Day 83 & 84 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 83 & 84!

Lookout weekend here we come!  Don’t throw in the towel to 2012.  Keep at it guys.  Finish strong!  Everyday counts.  Everything you do counts:)))

1.  Saturday & Sunday- Do something active over the weekend.  Whatever it is, have fun and enjoy the people you’re with!  Also, don’t forget to take a rest day.  It’s super important to relax and replenish!!!

Go for a hike with your family or friends!

Who’s ready to relax!?!?!?



2. Food- Juicing Tips

Here are some more juicing recipes…


3. Mantra for the Day: What you do today will affect your tomorrow!
Just like the farmer that sows seeds during the winter, they do it knowing that they will not see produce until late spring or summer.  That doesn’t stop them from working, cultivating, planting, watering, weeding, etc…you get the picture.  Even when you don’t see immediate results, you still have to keep doing the work because one day, the harvest will come.  Sometimes, it doesn’t come when we want it.  It’s OK, don’t give up.




Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:))) XOXO!!!


Day 82 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 82!

Happy Friday!

We’re counting down the days.  Have you written out your goals for 2013?  The key to accomplishing your goals is to write it down and have a plan.  This is the best book on goal setting that I’ve used.  I love it.  Check it out.  Go out and get it.  Totally worth it!!!



1.  Friday- Stretch and do some tabata and CORE strengthening.



2. Food- Juice Recipe

Here are some more juicing recipes…


3. Mantra for the Day: If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

I definitely agree with this!  I say this in class all the time.  I love teaching my classes because my students are so game.  I come in with the craziest ideas sometimes and they always try it out.  Our workouts need to challenge us in order to change us.  But don’t let it stop on the physical aspect.  As you continue to grow in your faith, character, compassion, etc….you have to be willing to change.  Do something different.  Live life as an adventure.  Don’t play it safe.  Sometimes risks will pay off, sometimes they don’t.  It’s OK.  Learn from them.


Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:))) XOXO!!!


Day 81 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 81!

Hope you had a great holiday break spending it with people you love.  I had a fabulous time and definitely indulged.  I’m looking forward to our detox coming up on January 7th!  There are some spots left if you want to join us.  I’m compiling some great recipes and testing them out on my new juicer.  Can’t wait!


1.  Thursday- Stretch and do 1 hour of yoga today.  Enjoy and breathe….



2. Food-Head start detox!

Clean out your system and prepare for our January detox.  We’ll probably have a couple more indulging days for New Year’s so get a jump start!


3. Mantra for the Day:  The trouble is, you think you have time.I always thought I had time to get in shape.  I was young, fairly healthy, I looked average in my clothes, and thought I had all the time in the world!  One day turned into a week, into a month, into months, into years, into a decade!  Basically from 30 to 40 I hardly worked out, I had three kids and thought my ship had sailed.  I never ever imagined that I could get in shape and be healthy.  I definitely didn’t think I could be in the best shape of my life in my forties!  Well, same rule applies, everyday of working out turned into a week, a month, many months and almost three years later, it’s become my way of life.  I LOVE to workout, I eat clean most of the time, I feel amazing and I count my blessings everyday!  I am dealing with the consequences of many years of neglecting my body. So don’t wait.  Do it NOW!!!  Keep at it.  One day at a time.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:))) XOXO!!!


Day 80 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 80

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas festivities or whatever it is you celebrate.  All I know is that I enjoyed all the food and I’m excited and ready to get back on the clean eating wagon and get my system back to normal.  Can you believe we only have ten days left on this challenge!?!?!  This time of year, it was great to have that little extra accountability and to get encouragement not to totally fall off the wagon!  I decided in January, we will have a full on detox and sugar detox for 21 days starting on January 7th, 2013.  For my existing clients, my gift to you this year is to allow you to take the challenge FREE of charge.  All new clients will get a 50% off discount.  For NEW CLIENTS ONLY you can join our January Detox Challenge group for ONLY $20.00.  We will only have a limited number of spots for newbies so please rsvp and sign up ASAP.  I’m really excited about starting the year with a bang!!!  The time is NOW!  Don’t delay.  It’s gonna be hard but so worth it!


