Day 35!!! Last Day of Spring Clean Challenge!!!

Day 35!

I’m so grateful for the amazing time we’ve had learning and growing this session.  Some of you had some amazing breakthroughs and I’m so honored and excited to share them with you.  Some of you had some great successes and others are still in the battle.  It’s OK!  This is a process and we will continue to fight.  Half the battle is being surrendered to your journey and to be committed to keep on learning.  Don’t give up or give in.  You can do this!!!

1) Saturday- Enjoy your day with your loved ones.  Have a great time connecting and being active!  If you’re out and about going to parties make sure you choose wisely!


2)  Eat in moderation, don’t beat yourself up.  Learn how to have a healthy relationship with food.  We will be really diving in to this in our next session.  You can indulge and splurge here and there.  Just don’t make it a habit:)



3)  Mantra for the Day!!! -DO THE WORK!!!


I’ve enjoyed this time with you.  I’m so lucky that I get to do what I do.  I’m passionate about empowering women to live their lives to the full and become the best versions of themselves.  THANK YOU!!!  Thank you for allowing me the honor to be a witness to your journey.  My prayer is that you continue to grow and learn and be an incredible example to your families, peers, and children.  Break the cycle of obesity, addictions, and keep sharing what you’ve learned to help educate others about health and wellness.  I’m here for you.  You can always find me on Facebook.  Please “like” us to stay in touch:)))

Love you guys!  I’m rooting for you:)))


Day 34 of Spring Clean Challenge!!!

Day 34!

Thank you guys for joining me on this adventure of health and wellness.  It has been victorious and sometimes challenging!  We’ve had our ups and our downs!  The road to success is never a straight line.  If it was easy, everyone would be in shape.  On the contrary, it takes hard work, dedication and determination to persevere when we want to quit.  I commend you guys for your strength and commitment to your health and fitness.  I applaud you guys for staying in the game.  One of the mottos at Bootcamp Barre is, “It ain’t pretty but it will be!” LOL!!!

1.) Friday- CORE day!
I wanted to reiterate that seeing ab definition shows up in women under 20% body fat.  You can get your body fat tested at the gym, your doctor, or personal trainers.  If seeing abs are your ultimate goal then here are some tips.  Are you ready!?!?!

A) Lose the belly fat. Lean muscle shows visible results, so losing belly fat should be your first goal for getting six-pack abs. Cut out all sweets, including cake, soda, ice cream, cookies and candy. Add more lean protein to your diet to give you the proper nutrition for building muscle

B) Drink at least eight 8-oz. glasses of water a day to aid in muscle growth.

C) Eat non-processed foods to reduce bloat and fat. “Whole wheat,” “high-fiber,” “fresh” and “baked” should be keywords to look for when buying foods.

D)Do at least 30 minutes of cardio four days a week. Running, aerobics or dance are all good options for burning stomach fat.

E) Do the plank. Lie on your stomach and lift your chest by placing your elbows and forearms on the ground. Lift your legs by balancing on your toes. Tighten your stomach muscles while keeping your back flat. Hold for 20 to 60 seconds, lower and repeat. Do three to five reps.

F) Do the bicycle. Lie on your back. Bend your knees and hips to a 90-degree angle. Put your hands behind your head and curl your chest forward. Straighten your right leg and bring your left leg toward the chest. While doing this, move your right shoulder to your left knee. Repeat with the opposite shoulder and leg, so that it looks as if your legs are pedaling. Do 12 to 16 reps.

G) Do a reverse crunch. Lie on the floor with both arms at your sides. Pull your knees up so they are at a 90-degree angle. Use your abs to pull your knees toward you chest as you exhale. Inhale as you lower your knees back to a 90-degree angle. Do 12 to 16 reps.

From eHow Health


2.) Food- Eat more!!!
I went to my nutritionist the other day just to check in and see how I was doing.  I was very encouraged to see that I have maintained my weight for the last five years!!!  That is HUGE!!!  I have yo-yo’d pretty much all my adult life and I was really encouraged to see that I kept the weight off.  She did tell me that I wasn’t eating enough.  I’m trying to get my body fat percentage to go down and I’ve been feeling stuck.  Even though I work out hard and eat healthy food, I wasn’t eating enough and also not getting enough sleep.  So, I commit to getting to bed earlier and eating more.  I’m also on a quest to build more muscle.  More muscle=more calories burned:)  If you find yourself stuck and you’re not seeing the results you want, it may be that you need to increase your calories and get more sleep.


