Day 18 of Spring Clean Challenge Part II

Day 18!

Hello!  I’m so excited for the weekend:)  I have a lot of Zumba dancing in my future.  My sister Karen will be in town from Palm Springs to teach a couple classes.  It’s so great to find a workout that you LOVE and especially one that doesn’t feel like a workout!  What’s your favorite???


1) Friday- ZUMBA
If you haven’t tried it, you have to!  If you love to dance, you’ll love Zumba!  It’s a combination of latin dances like salsa, samba, meringue, cumbia, etc….Check out this fun Zumba combination!  Just do it:)  You don’t have to be an experienced dancer, just have fun!  Dancing is good for the soul:)))




2) Food- Great Reminders:)))

  • Eat whole foods as much as possible: Try to eliminate all refined foods
    and pile up on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, beans, nuts, seeds.
  • Love your  fruits and veggies: Include them in each one of your meals (ideally, do not over cook them).
  • Avoid sugar: Beware; it hides in many refined and processed foods. If you must snack on processed foods, make sure that these ingredients are not on top of the list (3 first ingredients): barley malt, beet sugar, brown rice syrup, cane juice, corn sweetener, dextrin, dextrose, fructo-oligosaccharides, fruit juice concentrate, glucose, sucrose, invert sugar, polydextrose and turbinado sugar.
  • Eat only when hungry and stop before you are full: Allow your brain to realize that you are full before going for that second portion (20 minutes).
  • Drink up! Drink a glass of water with each meal and throughout the day.


3) Mantra for the Day!!! -Take Responsibility!!!
I’ve heard all the excuses and I’ve made them all.  “I’m big boned….It’s my genetics….My family doesn’t support me…..My friends party too much….I don’t have time to work out….I don’t like the taste of healthy food….I don’t know how to cook…I don’t like to work out…I can’t afford it…..It’s too hard…..My dog is sick!!!!” *Insert whiny voice* LOL!!!  C’mon we’ve all said something like this before as an excuse why we can’t succeed.  STOP IT!!!  If you want it bad enough, you will find a way.  If you keep thinking about it or putting it off until a more convenient time, then you will still be stuck six months from now.  Why not NOW???  Why not YOU???  Join us as we get fit and healthy.  Start TODAY!  You can totally do this!  One day at a time:)))


The only person holding you back is YOU!!!


Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:))) XOXO!

Day 17 of Spring Clean Challenge Part II

Day 17!

How are you doing?  Some of you are really excited and even shocked at how much weight you’ve lost in such a short time.  Others of you are a little frustrated because it’s not coming off as easily as you thought it would.  No matter where you are, it’s a great opportunity to learn patience.  If you have reached a plateau it’s time to kick it up a few notches!  In order to see change, you must make changes!  Let’s do this!!!


1) Thursday! -Yoga time!  So, I started practicing yoga regularly again.  It’s amazing how much yoga strengthens you.  After about 200 chaturanga (yoga push ups) my arms are rock solid!!! LOL!  I also finally got up on my arm balance.  I can get up on my right side and I’m so excited!!!  I just want to get on the floor and balance on my arm every chance I get.  It’s really exciting to learn something new and explore how our bodies can learn new skills.  I hope you are challenging yourself and trying new things.  Practice your headstand or the crow pose.  Do something that scares you!  Enjoy the journey!

Love this!!!  This is what I’m talking about!!!:)))



2) Food- Plan!!!
I can’t stress this enough.  We talk about this often.  I had a bad planning day and I ended up eating hot wings and chips and salsa.  I would rather eat horrible food than starve.  We were out and about and those were my only options.  When I plan, I usually carry protein bars, nuts, dried fruit, etc. in my purse but today I had nothing.  So, just a reminder to plan your meals and ensure the victory:)))




3) Mantra for the Day- Don’t Give In to Fear!!!
My mentor has a saying, “What you feed will flourish and what you starve will die.”  You have to ask yourself what are you feeding?  Do you feed your doubts and fears or do you feed your faith and dreams???  What’s the dialogue in your mind?  You HAVE the power to switch off the negative tapes.  Once you start going down the road of, “I can’t, I’m too tired, I’m too old, too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short!” Fill in the blank….you MUST immediately take those thoughts captive and just throw them out the window.  Don’t even entertain those thoughts.  Tell the committee in your head to “SHUT UP!!!”:))))  The key is to replace the negative with the positive.  This is challenging if you’re not used to it.  I want you to try this exercise for the remainder of the challenge.  Just write down one thing you love about yourself everyday.  If you can’t encourage and love yourself, it will be really difficult to let others love you too.  These are the triggers that make us lose control at times.  When you have balance and self worth you will honor and respect your body in a way you never have before.  You are beautiful and worth it:)))

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!  XOXO:)))

Day 16 of Spring Clean Challenge Part II

Day 16!

