Day 44 of 90 Day Challenge!


How’s it going?  It’s Thanksgiving week! I’m really excited about all the amazing victories we’re going to have this week!  Congratulate yourself for your commitment, investment, and hard work during this challenge.  This is not easy.  As you can see, when you work hard and follow the plan, you will see changes.  I applaud you guys!!!  If you’re not seeing changes yet, don’t worry.  It will happen.  This takes time and even though you may not see results yet, you will….I promise:)))


1. Tuesday- Cardio day!  Try some of these quick bursts of cardio you can do anywhere.  Do them thirty minutes at a time for two sets.  If you don’t have the time to do it consecutively, no worries.  Squeeze it in, but make it happen!!!


2. Food- I’ve been asked the question, “What do I do when my friends and family wants to eat at a restaurant where I cannot resist temptation??? Help!!!”
Well, this is a tough one for all of us, myself included.  Early in our journey, our muscles of self control are still being developed.  So, going out with friends for food and drinks will definitely be a challenge.  Here are some tips: Try to look at the menu ahead of time so you can be prepared with what to order or eat beforehand. Maybe you can suggest to meet up for drinks or desserts.  Try to stick to fruit or yogurt and seltzer water.  I know it seems really boring and not fun.  I get it!!!  For me, I’m trying to change the way I spend time with people.  Instead of going out to eat, I suggest a hike, bike ride or a yoga class.  I love being active with my friends and family.  You can also host a dinner party where you can be in control of what’s on the menu.  No matter what you decide, go in to the situation prepared.  That will be half the battle.  Good luck!!!



3. Mantra for the Day! -Change the Tapes!!!
OK..I know we’ve been talking about this a lot but it bears repeating.  Let’s stop the voices in our head and replace it with faithful, positive thoughts.  Here’s a great exercise.  Write down what you really think about this journey.  Every time a negative thought comes up, write it down.  When you are done, look at your paper and cross out the negative thoughts and replace it.  Here’s an example of what it looks like.

Love you guys!!!  I’m rooting for you:)))

Day 43 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 43!

Happy Monday!!!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend and even if you didn’t, this is your chance to restart and reboot your system.  You will always hear me say, ‘Champions have a short memory!!!’  When we dwell on our mistakes and failures, it takes our focus and energy on things that are in the past and we can’t change that.  Re-focus on what you have the power to change and that’s the present.  Be engaged and intentional today about your diet and activity.  You can do it!!!

1. Monday- Lower body workout day.  Start with a good stretch and some cardio to get your heart rate up.  Check these exercises that you can do at home.


2. Food-  If you don’t meal plan, you’re missing out.  Meal planning saves money, time and energy.  It’s a little overwhelming at first if you are not used to it, but it will make your life so much more manageable. I have the hardest time with lunches.  Here’s some great lunch ideas.  Let me know if you need help with this:)

Isn’t that beautiful!  The more colorful your plate is the healthier it is for you!  Enjoy:)))
Check out this cool site with recipes and ideas….Bento Menu Library




3. Mantra for the Day!

First of all, I’m so proud of all of you for taking this challenge and really making the commitment to honor your body.  In order to see changes, you will have to change some things in your life.  Your eating habits and exercise habits obviously need to change if you are to see changes in your body.  More importantly, the number one thing that MUST change is your mindset.  Victory is won in between the ears:)))  Your mind is more powerful than your body.  Make a decision to change and you will change.  You need to change the tapes and replace it with positive, faithful voices.  You CAN do this and you WILL overcome!!!  If you tell yourself that you can’t, you’re right.  Make this a daily habit to meditate on a mantra.  As a Christian, I meditate on scriptures and read spiritual books to help me. No matter where you are in life and what you believe, make sure you focus on the good.  Whatever you focus on you will get more of.  So if you focus on hating your thighs, butt, and stomach, guess what you will get more of????  So stop it!!!

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)))) XOXO!

Day 41 & 42 of 90 Day Challenge!!!