1.) Wednesday -Upper Body Day!
I love getting fitness related gifts!  I got an exercise ball and a juicer!  I’m so excited!!!  I’m taking my fitness to a whole new level.  You should have seen me today trying new exercises on my ball and I totally fell off of it a few times.  It would have been a great, graceful, exercise video. LOL!  I will be incorporating these in my classes.  Great for core strengthening and just a great full body workout:)))

2.) Food- Juicing!
Since I got a new juicer today, I’m so excited to try new recipes.  Please send me your favorites either on the comment section or on our facebook page.  Here are some I’m anxious to try.  Keep checking in with us because I will be posting more juicing recipes:)

I’ve got more juicing recipes…. Yummmmm!!!!  Found this on Pinterest!  Follow me and check out all my recipes….Follow me on Pinterest:)



3.) Mantra of the Day!- Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!

This is my mantra for 2013!!!  I’m starting now because this is going to be a tough one for me.  I like to DO a lot of things.  I need to settle down, breathe, and only do what is necessary.  I need to practice being more in the moment and not be so concerned about doing everything all at once.  I have to remind myself that it’s OK if it doesn’t ALL get done TODAY.  I put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself and I need to chill:)  You guys need to help me OK!?  We’re in this together.

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!

Day 78 & 79 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 78 & 79

Happy Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas!!!  This is such a great time of the year where we can sit back, enjoy family, and take some time to reflect.  I really hope you are living in the moment and not rushing from store to event to party to family gatherings…you get the idea;) Every year we try to minimize the commercialism of Christmas in our home and focus on the true meaning of the season.  No matter what your beliefs are it’s pretty amazing to see the whole world stop and honor the birth of Jesus.  We have family traditions like giving and serving to organizations like El Rescate and Advent Conspiracy.  El Rescate is an amazing organization that serves the San Fernando Valley and we donate our time and toys to give back to kids who are less fortunate.  Advent Conspiracy is an organization that facilitates building wells in third world countries so that they can have clean water. We have people over on Christmas Eve and invite people who are not able to go home for the holidays.  We have a great time eating, singing and then we have a white elephant gift exchange.  It gets pretty crazy in our house.  I’ll let you know what I end up with.  There’s a pack of cassette tapes that gets re-gifted every year and gets added to the pile.  You don’t want that gift!!! LOL!  On Christmas Eve this year, our family is going to bless a family that doesn’t have much.  I met a woman named Isabel and she told me they were skipping Christmas this year because they didn’t have any money.  She has two young kids my children’s age and it broke my heart.  I told her we were bringing Christmas to her.  So, we’re bringing dinner, gifts, and lots of cheer.  Our family is excited to go and meet them since we’ve been shopping for them and preparing for them all week.  We are excited to meet them.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  Enjoy your holiday season and don’t forget to feed your soul.  Smile, hug, love someone today.  Pay it forward.



1. Monday- I know it’s Christmas Eve…just commit to doing at least fifteen minutes of HIIT training and stretching.  You will be busy, there will be a lot of stuff to get done.  Make your health a  priority!  You will feel better, trust me:)


Tuesday- MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  Do what you can realistically.  You may want to take this as your rest day if you’re traveling or with family all day.  Initiate a walk around the block.  Go for a bike ride.  Stay active even if you don’t get your ‘workout’ time in.:)


2.  Food- I know that this is the time of the year where we indulge a little bit.  It’s OK.  Just don’t overdue it.  I was at a party and tasted these amazing, white chocolate, toffee, pure yumminess!!!  I totally fell off the wagon and had about twenty!  I wish I was exaggerating:(  Anyway, what I realized was that there was a very familiar taste to this candy that reminded me of my childhood.  I was triggered because I was missing my family and the treat reminded me of that time.  I realized it afterward, after it was too late!  For me that’s progress because I was able to identify what the trigger was and why I binged.  Hopefully, next time I will catch it earlier. It would have been better to realize it, take inventory, be in the moment and accept the feeling of sadness and talk it over with a trusted friend, counselor, prayer, meditation, our private challenge group or whatever it is that helps you.  You are not alone.  Enjoy your day!