We’re at the halfway mark.  Remember this is not a get thin quick program!
Anything worth having takes time, effort and energy.  There are days I just want to forget it and give in to cookies, cakes, brownies and whatever else I can get my hands on.  Then I remember that I’m doing this for the long haul and that I want to leave a legacy for my family.  I want to be a great role model and lead by example.  I know that I will feel like crap if I eat junk.  I really do feel so much better with my healthy lifestyle.  I’m obsessed with helping people get there too:)))  Join me and spread the word!!!

1) Wednesday! Upper body workout day.  Don’t forget to use your own body weight.  Push ups and planks are great upper body strengthening exercises!  Just start out on your knees and try a few.  Everyday just keep adding a few more.  Before you know it, you’ll be the push up queen!!!


2)  Food!  Top 50 Super foods!!!

I posted this list on my Facebook Page today but I think this is a fantastic list to have on hand.  When in doubt, eat from this list:)))

When deciding what to eat, I always make sure that I check portion sizes and calories. Just as important, I check ingredients and fiber/protein content. The best options are always those with fewer ingredients, and high fiber and protein.

If you’re not a big fan of veggies like I am, I suggest looking for smart ways of sneaking them into your food. Black beans can be substituted for flour, and shredded carrots can be added to spaghetti sauce without a change in taste. Get creative :]

And remember; always eat. Keep that metabolism working. Your food is your fuel.

50 Clean Eating Super Foods


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. We’ve all heard it, what does that mean exactly? Apples are fantastic for your heart as well as for keeping your bowel movements regular. And lets face it. If things are “moving” along smoothly, many diseases are far less likely to occur.

These orangey little fruits are a health inducing powerhouse! Apricots help fight cancer, control blood pressure, slows the aging process and even fights against Alzheimer’s!

While it can be tough to eat these without drenching them in butter or mayo, these fabulous green globes actually lower your cholesterol, aid your digestions and even fight liver disease.

Avocados are pretty tough not to love. Not only do they taste great in many different dishes, they also help fight diabetes and high cholesterol. Avocados can actually help stop a stroke dead in its tracks, and to top it all off, your skin will look better as well!

Bananas can “plug you up” when you’re sick or have “the runs”, they can sooth a nagging cough and help keep your blood pressure regulated. Pretty good for this yellow yummy!

Beans provide a ton of fiber to your clean eating plan. As a result, you’ll find that things “move along” a little more smoothly. These lovely legumes help lower high cholesterol, fight cancer and even helps with shaky blood sugar.

You either love em’ or hate em’. There’s very little in between. But if you love em’, you’ll have a great leg up on those that don’t. Beets help with blood pressure control, weight loss and even helps keep your bones in good condition!

These lovely little berries are a true nutritional powerhouse! They are credited with fighting cancer, strengthening memory and even helping your heart and blood sugar. You definitely want to include these goodies in your clean eating plan!

When Mom told you to eat your broccoli, she knew what she was talking about! These little “trees” help strengthen your bones, fight cancer and even preserves your eyesight!

For those of you who love your cabbage, you can boast about the extra health benefits you’re getting. Benefits such as help with weight loss, cancer prevention and heart health.

Cut into one of these lovely melons to help build your immune system and fight cancer, high blood pressure and even high cholesterol.

Every kid knows you have to eat your carrots to have healthy eyes. Well guess what? The same applies to adults! But that’s not all you get out of eating your carrots. You also get smoother bowel movements, weight loss, better heart health and a lowered risk of cancer!

This one is great for the guys! Cauliflower helps fight prostate cancer and builds bone strength. But you women can love it too. It fights breast cancer (which men can get too!) and even helps bruises heal faster.

Cherries are one of those nutritional super foods that you should devour while you have the chance. When cherry season arrives, you can feel good about what you’re doing to preserve your brain and heart health. Cherries are credited with slowing down the aging process and even with ending insomnia!

Often overlooked, these nuts are great for weight loss, blood pressure and cholesterol. They fight cancer too!

Heat up your meals every chance you get by adding chili peppers to your plate. They promise better digestion, an improved immune system, better blood circulation and digestion. There is even a rumor that chili peppers aid in weight loss by increasing your metabolism!

