree. It was so awesome!!!  It takes a lot of effort to eat well now a days!  I hope you are excited about going back to the basics and eating food our grandparents use to eat:)))



3. Mantra of the Day:  Desire or Duty?
What is your motivation??? I was listening to a speaker today and he was talking about the difference between desire and duty.  It really got me thinking.  If we do things out of duty then we can end up being resentful and not follow through.  We look at the tasks as a list of do’s and dont’s.  If we do things because we have a genuine desire to accomplish a goal, then we will have the integrity and the character to follow through even when no one is watching.  Only we know where we’re at.  Only we know what’s in our heart.  So, as you continue on this journey, check your heart.  Find out why you’re doing this.  This will determine whether or not you will be able to finish it.  Good luck!!!  I’m rooting for you:)))



Day 1 of Spring Clean Challenge!!!

Hi there!!!

We are starting another 30 day challenge and we are going to start it off with a ten day detox!!!  We are going to cut out refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol, white flour, processed food, fried food and anything else that is man made.  Basically, if it has a momma and it came from the earth, then you can eat it:)))  This detox is designed to get you off the chemicals that trigger and cause addiction in your body.  If you looked at the list and said, “Oh, no way, I could never give that up…that’s too hard….I need my _____…..I can’t live without my _______!”  Well, my friend, you have an addiction and there’s no other way than to go cold turkey!  It’s a decision.  It’s a mind set.  It starts with you deciding that you are no longer going to be a slave to your cravings!  You are going to be in control of what goes in to your mouth and not let your cravings dictate what goes in your mouth.  Just like detoxing from drugs, it will not be easy.  The first few days you may experience irritability, headaches, nausea, and even in some cases, flu like symptoms.  It’s amazing how the body will respond.  I promise you that you will feel a lot better if you persevere during the first few days.  Take advantage of our exclusive member site (for those registered members) and connect with others.  That will really help you get through the toughest part of the detox.  Just knowing that you are not alone helps.

Remember that what you put in your body you will crave more of.  If you put junk in, you will crave more junk!  If you put good, whole foods in, you will crave those types of food!  I used to have a $5.00 a day Starbucks habit.  Now, I have a kale and spinach green drink habit!  I can’t live without my green juice:)))  It’s much cheaper and so much better for me!



So, if you want to join us, we have a few spots left.  We have extended registration until Wednesday, February 29th at midnight.  It’s not too late!!! REGISTER HERE!!!

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Appreciate What You Have!!!

I hope you guys are doing well and having a great day!  I took my first Capoeira class today.  It’s a form of martial arts and dance.  It was a lot of fun!!!  My legs are already sore!  I love being able to try new things.  Even though I teach classes and work out all the time, when I try something new, my muscles awaken and I’m sore in new places.  It’s a great feeling.  What new things have you tried lately???



1. Sunday- R&R day.  I hope you are listening to your body and making sure you are resting.  Rest is an important part of wellness.  Studies show that people who get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night tend to lose weight faster and keep it off.  I have a hard time with this one because I’m a night owl.  I have to commit to going to bed at a decent hour every night.  My goal is 11:00pm.  It’s already 12:26am so I’m not doing too great! LOL!

Lack of Sleep Contributes to Weight Gain



2.  Food-  Check out this interesting article about genetically modified food.  How do you feel about it?  Does it bother you?  Honestly, it never really bothered me before but the more I research it, the scarier it is. Do your homework and be aware. Tell me what you think.

Say No to GMO’s!

Great article on GM food


3. Mantra for the Day: Appreciate What you Have
So many times we take things for granted.  We are so busy looking for what we want that we miss what we already have.  I remember times in my past when I was in amazing shape and during that time I hated my body and thought I was so fat.  It’s sad that I wasted so much energy on focusing on all the things I hated about myself instead of being grateful and happy about who I was.  Whatever we focus on will flourish and whatever we starve will die.  So focus on your amazing qualities of strength, compassion, honesty, honor, and love!!!  Starve your fears, insecurities, self criticism, hate, judgment, and ego.  You will get more of what you focus on so focus on the good.