Day 41 & 42

How’s it going?  I’m still recovering and finally got my appetite back tonight.  I ate way too much tonight and started to beat myself up.  Then I read this:)  Good reminder….


1. Saturday- Family and friends activity day.  Find a sport or activity to do with your loved ones today.  The cool thing is that when you’re doing something fun with friends, you don’t even realize that you are working out.  It’s great multi-tasking.  Let us know what your favorite pastimes are:)))

Sunday- R&R Day.  Make sure you rest.  It’s imperative that you allow your muscles time to regenerate and rebuild.  Enjoy:)))

Here are some great ideas for family activities together….


2.  Food- Portion Control!  In this super-size me generation, we don’t even know what true portions look like anymore.  When I started to really weigh and measure the true portions, I was flabbergasted!  First of all, I was not convinced that I would be able to be satisfied by the itty, bitty portions on my plate.  Second of all, I was shocked at how much I was truly eating!  When you go to restaurants that have the calorie counts next to the items, it blows my mind that you can consume all your calories in one sitting…and then some!  So, check these out.  These are very helpful tools.



2. Mantra for the Day:  Just Do It!
We’ve heard the Nike slogan so many times that it’s just become part of our vernacular.  It sounds so simple but it’s so hard to do.  We realize that when we are enslaved to our desires and cravings will power doesn’t always win.  It’s really a mental decision.  Once the mental decision is made, it doesn’t matter if someone is trying to spoon feed you hot fudge sundaes and lava cakes.  You already know that your word and your commitment are solid and strong.  When our decisions are based on emotion or if we haven’t really fully decided to be all in, then we cave.  We think that we can handle just a little bit.  Well, you tell me…how’s that going for you???  Let’s have integrity and hold ourselves accountable to ourselves.  We deserve to be happy and healthy.  We think that the sweets and treats will make us happy but it doesn’t.  Don’t believe the lie.  Here’s a great quote from a famous philosopher.  He is full of wisdom and we would be wise to take his advice….:)


Love you guys!  I’m rooting for you:)))

Day 40 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 40

Wow!  This is a HUGE milestone:)  How is your life different today than forty days ago?
Now, if you were hoping to look like a Victoria Secret’s model in forty days then sorry about your luck;)  Even if the scale doesn’t look that much different and/or you still feel like you’re in a constant struggle with this journey, it’s OK!  The fact that you are in this battle is a huge victory!  Believe me, I can definitely see myself checking out, eating bon bons, watching TV, and letting myself go. Sometimes, that seems like the easy way out.  I’ve been there, done that!  Don’t do it!  It’s not worth it.  The fact that you’re still here is awesome! It’s totally worth it to live a healthy lifestyle.  Stay connected, stay present and DO NOT GIVE UP!!!


1. Friday- Core Day!  Today is a great day to do an intense cardio workout followed by our favorite, PLANKS:)))  Challenge yourself to stay up a little longer and do some variations to make it a little more challenging.  Engage your core.  I love this exercise because it’s a great gauge to see how strong you are getting.


2. Food- Keep it clean.  Be honest.  Sometimes we think that we’re hiding that little midnight snack or that extra bite or taste here and there.  Those add up quickly!  Learn to have a plan and stick to it.  Allow yourself healthy snacks in case you just want to munch.  Don’t forget to pack your food. Set yourself up for victory not for failure.




3.  Mantra for the Day! Just do it, then do it again:)))

Love you guys!  I’m rooting for you:)))  XOXO!

Day 39 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 39

It’s day 39 people!!!  I can’t believe it!!!  I don’t know about you but the last few days have been really difficult.  I have the flu and it seems like all the hard work is going down the tubes.  I have to continue to persevere and not let setbacks get the best of me.  Remember, “Champions have a Short Memory!”  Keep it moving and don’t give up.  XOXO:)))

1. Thursday- Yoga Day!  Enjoy stretching, breathing, and feeling every muscle in your body.  Connect the breath to your movements and stay engaged.  When we learn to connect our mind, body, breath and spirit on the mat, we learn to do it in life as well.  As you practice today, check in and be aware of where your mind goes.  Get rid of all attachments, ego, competition, and expectations.  Just accept where you are and be honest.  One of the things I love about yoga is that it keeps you honest.  You cannot cheat.  Your body will do what it can do.  When you try to force it or ‘will’ it to work, it will not.  It’s OK.  When you get off the mat, practice your awareness in your daily life and breathe through it.  You will not have control over your circumstances, just your attitude and choice to surrender.  Namaste!