3.) Mantra for the Day!!! Gratitude!
I went to a seminar this past weekend and I learned so much about myself.  I’ve been having a hard time accepting that my body isn’t changing fast enough.  I was focused on other people seeing results with their weight loss and I was getting really discouraged.  What I learned was that the more I focused on other people’s successes the further away I got to appreciating my own accomplishments.  Hey, I’m 42 and I have three kids and I’ve stayed a size 4 in the last five years.  I’ll take it:))) LOL!  Write a gratitude list today. You’ll be amazed at how much you really do have to be grateful for!

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)

Day 33 of Spring Clean Challenge!!!

Day 33

This challenge is coming to a close.  I have learned so much and have grown so much through this challenge.  I am feeling stronger and more powerful as each day passes.  I love that I don’t have the cravings like I used to and the attachments to certain foods like I used to.  It took me about three months to feel like I can let go of the addiction to caffeine and sugar.  I feel so empowered!  I now use food as fuel instead of as a drug to pacify my emotions.  I am so honored to be able to walk with women just like you and help you overcome these struggles and work together to renew our minds.  Our mind shift is the most important part of this challenge. We will never be perfect but with each day we will get closer to our goals as long as we are willing to do the work.  Most importantly, we are learning to accept who we were designed to be and that is priceless:)


1.) Thursday -Yoga Day!
“What is appearing as poison in the beginning, that will prove nectar at the end.” -Guru
“Prison or Paradise, you decide.”- Lisa P. Yoga Teacher

It took me about three years to LOVE yoga.  I was a hard core gym rat, runner, dancer, and I didn’t really think yoga was going to be that challenging so I never took it.  One day I was at the gym and there was a yoga class.  I decided to take the class because there were no other classes at the time.  The instructor was an older lady and was very gentle.  I left the gym and didn’t think much about it.  The next morning the alarm went off and I seriously could not even move my arm!!!  I was so sore in places I never thought possible!!!  I definitely underestimated the power of yoga.  I didn’t go back until a few years later.  I had given birth to my third child and the last of the stubborn baby weight would not come off.  I heard about Power Yoga and decided to try it out.  I was desperate and it was purely for vanity reasons!  What I realized was that yoga was so much more than just a workout.  This is where I really learned to balance my mind, body and spirit.  I would walk in on some days and swear that that was going to be my last yoga class!  I hated it so much! I had to learn surrender and acceptance and that was a huge life lesson for me.  I also lost twenty pounds:)  So I guess, it works!!!


2.) Food- Super Food of the Day! Cauliflower!!!

Oven roasted cauliflower recipe, made with cauliflower florets, garlic, lemon, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese. Yummmmm!!!!  Found this on Pinterest!  Follow me and check out all the recipes….Follow me on Pinterest:)



3.) Mantra of the Day!- Transformation!!!

I love this!!!  We’ve been conditioned to lose weight to fit in a dress, to look good for a reunion, for a wedding, or some other special occasion.  Getting healthy and fit is a LIFESTYLE!!!  There is no finish line.  It’s a marathon not a sprint.  I hope you will join us for the next challenge that will begin on Monday, April 2nd!  Registration will close on March 31st at midnight!  REGISTER HERE!!! :)


Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!

Day 32 of Spring Clean Challenge!!!

Day 32!

WOW!  Look at what you have accomplished in the last month!  By now, you are getting used to clean eating and working out consistently.  You feel great and are encouraged by great results not only in your weight but your heart as well.  You should be so proud of yourself!  Keep fighting and keep setting small goals.  Make your goals measurable and attainable.  Instead of rewarding yourself with food, learn to reward yourself with a new pair of jeans, running shoes, or a bathing suit for the summer:)



1. Wednesday- Stretch, Cardio and Upper Body
Do a variety of cardio exercises!  HIIT is a great choice.  All you need is twenty minutes:)



2. More on metabolism! Metabolism 101


3. Mantra For the Day!!!

Think about where you were when you first started this program.  Look at how far you have come!!!  Look at how strong you have become and how much you have overcome!!!  It’s truly an honor to be a witness to your transformation and I’m so grateful that I get to be in this journey with you.  You are not alone.  I am here for you and I believe in you.