If you need a good excuse to eat your chocolate, look no further. Dark chocolate (not milk chocolate) is great for cardiovascular health, premature aging and cancer. And guess what!? Dark chocolate is low on the glycemic index!

I had a fig tree in my yard growing up and I never ate a single fig. Of course now, I could kick myself for it. Why? Because figs aid in weight loss, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and even fight cancer. Not bad for this old world fruit!

While we have to be increasingly careful about the fish we eat, it’s incredibly healthy if for you if you can find the good stuff. It protects your heart, fights cancer and strengthens your immune system.

This little seed is a nutritional powerhouse. It helps your digestion, strengthens your immune system and helps with diabetes. The only thing better than flax is Chia seeds. But that doesn’t mean you should forgo flax. It’s far more readily available than Chia seeds and often more cost-effective for those on a budget.

Most folks these days know the benefits of eating garlic. But just in case you don’t, here’s the low-down. Garlic lowers cholesterol, helps with high blood pressure, fights cancer and even kills certain bacteria. And don’t forget the REAL benefit of garlic. It scares away the vampires! (Or anyone else who gets to close to you after you’ve eaten a lot of it! lol)

These under-appreciated fruits help with weight loss, strengthen your heart and lower cholesterol.

This fruit is fabulously portable so there’s no excuse not to include them in your clean eating plan. They strengthen your eyes, help with circulation and even fight cancer and kidney stones.

1 cup a day is the general rule of thumb with green tea. It will help you fight cancer cells, lose weight and battle against strokes.

This ancient medicinal remedy has been used for millenia for various ailments. Among those are the ability to heal wounds, increase digestion and even fight allergies. Try to find local honey if you are using it for allergies.

These sour fruits are amazing at so many things. Fighting everything from cancer to the common cold, never miss a chance to include these in your eating plan.

This tropical delight helps strengthen your memory as well as your digestion. It also fights cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

The lowly mushroom deserves a pedestal for its medicinal uses. It helps control blood pressure and lowers your cholesterol. And yes, like many other foods on this list, mushrooms fight cancer too!

Oats are well-known for their cholesterol lowering abilities. But did you know they also improve the condition of your skin and help fight diabetes?

Olive oil should be a part of many dishes you cook. It strengthens the heart, fights diabetes and cancer and helps with weight loss. For those with dry skin, it’s an excellent way to cleanse your skin as well! Just put a little on a cotton ball and wipe clean. You’ll never use cleansers and water again!

Onions add a flavorful punch to any dish. But they also improve your cholesterol and strengthen your heart.

We all know that a nice glass of OJ goes well with just about any breakfast. But did you know that oranges strengthen your immune system, fight cancer and strengthen your heart?

These summer time treats are great for digestion and constipation.

While many have allergies to these little guys, for those that don’t, you’ll enjoy a lower risk of heart disease, cholesterol and prostate cancer. Plus, they help with weight loss!

Never miss a chance to eat pineapple! Not only is it absolutely delicious on a hot summer day, it also strengthens your digestion, your bones and aids with weight loss.

So, I think most of us know that one particular benefit that prunes provide. They will definitely “get things moving” when you are constipated. But they also help your memory and lower your cholesterol.

Some folks see pumpkins as something to carve once a year. But the truth is, your friendly Jack-O-Lantern also provides tons of fiber, controls blood pressure and normalizes heart function. So this year, carve your pumpkin a few hours before dark, and then bring it in for cooking when the festivities are finished.

These amazing fruits have up to 7 times the amount of antioxidants of green tea! Impressed? They also fight cancer, and reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

Brown rice should be a staple in every one’s diet. Not only is it a very low allergen food, it also protects your heart and fight diabetes, kidney stones and cancer.

Wild salmon provides oodles of omega-3 essential fatty acids. A crucial bit of nutrition for us humans. But that’s not all. Salmon also provides many other vitamins like vitamin B3 and B12 which contribute to a healthy metabolism.

Popeye had the right idea. You have to eat your spinach to grow strong! Why? Spinach helps you fight cancer, improves your cardiovascular health and improves brain function!

These little berries are easy to include in your eating plan. I mean, who doesn’t like strawberries? (Unless you’re allergic. That’s different.). Strawberries fight cancer, strengthen your heart, helps your stay calm and increases your memory.

All clean eaters know, sweet potatoes are a fantastic carb to include in your clean eating plan! But why? Because they protect your vision, encourage a good mood, fight cancer and keep your bones strong. That’s why!