3. Mantra for the day:


Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)

Day 75 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 75

Today, I have more women to honor.  These women started with our program less than a year ago.  Some of them never worked out before.  Their company hired Bootcamp Barre to come and hold fitness classes in their facility just twice a week.  What I LOVE about these women is their determination.  They showed up and worked hard.  It was not easy.  I remember the first week, some of them could not do push ups or planks.  Today, you should see these ladies!!!  They do full on push ups and planks for days!  I’m so proud of them and all their hard work.  I wanted to take this time to honor them and let everyone know how proud I am to work with such amazing women.  I love what I do and I’m grateful to be in the journey with these ladies!!!  Shout out to fellow trainer Vanessa who invested a lot of time, heart and energy to these ladies!  Work it!!!:)))



1. Friday- CORE Day!  Working the core will help alleviate lower back issues and will help with your posture.  Many people think core is just all about abs.  It’s so much more than that.  Keep at it and try these exercises:)



2.  Food- The biggest misconception about losing weight is skipping meals.  Let me tell you, from someone who battled eating disorders, skipping meals will wreak havoc on your system.  Don’t do it!  The more I eat, the more fuel my body burns and the more weight I lose.  When you skip meals, your body starts to store fat.  Plan to eat every three hours and combine a balanced meal of protein, carbohydrates and good fat.  Don’t eat junk food but don’t be afraid to eat good food:)



3. Mantra for the day:  Success Isn’t What you Think it Is!
Success is not easy.  It’s not overnight and sometimes, it feels like it’s never going to happen.  It’s OK. Do it anyway!  Once you form the fitness habit of just daily doing the work regardless of the results, you will find success. Success isn’t a number on a scale or a dress size.  Success is an attitude, a belief in oneself, and a deep confidence that what you’re doing is the right thing.  Don’t go for shortcuts or quick fixes.  I’ve been seriously on this health and fitness road for a little over three years.  That’s not that long. I was frustrated when I didn’t see results overnight and quit many times.  I got back up and kept at it and I finally feel successful!  I eat well, exercise, I love what I do and I try to balance it all.  It’s definitely not perfect but I seriously am way more positive about where things are now than I’ve ever been my whole life!  I struggled most of my adult life with body image and this is the first time I can look in the mirror and be happy with what I see.  You can do it too!  You will get there as long as you don’t give up.  I’m here for you guys!  You’re not alone.


Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)

Day 74 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 74

I want to take this time to encourage some amazing people! These are the women who have worked so hard to train so many of you this year.  It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to work with these amazing women.  They are highly gifted in the way they inspire, motivate and push people to be their best.  I love the fact that all of them have such great hearts for people.  All these women have my utmost respect.  They are models of integrity, perseverance and faith.  Coach JC is so knowledgeable and does a killer Kettle class!!!  Vanessa has had a busy year and had to cut back her classes but when she teaches, you can be sure she will kick your butt with a smile:)  Bernadette is our newest addition and her energy is infectious!  She’s extremely talented and ready to jump in to take more classes in 2013.  Please join me in honoring these women!!!



1. Thursday- Yoga Day!  I had a complete irrational fear of being upside down.  I’ve been doing yoga for almost six years and it still makes me nervous.  Headstands are really a mental challenge.  Technically, it’s really not that hard but getting over the fear is the hard part.  I had to keep practicing and I had to be OK about falling.  It’s a good life lesson:)))  Try it!!!


2.  Food- Let’s not make food our master.  You be in control of what goes in your body.  Stay connected, mindful, engaged and present.  Really make the effort to be in the moment and not let excuses get the best of you.  Plan, plan, plan!!!  This is the time of year where we just indulge and don’t think about it.  Well, think about the consequences.  It will be that much harder to lose in January:)))  Just sayin’!