Love you guys!!!  I’m rooting for you:)))

Day 31 of Spring Clean Challenge!!!

Hi guys!  Trying to catch up.  I hope you guys are doing well and keeping on the program.  A group of us just got home from a two day seminar that ROCKED our world!!!  I’m still marinating on it and will definitely share some nuggets of wisdom.  We are almost done with this session and I’m excited to see the results!  We would love it if you could share this program with your friends and family!  We are committed to helping women find balance with their mind, body and spirit!  Join us!!!  We have decided to extend the special until the end of registration.  There’s only four days left!  REGISTER HERE!!! :)

1. Tuesday- Cardio & Strength Training


2.) Metabolism-


3. Mantra for the Day!!! – Believe you are Beautiful!!!

How you see yourself is a direct reflection of how others are going to see you.  It doesn’t matter how big or small you are.  It’s never about the size.  It’s always about the heart.  We are all different and our bodies will continue to change.  It’s OK.  Learn to cherish it at any size and stage of life.  I know it’s hard sometimes, but it’s a decision to be grateful for the body you have.  Enjoy the health, strength, beauty, determination, power, etc….Stay positive.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  All you have to do is take it one step at a time.

Keep reminding yourself that you CAN do this!!!  Take the word can’t out of your vocabulary!  Love you guys!  I’m rooting for you:)))

Day 27, 28, 29 of Spring Clean Challenge!!!

Day 27, 28, & 29!

It’s the weekend  I’m at a conference and I’m so excited that I packed all my food and snacks.  Not only will I save money but I’ll know that I will be eating clean, healthy meals.  I packed nuts, fruit, cut up veggies, organic, gluten free falafel chips, hummus, pop corn, and protein bars.


1. Saturday- This is your day to work out with your loved ones and try something new and fun!  I love workouts that don’t feel like workouts:)))

Sunday- Don’t forget to REST!  Take a rest day:)  You need it to replenish your energy!

I love seeing kids do yoga:)  Check out my son and daughter doing yoga:)


2.) Food- Super Food of the Day!!! -WATER!!!
OK…technically, not food but we need water, water, and more water!!!
Here’s a good tip.  Calculate your weight and cut it in half.  Then drink that number in ounces.  For example, if someone weighs 150 pounds, they will drink 75 ounces of water.  If you’re not a water drinker, here’s another tip!  Add fruit to your water.  Cucumbers, limes, lemons, strawberries, or mint.  It tastes like spa water and you won’t get enough of it!!!  Check out this gorgeous, refreshing pitcher of water!!!  Drink up:)))

You should be going to the bathroom a lot!  You will get used to it.  Here’s a chart to make sure you’re on the right track…


3. Mantra of the Day!!! – Encourage Each Other!

One of the reasons for our amazing success in this program is the fact that we are encouraging each other to succeed.  In a society where women can be competitive, catty, conniving and jealous doesn’t it feel great to be encouraged?  This should become the norm in our world.  Women are powerful beings.  We need to speak kindness and do good to those around us.  Do it!  You will be empowered when you realize that what we give we will get back. All of the women in the program are so amazing, funny, strong, inspiring, courageous, and full of love. Tell someone how much they mean to you today.  You guys are beautiful and I’m so proud to know you.


Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)))

Day 26 of Spring Clean Challenge!!!


Day 26!