Get off the Yo-Yo Cycle!!!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the yo-yo cycle.  You know, one minute you’re up, then next you’re down!  Why can’t it be easy???  Well, it’s not so let’s deal with it.  Generally when your weight fluctuates by five to ten pounds and for some people even get up to fifty pounds this is considered the yo-yo cycle.  There are many health risks when you go up and down with your weight but the good news is that it can be prevented.  Stop the fad diets and starving yourself to lose weight.  I’m sure we’ve all done it at one time or another.  Unfortunately, the older we get the harder it is to pull off so just stop it.  Learn to have a healthy lifestyle eating good, nutritious foods that you can eat forever.  I wanted to address a question. “How much weight should I lose per week?” Well, when you first start out and are serious about losing weight some people lose weight right away while some people may actually gain weight. This is the detoxing period. Generally this lasts the first few weeks. Remember, it takes 3500 calories to lose a pound. So, for a healthy goal of 1 pound a week, you should plan on cutting 500 calories a day or upping your workouts. You really don’t want to lose more than 2.5 to 3 pounds a week. If you lose more than that, you will likely gain it back. That’s how we get to the yo-yo cycle that we all want to get off of. So, be patient…don’t obsess! It takes time. It’s a marathon not a sprint:))




1. Friday- Core Day!  Today is a great day to do an intense cardio workout followed by our favorite, PLANKS:)))  Challenge yourself to stay up a little longer and do some variations to make it a little more challenging.  Engage your core.  I love this exercise because it’s a great gauge to see how strong you are getting.


2. Food- Keep it clean.  Be honest.  Sometimes we think we’re hiding the little midnight snack or that extra bite or taste here and there.  Those add up quickly!  Learn to have a plan and stick to it.  Allow yourself healthy snacks in case you just want to munch.  Don’t forget to pack your food. Set yourself up for victory not for failure.




3.  Mantra for the Day! Just do it, then do it again:)))

Don’t Hope for the Best!

1. Thursday- Yoga day.  Really set your intention on your practice today.  Be intentional and be in the moment.  This is a great challenge and it’s great practice for us to just ‘be’ and not ‘do’.  Don’t forget to breathe:)


2. Food- This is a shocking report!  The bad news is that it is BAD!!!  the good news is that it’s totally preventable.  Let’s educate and change the face of our country by making a difference in our own life and then modeling this behavior for our loved ones around us.  If we do nothing, this will only get worst.  Let’s not get overwhelmed but make a decision to be proactive and do something daily to contribute to reversing this epidemic.



What are some practical ways to change this?  Educate yourself.  Eat clean, whole, organic foods as much as possible.  Make dinner at home and avoid eating out.  Cut the sugary food, sodas, coffee blended drinks, etc. out of your diet.  Go back to living simply.  Know portions sizes and don’t give in to the super sized mentality.  I will be sending more tips to help us with this.  Be on the lookout for some great guests that will come and share recipes and tips for us.  So exciting:)))





3. Mantra for the Day:  Don’t Hope for the Best!
You’re probably shaking your head and wondering if I made a mistake.  Actually, I really mean what I’m saying here.  Hoping for the best is not a good enough action plan for your health and wellness.  If you do not have a plan and if you are not diligently going after your goals then hoping for the best is not going to get you anywhere.  There are many well intentioned people who are sincerely hoping to lose weight, start exercising, get out of debt, get a better job, get good grades, etc…if you are not DOING something towards your goal, you will not produce results.  So, let’s get our head in the game.  Re-evaluate your goals.  Have a plan and let’s do this!  Why wait???  Do it now!!!



Checking In….


Just wanted to encourage you guys!  I hope you are staying strong and keeping up with your workouts and clean eating.  I’m really encouraged by your changes and growth!  It’s not easy but it’s so rewarding.  I’m here for you guys!!!


Wednesday- Start out with a good stretch and then some cardio.  Get your heart rate up and don’t be afraid to sweat!!!  Today is upper body day.  Get your weights and go to town!


Food- Eat the rainbow!  The brighter the colors, the better for you! (i’m not talking about the colors in the skittles or m&m packages:)))  Stay away from neutral and beige colored foods that usually consist of bread, pizza, cookies, cakes, pastas, etc….
Which would you rather?????



Mantra for the day:  Decide to be a Winner!
Being a winner is your choice.  It’s not by chance, genetics, luck, or by osmosis!  Winning is an attitude.  Winning is making a decision to be different.  Stop whining and complaining about your life and DO SOMETHING about it!  You have the power and the ability to change how you’re going to eat and how active you are going to be.  We were all given the same 24 hours in a day.  It’s up to you to make your health and fitness a priority.  Stop blaming your family, co-workers, lack of time, lack of energy, lack of will power, etc….You CAN DO IT!!!  It’s a choice, and it begins by making the right choices daily.  Don’t quit. You will overcome.  You have to want it bad enough. 

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!



RIP Whitney

After watching Whitney’s funeral online today, it validated the message that we are trying to convey to women everywhere.  You are enough!!!  You are beautiful and you have been designed to do amazing things in this world.  It’s so heartbreaking to me that no matter how many fans and applause Whitney got, she never believed she was enough. We may never, ever sing like Whitney or look like the super models of the world but we all have a unique gift that we were born with.  The more we struggle with insecurity and inadequacy, the more we neglect the gift planted inside of us.  I believe that we are here for a purpose.  We were designed therefore we have a Designer!