2. Food-What I love about this program is that we are able to enjoy really delicious food without sacrificing taste and quality.  We learn how to eat well balanced meals and stay away from the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) that is full of crap!  Remember that you are what you eat!!!



3.  Mantra for the Day:  You are Beautiful and Worthy!!!!
I’m going to keep telling you this until you believe me.  I am so inspired by many of you who have really begun to believe this in your life.  You have allowed yourself to see the goodness and beauty of who you really are.  I am so proud of you.  This is so much more than just weight loss.  This is a journey of self discovery.  I know for me, this is the first time in my life I have been able to look in the mirror and honestly be OK.  I have turned off the tapes of criticism and judgment.  I’m 42 and have birthed three children and I haven’t had any work done!  I am excited to be strong and healthy.  It’s still a daily battle to feel like I need to do more or lose more but it’s OK.  I will keep working hard and keep the positive tapes running.  Some of you still have toxic people in your life that will put you down at any chance they can.  Remember that you have the power to reject negativity.  You don’t have to listen to it.  Create healthy boundaries in your life.  Give yourself permission to have a safe place, friend, community, church, etc…where you can get built up and encouraged.  It’s OK  you deserve to be loved.  I want to thank our community and the people in this challenge.  You guys have really stepped up and have been that guiding light to one another.  I am so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to be with such amazing women.  I love you guys!!!!



I’m rooting for you:))))



Day 38 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 38!

Here’s some great tips….

1. Wednesday!  Upper body and abs!!!  Start off with a good stretch and then do some high impact cardio!  Burn that fat baby!!!  Get your weights and pump some iron.  Don’t worry about bulking up.  Use low weights and lots of reps.

Upper Body Workout


2. Food- Here’s a good visual!  Does your plate look like this?




3. Mantra for the day:  Enjoy your journey!!!


Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!

Day 37 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 37

Some days are harder than others.  Sometimes there are emotional triggers that get to us.
Remember that food is connected to triggers and feelings sometimes.  Keep a journal or  jot down what you’re feeling on your smart phone.  Sometimes looking at it in black and white can help get it out.  It’s ok to feel.  Cry, laugh, be angry, etc…the beauty of being in the moment is being able to feel.  This is what makes us human and proves that our heart is beating.  Love you guys!!!

1.  Tuesday- Cardio and some strength training.  Have fun!!!


2.  Food- Be sure to be mindful and connected today.  We get in trouble when we eat mindlessly.  When I’m in social situations, it’s really hard for me to be mindful because I just want to hang out and munch.  Most of the time, I do not even realize that I’m eating so much.  Especially those little yummy appetizers.  They add up quickly!!!  Go in with a plan and you will be successful.  Go with these choices:))))


3.  Mantra for the Day!  Enjoy life!  This series isn’t about deprivation but it’s about balance.  It’s about enjoying the richness of life, food, family, etc…. Connect and love every moment.  My goal is to eat about 80-90% clean.  It’s unrealistic for me to have a goal of 100% clean right now in my life.  I have three young kids, we are very social and we love to eat.  There will be times where I will give myself permission to eat whatever I want but I know that that’s a small percentage of my life.  Know what you want your life to look like.  I used to eat out at least three times a week because we were too busy or just too tired to cook.  I’m happy to say that I consistently make meals at home about 95% of the time.  Eating out is a luxury now instead of a necessity.  Eating out takes work now because I have to research the menu, and if I’m going to pay 20 bucks for a salad, I might as well make my own! :)

Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)


Day 36 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 36

Happy Monday!