3. Mantra for the day:  Make the Investment!!!

We are all given the same 24 hours in the day.  How are you using it.  Just like we need to be fully present to live in the moment and intentional about our food choices, we need to do the same with our time management.  You will be busy!  We’re all busy!  Make your health and fitness a priority.  Its non-negotiable.  If you wait for perfect conditions, it will never happen.  It’s going to be inconvenient.  It will be too cold or too hot.  It will be too early or too late.  Whatever the excuses are, it’s time to STOP IT and make a decision!  Learn to multi-task.  Take your babies in the stroller and go for a walk, go for a walk with your spouse or friends.  Whatever it is, figure out what works for you and do it. Train hard and be disciplined this week!


Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)

Day 72 & 73 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 72 & 73!

Sorry I missed the last couple of days.  I didn’t have it in me.  I was mourning and grieving with the rest of the world.  Hope you love the ones you’re with.  We are not promised tomorrow.

This is a process and we will continue to fight.  Half the battle is being surrendered to your journey and to be committed to keep on learning.  Don’t give up or give in.  You can do this!!!

1) Tuesday- Enjoy your day with some cardio. Rain or shine…DO IT!!!

Wednesday- Upper Body Day!


2)  Eat in moderation, don’t beat yourself up.  Learn how to have a healthy relationship with food.  We will be really diving in to this in our next session.  You can indulge and splurge here and there.  Just don’t make it a habit:)



3)  Mantra for the Day!!! -DO THE WORK!!!


Love you guys!  I’m rooting for you:)))


Day 68 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 68!

It’s normal to have ups and downs!  The road to success is never a straight line.  If it was easy, everyone would be in shape.  On the contrary, it takes hard work, dedication and determination to persevere when we want to quit.  I commend you guys for your strength and commitment to your health and fitness.  I applaud you guys for staying in the game.  One of the mottos at Bootcamp Barre is, “It ain’t pretty but it will be!” LOL!!!

1.) Friday- CORE day!
I wanted to reiterate that seeing ab definition shows up in women under 18% body fat.  You can get your body fat tested at the gym, your doctor, or personal trainers.  If seeing abs are your ultimate goal then here are some tips.  Are you ready!?!?!

A) Lose the belly fat. Lean muscle shows visible results, so losing belly fat should be your first goal for getting six-pack abs. Cut out all sweets, including cake, soda, ice cream, cookies and candy. Add more lean protein to your diet to give you the proper nutrition for building muscle

B) Drink at least eight 8-oz. glasses of water a day to aid in muscle growth.

C) Eat non-processed foods to reduce bloat and fat. “Whole wheat,” “high-fiber,” “fresh” and “baked” should be keywords to look for when buying foods.

D)Do at least 30 minutes of cardio four days a week. Running, aerobics or dance are all good options for burning stomach fat.

E) Do the plank. Lie on your stomach and lift your chest by placing your elbows and forearms on the ground. Lift your legs by balancing on your toes. Tighten your stomach muscles while keeping your back flat. Hold for 20 to 60 seconds, lower and repeat. Do three to five reps.

F) Do the bicycle. Lie on your back. Bend your knees and hips to a 90-degree angle. Put your hands behind your head and curl your chest forward. Straighten your right leg and bring your left leg toward the chest. While doing this, move your right shoulder to your left knee. Repeat with the opposite shoulder and leg, so that it looks as if your legs are pedaling. Do 12 to 16 reps.

G) Do a reverse crunch. Lie on the floor with both arms at your sides. Pull your knees up so they are at a 90-degree angle. Use your abs to pull your knees toward you chest as you exhale. Inhale as you lower your knees back to a 90-degree angle. Do 12 to 16 reps.

From eHow Health


2.) Food- Eat more!!!
I went to my nutritionist the other day just to check in and see how I was doing.  I was very encouraged to see that I have maintained my weight for the last five years!!!  That is HUGE!!!  I have yo-yo’d pretty much all my adult life and I was really encouraged to see that I kept the weight off.  She did tell me that I wasn’t eating enough.  I’m trying to get my body fat percentage to go down and I’ve been feeling stuck.  Even though I work out hard and eat healthy food, I wasn’t eating enough and also not getting enough sleep.  So, I commit to getting to bed earlier and eating more.  I’m also on a quest to build more muscle.  More muscle=more calories burned:)  If you find yourself stuck and you’re not seeing the results you want, it may be that you need to increase your calories and get more sleep.