These fabulous orbs are big time cancer fighters! They also help battle high cholesterol.

These nuts are great for lowering cholesterol, fighting cancer and improving your memory. (I need LOTS of walnuts!)

We all know we have to get our 8 glasses of water every day (although, we also now know that it can very according to your size and weight). But why is water so vital? Put aside the fact that your body is mostly water to begin with, and you’re left with the facts that water helps you lose weight, fight cancer, keeps your skin in great condition and helps you battle kidney stones.

This wonderful summer time treat is a fabulous aid for weight loss, lowering cholesterol, avoiding strokes and controlling your blood pressure. So eat up!

The healthiest “germ” you’ll ever include in your diet! It fights colon cancer, keeps things “moving smoothly” and helps your digestion in a big way.

Bran is just as important as the germ. It also fights colon cancer and keeps constipation at bay. But it also lowers cholesterol while it keeps your digestion moving smoothly.

Choose non-fat Greek yogurt to get more protein on top of the following benefits: increased bone strength, lower cholesterol, a better immune system and better digestion. Also great for ulcers.

Taken from Fitness Fetish:))))




3) Mantra for the Day!!!  DO NOT QUIT!!!
We all have those days where we just say “FORGET IT!!!”  I know, I get them too!  The key is to not have as many of those days in a row!  Nobody is perfect.  You will have a bad day.  Let’s just get real.  Don’t let it take you out.  Re-group, re-boot, re-fresh, and re-start!!!
You have come so far.  Even if you’re just beginning, it’s hard!  It will get better, you will enjoy exercising and eating healthy food.  Your cravings for junk will subside.  Persevere through the tough days and get support from trusted friends.  If you don’t have anyone, you have us!  Join our community at Bootcamp Barre“like” us to stay in touch:)))


Don’t you dare give up!!!  Your future self is counting on you:)))  Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!! XOXO!!!


Day 15 of Spring Clean Challenge Part II

Day 15!

We’re half way there!!!  We check in today to see how we’re doing.  Remember to measure your progress by how your clothes fit, your energy level, your strength, your inches, and your weight.  The scale is only ONE measurement of your progress.  The number does not define you and don’t be surprised if your weight even goes up.  Muscle weighs more than fat.  Keep a pair of pants or a dress you want to fit in to and use that as your gauge.  Remember that we’re working on a lifestyle change.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint!!!


1) Tuesday- Cardio Day!  Try these if you need ideas.  If you can’t get out for a walk, run, jog, or hike, do this workout. Also, try a dance class, Zumba, exercise class, power yoga!  There are many options.  Find one that you love and stick to it:)))


2) Food- Clean Treats by Chocolate Covered Katie!

I love this site!!!  She has the greatest “clean” treat recipes!!! Click here!!!

Hot Fudge Brownie Larabars

Based on this popular recipe.

  • 1 cup walnuts (120 g)
  • 1 and 1/3 cups pitted dates (220 g) (I love SunMaid dates, as they’re much softer.)
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 3-4 T cocoa powder (or even Dutch cocoa)
  • optional: 1/8 plus 1/16 tsp salt (I always add it)
  • optional: chocolate chips or even a piece of a chocolate bar or baking chocolate

Blend all the ingredients, using a food processor, Magic Bullet, etc. (No need to blend the dates first; I just blend everything all at once in my MB. Form into bars. It might help to put dough in a plastic bag and close the bag, then shape into a bar. (Feel free to experiment with different nut combinations. I often sub almonds or cashews for some of the walnuts.)

Click to see all of my Homemade Larabar Recipes.

These homemade chocolate Larabars actually taste even better than the packaged ones. Homemade always tastes better, right?

chocolate fudge larabars

Try it!!!  Tell me what you think:)))



3) Mantra For the Day!!! – What’s Important!?!?!

Let’s not get so hung up on losing weight and inches that we forget to focus on more important things like our character, hearts, spiritual lives, relationships, etc… Let’s get our priorities on straight and focus on what’s on the inside.  In coaching many people, I have found that a lot of our weight issues comes from not dealing with our heart issues.  Our weight loss is a by product of dealing with the deeper issues first.  It’s OK to dive in and go deep.  Just because you ignore it doesn’t mean it will go away.  Let the healing process begin by being honest with yourself and then find some safe people you can trust to help you sort out your issues.  This is one of the best parts of our challenge group is that it totally allows you to be who you are without judgement and condemnation.  We are here to support each other and encourage each other.  What can we help you with today?


Love you guys!  I’m rooting for you:))) XOXO!!!