Well today I had a doctor’s appointment.  I’ve had Hashimoto’s disease for about five years now.  Well, about two years ago I started to cut down on gluten.  I’m about 80-90% gluten free with the occasional harmless bites of my kid’s mac n’ cheese, bite of bread or pizza here and there.  Well, come to find out, with my condition, you can’t just ‘cut’ down gluten but you must be completely off of it.  My body reacts to gluten and causes inflammation for up to 60 to 90 days!  That explains why I’ve been having trouble shedding the last few pounds!  I’m working my butt off and eating pretty clean but it just won’t budge.  Anyway, I am kind of sad.  I have to go through a grieving period.  I will say good-bye to pasta, bagels, pizza, mac n’ cheese, croissants, biscuits, pastries, cupcakes, etc….LOL!  Not that I eat those foods anyway, but the thought of not being able to eat it if I want to kind of sucks. *sigh*




1)  Friday- Core Day!!! Everyone wants defined abs.  We are obsessed with the six pack!  Well, it takes a lot of work!  Cardio, weight training and super clean eating.  Some people are blessed with genetics and can get definition quickly.  Others have to work really hard.  Wherever you fall in the spectrum, don’t focus on it too much.  Focus on strength and how you feel.  It will happen. Keep persevering.  One way to make sure you’re utilizing all your core muscles is to open up your hip flexors.  Stretch them often.  It also loosens up your lower back.  Here are some great hip flexor stretches.
(Videos uploaded on our exclusive page)

Check out these hip flexor stretches

My abs inspiration!  I love that she still has her curves:)


2.) Food- Here are some gluten free ideas!!!  Looking forward to trying out these alternatives.  For recipes, follow me on Pinterest.  These are all on my board titled, “Food I can Eat!”  Follow me on Pinterest:)  Can you believe these are gluten free???  Must.Try.



3.) Mantra for the Day!!! -Focus on Abundance not Scarcity!!!
It’s easy for me to look at all the food I can’t have right now.  Sure it makes me sad but the more I focus on all the things I can’t have, the more depressed I’m going to be.  If I focus on all the new foods I get to taste and discover, the more excited I get!  This goes for clean eating too.  This is the best time to choose healthy eating.  There are so many great tasting recipes out there that won’t make you feel deprived at all.  Our taste buds will adjust.  Focus on the abundance today!!!  Keep an eye out for a cook book that my sister Karen and I are working on.  She is a genius and we’ve been working on amazing, healthy recipes that taste sinfully delicious!  So excited:)  Stay tuned!


Love you guys!  I’m rooting for you:)))

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PS- As a bonus, we are going to add a clutter free challenge in the next round!  Let’s clean out our pantries and our health together:)))

Day 25 of Spring Clean Challenge!!!

Day 25


Thursday- Yoga Day!  Even if you don’t like Yoga, you should keep trying it.  I hated Yoga for the first three years!  Every time I was in class I would wish for it to end! I learned to surrender and accept.  The mental part of Yoga is the important part.  Enjoy:)))

I love how in the middle of the hustle and bustle we can find peace within.  We must practice to get better at it.  Especially in the city.  Or at home with kids:)  We need practice.


2. Food- Spaghetti Squash!!!  Why am I just discovering this now!?!?  WOW!  Sooooo good!  Since I try to eat gluten free, I miss pasta very much!  This was eating pasta without the guilt:)  Check out these beautiful photos I found on Pinterest.  ( Follow me on Pinterest:)  If you have good recipes, send them my way…




3.  Mantra for the Day:  Nothing is Impossible!!!


Love you guys!!!  I’m rooting for you:)))


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Day 24 of Spring Clean Challenge!!!

Day 24!

Thank you for all the amazing responses to yesterday’s blog.  I’m so grateful I get to witness transformation!  It’s so encouraging and faith building!  You can do this:)))

We want YOU to be our next transformation story!!!  We are offering a HUGE discount for our online coaching program only until March 24th at midnight!!!  You can do this program from anywhere in the world.  This is an online community where you will get menus, recipes, daily workouts and much more.  You will also be part of an amazing community of courageous, incredible women who will encourage you and hold you accountable!  REGISTER HERE!!! :)  Studies show that people who work out with others are more than likely to keep it up and see results.  Invite your friends to join you for some more accountability!  The more the merrier!!!  If you’re not convinced, check out these amazing testimonials!!!  Real people, real time, real results!!! Testimonials!


1) Wednesday-Stretch, Cardio and Upper Body workout!  If you think too hard about working out, you’ll talk yourself out of it!  Just do it:)))




2. Food-Portion Control!  This is something we constantly have to keep reminding ourselves.  The portions just keep getting bigger! If you’re not reading labels, you should be.  Be aware.  It’s your body, it’s your responsibility!  Yesterday, we went out to dinner.  I automatically asked for a to-go container and wrapped up half of my plate.  I had more than enough for dinner and enjoyed the other half for lunch!  Check out this great chart….