3.) Mantra for the Day!!! Gratitude!

If you are not grateful for the body you have now, you won’t be grateful even when you reach your ultimate goal weight.  What you do today and how you treat your body today will determine how you will treat your body when you get to your ultimate goal weight.  The same applies to all areas of your life.  You may think, “When my spouse changes then I will treat him/her better.” or “If I had a different boss, I would be a better employee.” or “If I had more money then I will be more generous.”  Sorry charlie….what you are doing RIGHT NOW will reflect how you will be even when you accomplish your goals.  Actually, this is exactly the kind of attitude that will keep you from accomplishing your goals.  You only have the power to change YOURSELF.  Not your circumstances, the scale, your spouse, your boss, etc….if you keep waiting, you’ll stay in the same place.  So, focus on the good.  Keep a gratitude journal.  Commit to forming the gratitude habit in 2013.  Don’t get out of bed until you have listed at least five things you are grateful for.  I promise this will shift your mindset and change your life!


Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)

Day 67 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 67

Confession of a yo-yo dieter.  I abused my body growing up.  I struggled with eating disorders.  It was pretty much a control issue.  If I had an event or a show, I would just starve myself until I could fit into my costumes.  I had it down to an exact science.  I remember eating one muffin and looking in the mirror and I can tell you exactly where that muffin was on my body and I would run for hours to get rid of it. I definitely did not have a healthy relationship with food.  Now, I eat well and if I indulge I don’t beat myself up or think I have to spend hours in the gym to get ‘rid of it’.  Life is a journey.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  Let’s overcome these unhealthy thought patterns together.  The first step is just acknowledging there’s a problem.  Changing my mindset was a huge part of the breakthrough. The battle is won in our minds.  Change your tapes daily.  Encourage yourself:)))


1.) Thursday -Yoga Day!
“What is appearing as poison in the beginning, that will prove nectar at the end.” -Guru
“Prison or Paradise, you decide.”- Lisa P. Yoga Teacher

It took me about three years to LOVE yoga.  I was a hard core gym rat, runner, dancer, and I didn’t really think yoga was going to be that challenging so I never took it.  One day I was at the gym and there was a yoga class.  I decided to take the class because there were no other classes at the time.  The instructor was an older lady and was very gentle.  I left the gym and didn’t think much about it.  The next morning the alarm went off and I seriously could not even move my arm!!!  I was so sore in places I never thought possible!!!  I definitely underestimated the power of yoga.  I didn’t go back until a few years later.  I had given birth to my third child and the last of the stubborn baby weight would not come off.  I heard about Power Yoga and decided to try it out.  I was desperate and it was purely for vanity reasons!  What I realized was that yoga was so much more than just a workout.  This is where I really learned to balance my mind, body and spirit.  I would walk in on some days and swear that that was going to be my last yoga class!  I hated it so much! I had to learn surrender and acceptance and that was a huge life lesson for me.  I also lost twenty pounds:)  So I guess, it works!!!


2.) Food- Holiday Clean Treats!


  • 1 1/2 cups walnuts
  • pinch sea salt
  • 13-14 large Medjool dates, pitted
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (you could also use mint extract or cherry extract, or orange…)


  1. Place walnuts and salt in a food processor.
  2. Process until finely ground.
  3. Add remaining ingredients and process until all mixed and uniformly crumbly.
  4. With the machine running, add a few drops of water at a time, just until the mass starts to stick together in a big ball. (Better to add too little that too much!)
  5. Roll mixture into balls or press into a square pan and cut into squares.
  6. Balls can then be rolled in dried coconut, chopped nuts, or cocoa powder if you wish.

Taken from:
Found on Pinterest!  Yummmm:))))


3.) Mantra of the Day!-

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!