Day 14 of Spring Clean Challenge Part II

Day 14!

We’re fourteen days in and I’m happy to hear about all the progress!!! Woo hoo!!!
Remember that the number on the scale does not define you.  Becoming the best version of yourself is the goal and it’s a lifetime process.  If you’re like me, you’re your own worst critic.  So, even when you reach a goal, it’s not enough.  I write all these blogs with me in mind.  I’m preaching to myself:)))  I’m really trying to live out the things that I write.  There are days when I’m totally all in!  Then, there are days where I struggle really bad.
I’m going to be open and honest that even though I’m coaching you through this lifestyle makeover, I’m in the trenches with you.  I feel your pain.  I am overcoming and so will you!

Sometimes I feel like this!!!  Anyone else????


1) Monday- It’s leg and booty day today!  If you’re close and you have an opportunity to come to class, we are going to hit it hard!!!  If you’re one of our members, you will be sent some videos on our exclusive page.  Do your best to get through it!  Go HARD or go HOME!!!  Take control of Monday and make it OBEY:)))


2) Food- Once again, take the time to plan out your menu.  This saves both time and money.  Also, get your kids involved in the process.  Let them shop with you, cook with you and get healthy with you!  What’s some of your favorite meals to fix at home?  Share them with us!!!


3) Mantra for the Day!  Take Control!

You have the power to change your destiny.  If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, it’s up to you to do so.  Make the changes and learn to honor your body.  Your vessel is the only one you’re gonna get.  What you put in to it is so much more important than what the outside looks like.  Let’s deal with the inside and focus on the proper way to care and nurture our mind and spirit.  It’s not enough to have a hard body.  We want to have a soft heart.  So, what are your mountains? What’s holding you back?  Get on your way and join us on this journey of health and fitness. NO EXCUSES!  Your future self is counting on you!  It’s not too late.  Start today:)

Day 12 of Spring Clean Challenge Part II

Day 12!

It’s time to enjoy the weekend!!!  I hope you have been enjoying all the menus and meal plans.  Stick to it over the weekend.  You can eat clean even on the weekends:)


1) Saturday- Workout with friends and family.  Enjoy outdoor activities and pick up new hobbies.  Do something you’ve never done before and don’t be afraid to try new things!!!


2) Food-  Eat fresh, colorful foods whenever possible!
Eat the rainbow and drink tons of water!!!


3) Mantra of the Day!- DISCIPLINE

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:))) XOXO!!!

Day 11 of Spring Clean Challenge Part II

Day 11!

Hello Friends!  How is it going?  I know that there are days when we feel like throwing in the towel.  I had one of those days today.  It started off well then life happened. My kids were crazy today, my blender blew up and sprayed chocolate protein powder all over my kitchen walls, cabinets, and floor! (long story!) I had to drive and get people from point A to point B and I got stuck with kids in the car with no food and snacks! ARGHHHH!!!
I realize that I like to munch on food when I’m nervous or emotional. So I ate some yummy, salty tortilla chips!  I also didn’t plan well so by the time I did have dinner, I ate way too much too late.  So, what are you gonna do!?!? You just start over and press the restart button.  No matter if you had a spectacular day or a ‘Calgon take me away’ day know that every new breath is a fresh start!


1)  Friday!  Fit day Core day!!!
Let’s really work it hard today!  Everyone wants the defined abs.  Well, are you willing to work for them!?!?  It takes a lot of dedication and hard work.  100% clean eating, cardio, strength training, and planks!  Let’s go!!!  (Check out lots of new core videos in our exclusive group page)  Join the Plank Challenge!!!  Let us know how you do:)))



2) Food-  What Should I Eat???

The Three S’s: Salmon, Spinach and Sweet Potato

Here’s the ideal balanced meal. Wild salmon for protein and omega-3s, spinach for the cornucopia of vitamins and minerals (including the superstar of eye nutrition, lutein), and a sweet potato for slow-burning carbohydrates. It’s an almost perfect meal. You can add a little flaxseed oil (or olive oil or butter) to the sweet potato or even sprinkle it with almonds, but watch your portion size: While these additions are all brimming with health, they’re also high-calorie items.


3) Mantra for the Day!!! -Challenge Yourself!!!
Today I took a great yoga class that kicked my behind!!!  It was one of those classes that I walked into feeling strong and capable and by the middle of the class, the instructor was wiping me off the floor!  It was so humbling to see my own limitations and weaknesses.  Normally, that would have discouraged me and make me doubt my own practice.  It was so great to accept the areas where I was strong and also strengthen the areas where I was weak.  Our bodies are amazing vessels because we will get stronger the harder we work. Work to your tipping point today.  Don’t settle and don’t be mindless.  Go hard or go home!!!:)))


Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!! XOXO:)))

Day 10 of Spring Clean Challenge Part II

Day 10!