1. Monday- Cardio and leg & booty day!!!  Work to your max today.  No letting up.  JUST DO IT!!!



2. Food- Keep eating clean!!!  I think something was in the air this weekend because a few of us, myself included, fell off the wagon and gave in to eating sweet treats. Anyway, no excuses!  Today is a new day and a new opportunity to make the right choices.  Here’s some great tips on what to do after having a binge…




3.  Mantra for the day:  You are enough!

I love this.  You need to be reminded that YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!  Gaining or losing weight does not define you.  You have to accept who you are and love who you are no matter what.  Losing the extra weight may make you feel better, more confident, lighter, healthier, and stronger  but,  just because you may not be there yet doesn’t mean that you are bad, fat, ugly, or whatever lies you tell yourself.  You are amazing now and you will be amazing when you lose the extra weight.  Let’s not get it twisted and think something magical will happen when you see your goal weight on the scale.  You will still be the same person.  Learn to love yourself regardless what the scale says.  The weight loss is just a bonus for transforming your life.  Be content and at peace with who you are because you are brave, beautiful, heroic, and a fantastic human being!!!

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!! XOXO:)))

Day 34 & 35 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 34 & 35

Hi there!  I hope you are having a fabulous day and ready to have an active, fun, and enjoyable weekend!  Let’s really push through.  No excuses.  Make it happen!!!  You can totally do it:)))


1. Saturday!  Make this a fun day of activity with your loved ones.  Enjoy one another while enjoying the outdoors.  Make sure you let us know what you did on our exclusive page:)

Sunday- Take your relaxation day and rejuvenate your body.  Get ready and prep for the week and let’s kill Monday!!!





2. Food- Make sure you plan out your meals on the weekends.  This is the time that we can be careless and mindless about our diet.  Eat often and eat healthy, whole foods that will fuel your body to work at its optimum level.  Remember you are an elite athlete.  You have an incredible vessel.  It is a loaner so take good care of it:)



3. Mantra for the day:  NO EXCUSES!

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)))  XOXO!

Day 33 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 33


I am so filled with gratitude to be on this journey with you guys.  I am learning so much about myself during this process.  Always keep your eyes open because there’s always so much to learn.  I have so much respect for you and your commitment to be fit and healthy.  This is not easy.  We have to go against the grain to make the right choices sometimes.  Thank you for inspiring me.

1. Friday- DON’T Forget to HIIT the CARDIO!!! High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a form of short, intense cardiovascular exercise emphasizing quality not quantity and just may be the missing ingredient to supercharge your weight loss. It is composed of a series of intense, all-out bursts of activity lasting 10-60 seconds followed by brief, moderate to low intensity recovery periods lasting anywhere from 50 percent to 300 percent of high intensity work time. The sequence is then repeated for approximately 4-20 minutes depending on your objective and performed two to three times per week. The benefits of this type training are directly related to a high level of intense activity packed into a small window of time in turn forcing your body to spend the rest of the day expending additional energy to recover. This is commonly referred to as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). That simply means you’ll consume a greater amount of oxygen recovering from this type training than if you’d just performed a traditional boring, steady paced cardio workout. Instead, you’ll spend less time in the gym, accelerate your metabolism, burn more fat, improve your endurance and of course boost your weight loss potential. The training intensity and duration of HIIT is determined by the individuals current fitness level and specific goals as it would with any other form of exercise.
-David Buer- Trainer


2.  Food- I am so proud of you guys and your food choices.  I keep hearing about all your victory stories.  We live in a place where all your cravings can be met.  If you have an urge for something you can pretty much go out and get it fulfilled. Practicing self-control teaches us that just because we want something doesn’t mean that we have to stop everything to get it.  I’m not saying you have to deprive yourself.  You can definitely have a treat here and there but when it becomes a habit of eating and drinking unhealthy options, it takes so much to un-do.  Plan your cheats. Don’t just eat mindlessly.




3. Mantra for the day:  We need each other!
We all need each other for support and encouragement.  I don’t know where I would be without you guys!  Keep your fire burning.  Someone is counting on you:)))




Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)