Our program may never produce any bodybuilders or elite athletes.  All the women that join may never even see a six pack.  That’s OK. In our program, we measure success by how women start to view themselves, that they value what’s inside instead of what’s outside.  Read our testimonials,  (Read here)   they are filled with women who have learned to love themselves and have surrendered to being at peace with how they were created.  Me included!  And that to me is the greatest love of all….


Greatest Love of All

Day 40 of 40 Day Challenge!!!!

WE DID IT!!!  We finished our first 40 day challenge of 2012!  I am so excited for you and all the new habits you have formed during this time.  I am amazed at all the weight that has been shed and inches that were lost!  I’m most proud of the mind shift that happened in this group.  The self love and acceptance that was cultivated during the last 40 days is truly priceless!!!!  Our worth is no longer tied to a size or number on a scale but on the belief that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  We were designed for a purpose and we have a lot to offer.  My prayer is that you continue on that journey and continue to grow in your love for yourself and those around you!

1. Friday- Core Day!!!  Do a victory work out today and push yourself!  Remember where you were when you first started and now look at how much stronger you have become.  Make this a turning point for you and take a check list of how many push-ups, how long you can plank, how many burpees you can do:)))  Then in the next 30 days you can measure how much stronger you have gotten!
Check out this Fit Test!


2.  Food- Continue on the clean eating train!  Do not reward your victory with food.  Here’s some great ideas.  Get creative!  Reward yourself:)  Put a dollar in a jar for everyday you work out.  Then when you reach $100, buy yourself something sexy!



3. Mantra for the Day:  This is just the beginning!!!!

Even though we just got done with our 40 Day Challenge doesn’t mean we are done.  We are just beginning!!!  If you want to continue with the program, we are starting a new session on February 27th!!!  If you decide to move on, we wish you the best of luck and know that we are always here for you.  This is my wish for all of you!!!


Join us for our “Spring Clean your Life” session!!!  Officially starts February 27th but registration is now OPEN!!! Check out the link here and register today!!!  Register Here!

Day 39 of 40 Day Challenge!!!

It’s day 39 people!!!  I can’t believe it!!!  I don’t know about you but the last few days have been really difficult.  All the hard work can wear you down sometimes.  I have to continue to persevere and not let setbacks get the best of me.  Remember, “Champions have a Short Memory!”  Keep it moving and don’t give up.  XOXO:)))

1. Thursday- Yoga Day!  Enjoy stretching, breathing, and feeling every muscle in your body.  Connect the breath to your movements and stay engaged.  When we learn to connect our mind, body, breath and spirit on the mat, we learn to do it in life as well.  As you practice today, check in and be aware of where your mind goes.  Get rid of all attachments, ego, competition, and expectations.  Just accept where you are and be honest.  One of the things I love about yoga is that it keeps you honest.  You cannot cheat.  Your body will do what it can do.  When you try to force it or ‘will’ it to work, it will not.  It’s OK.  When you get off the mat, practice your awareness in your daily life and breathe through it.  You will not have control over your circumstances, just your attitude and choice to surrender.  Namaste!


2. Food-What I love about this program is that we are able to enjoy really delicious food without sacrificing taste and quality.  We learn how to eat well balanced meals and stay away from the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) that is full of crap!  Remember that you are what you eat!!!



3.  Mantra for the Day:  You are Beautiful and Worthy!!!!
I’m going to keep telling you this until you believe me.  I am so inspired by many of you who have really begun to believe this in your life.  You have allowed yourself to see the goodness and beauty of who you really are.  I am so proud of you.  This is so much more than just weight loss.  This is a journey of self discovery.  I know for me, this is the first time in my life I have been able to look in the mirror and honestly be OK.  I have turned off the tapes of criticism and judgment.  I’m 42 and have birthed three children and I haven’t had any work done!  I am excited to be strong and healthy.  It’s still a daily battle to feel like I need to do more or lose more but it’s OK.  I will keep working hard and keep the positive tapes running.  Some of you still have toxic people in your life that will put you down at any chance they can.  Remember that you have the power to reject negativity.  You don’t have to listen to it.  Create healthy boundaries in your life.  Give yourself permission to have a safe place, friend, community, church, etc…where you can get built up and encouraged.  It’s OK  you deserve to be loved.  I want to thank our community and the people in this challenge.  You guys have really stepped up and have been that guiding light to one another.  I am so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to be with such amazing women.  I love you guys!!!!



I’m rooting for you:))))