We did it!!!  This is the last day of detox!!!  I hope you feel so much better that you don’t even want to go back to your old way of eating.  I’m so proud of the people that have gone through our program and they have not gone back to the reliance on coffee, diet sodas, sugar, bad carbs, etc…Congratulations!  This is just the beginning!


1) Thursday -Yoga Day
Take some time to enjoy your yoga practice.  The challenge today is to really let it go.  Let go of all attachments and hang ups.  Don’t judge yourself, don’t judge others.  Accept where you are and commit to staying present.  It’s hard.  I know.  It’s a great lesson to be still and connect with each breath.  Once you can learn that on the mat, take it out to your life and be intentional about connecting with people.  Listen and be still.  That is what creates intimacy.  Here’s some funny yoga clips!   Yoga Funnies!    3rd Grade Humor!!!!LOL!!!   Last one:) Enjoy!!!

2) Food- Enjoy Healthy Recipes!
You have picked the best time in history to get on the healthy journey.  Gone are the days of tasteless, cardboard type health foods.  There is an array of flavors and choices now that you won’t even miss eating the bad stuff!  Check these out! 54 Healthy Recipes!!!





3) Mantra of the Day!!! – Let go of the Ego!
Day 10 and the last day of our purification detox.  It’s only fitting that we talk about the root to all of the other topics.  Ego=self.  When you look at the root to all that we have been talking about the last nine days, the root is self.  Our view of self whether good or bad is wrapped up in our ego.  Our over confidence or lack thereof comes from ego.  Our self esteem, our perception of our selves trace back to our ego.  Do you walk around thinking that people are looking at you and thinking about you?  Do you spend energy wondering what people think?  Are you seeking approval from people? The moment you get to a place where you really don’t care what people think, then you will learn to accept yourself and have a little more peace.  At the end of the day, it’s just you and God.  That’s the only opinion that matters!  Let’s continue to grow and challenge ourselves for the remainder of the challenge!!!  Let it go and know that you are already accepted and loved for who you are from the one who really matters!!!


Love you guys!!!  I’m rooting for you:))) XOXO!

Day 9 of Spring Clean Challenge Part II

Day 9!

With this detox, we are getting rid of the addictions that make us a slave to sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed food and junk food.  When you can finally say that you don’t need coffee to get your day started or sugar to get you through the day then you can eat these items in moderation.  Be aware that you can easily get addicted again so just because we’re done with the detox tomorrow doesn’t mean you can go to town and eat all these things in one sitting! LOL!




1) Wednesday- Stretch, Cardio and Upper Body Strength Training!
Don’t be afraid to use weights.  Strength training increases muscle mass, which revs up your metabolism for faster calorie burning. Combine both by doing cardio and weight training to get the maximum results!



2) Food-Not all health food are created equal!
When we buy ‘healthy’ food at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods then we automatically think that it’s good for us.  Well, not exactly.  You still have to read labels and more importantly follow the portion servings.  When I first started on my health kick, I would seriously eat half the bag of almonds!  I’m talking the BIG bag!!!  I would eat lots of yogurt with loads of sugar and juices too.  Be aware and be mindful.  It’s a process.  If you are in our Spring Clean Challenge group, we are very excited to have Michelle from Michelle’s Health and Nutrition Zone join our program and she will be answering a lot of our questions!  Michelle is a certified nutritionist and very knowledgeable!  Please add her on Facebook!



3) Mantra For the Day- Patience
By this time some of you are seeing great results and you are excited about the program.  Some of you are not seeing any results and in fact have gained a few pounds!  You are not crazy.  Different people respond differently to the detox.  Be patient with yourself and don’t judge.  Results will happen.  Sometimes your body type, health issues, age, and background will determine how your body will process this detox.  You didn’t get here overnight.  We’re only on day nine!  If you haven’t been as diligent as you should be then it’s not too late to start.  If you’ve been following everything meticulously and are still not seeing results, give it some time.  You might want to take advantage of Michelle and ask her some questions about your diet.  Either way, measure your success by how strong you are getting.  You are so much more aware now and you are making great choices.  Be proud of your efforts.  Don’t get discouraged.  You are doing an amazing job!!!  I’m really proud of you.

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!:)))