3. Mantra for the Day!!! -Visualize your Life!!!
Are you using the power of visualization in your life?  In your time of quiet and peace take some time to visualize how you want your life to look.  Take some time to envision what it would be like to run after your kids at the park without being in pain or being winded.  How would it feel to be able to shop at certain stores and wear certain clothes?  If you can see it, you can achieve it.  Keep pictures up in a special place that will motivate you.  If you haven’t discovered Pinterest yet, it’s a great site where you can create your own boards. (Follow me on Pinterest:))  Keep a pair of jeans or a dress that you want to fit into out where you can see it daily.  Strive everyday to move towards your goal.
Everyday spend some time imagining and dreaming about the life you want to have.  Then do one thing that will move you closer to that goal. When you are engaging in an activity or ready to eat a bite of something, ask yourself, “Is this going to get me closer to my goals?”  If the answer is “NO!”  Then get rid of it or stop doing it.


I love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!

Day 23 of Spring Clean Challenge!!!

Day 23!

I received a message from one of our transformation members and I felt the need to share it with you.  It was overwhelming to see this kind of openness and vulnerability.  I am so grateful that we’ve created a place where people feel safe to share what’s really going on deep inside. There is power in honesty because it gives others strength to be honest in their own lives.  I hope this helps you and begins to heal this area of your hearts…


Message from Transformation Member: (She gave me permission to share this)

“I have a confession to make. I’m afraid. I’m afraid to lose weight and still not be enough… I have never been anything but chunky or fat. So the fear of losing this weight and still be not pretty enough or cute enough or good enough makes me think. Why bother!? Obvious answer is that I will be healthier and that should be motivation enough, right? It is and it isn’t. The fear makes me self sabotage. I want to be pretty. And feel pretty. I never have and it scares me to think that at 41 I’m too old to ever feel it. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so the saying goes, but what this beholder only sees ugly fat me. I’m sorry.”



My response:

“Thank you for your candid confession of what we can all relate to. I feel like this is an area in my life I can finally be authentic and surrendered in. It’s only taken me 40 years:))) I knew that being an online coach was going to hold me accountable to practice what I preached. All the blogs and messages I preach, I preach to myself;) The message is simple. “I am enough!” Not “I will be enough when I lose the last five pounds or the last 100 pounds!” You see, the amount of weight is not the issue. We have to get to a place of self love and acceptance. When we honor and respect our bodies, we will treat it well. When we self sabotage, there are deeper issues of feeling like we don’t deserve the victory. We have to ask the question, “Why not?” We make excuses and we blame our circumstances and we stay stuck. Look at yourself and ask yourself, “Why not me? Why don’t I deserve to be happy and healthy?” You were not designed to be overweight. Some of us are designed to be more top heavy or bottom heavy. That’s called genetics. But we are all designed to be healthy. You can take charge of uncovering what that design is supposed to look like. This should be so empowering to you because the choice is yours. The ball is in your court. For me, turning 40 turned on a switch and I panicked a little bit. I felt like my time was ticking. I had to make radical decisions to change. Everyday is an opportunity to make the right choice. Everyday is an opportunity to love yourself more. This is the first time in my life I can look in the mirror and not hate what I see. That to me is such amazing growth and progress. This journey is so much more than losing weight, learning how to eat the right foods and exercising. It’s really about finding yourself and falling in love with who you really are!!! Believe it….you are wonderfully and fearfully made. You are not here by chance but you are here by design. You are going to inspire so many people in your life by your example. Be a role model! I am honored and humbled to be in this journey with all of you. I love my life and what I get to do. All my struggles and hardships are here to help others just like you are going to help so many people overcome. This is an epidemic. Women hate themselves. This is what our daughters are seeing. Let’s stop the cycle. Be confident and know that you are beautiful!!! You really are. Thank you for being here:)))”



I felt the need to share this because we can all relate to this in one way or another.  Please take some time to give yourself encouragement, kindness and love today. You are worth it.  You really are:)


I love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!