Happy Anniversary to Me:)

Yesterday, Erik and I celebrated seventeen years of marriage.  That’s seventeen years in a row people!!! LOL!  In this day and age, that’s quite an accomplishment.  I’m so grateful for all the well wishes and encouragement from friends and family.   A lot of people mentioned how “lucky” we were.  I’m definitely thankful and do feel extremely lucky but seriously, marriage has nothing to do about luck.


Our marriage has gone through many seasons.  Some tsunamis, earthquakes, category 4 hurricanes, and have lived to tell about it.  Being on social media, people only see the “highlight reel” as Steven Furtick calls it.  Our “behind the scenes” are messy, sad, and sometimes beyond repair.  We have almost broken up a few times.  The most serious incident was when I was eight months pregnant with my second child, Emma and Jacob was just one years old.  It was a dark time and a tough season.  We had to work hard to build trust and repair our relationship.  Sometimes, things happen to tear our marriage down so it could be built up the right way.  Without God and without people to help us along the way, we would be nothing but a statistic shuffling kids around every weekend.

There were stormy seasons for sure.  There were days that we couldn’t bear but promised to just take it one breath at a time.  Trusting.  Hoping.  Believing that miracles could happen.

I guess the most important lesson for me was to learn to sweep my own side of the street.  There were always things I could be critical about but man, I had enough crap on my side of the street to last a lifetime.  Once I started really dealing with me, life got better.  My perspective changed and we started to have harmony again in the marriage.  I know that Erik did the same thing.  Personal development is an important tool to grow in your relationships.  Some people think that wit, charm, and beauty is all you need to keep the relationship vibrant.  Sorry to burst your bubble but those things don’t last.  They are cute for about the first few months but then you need substance.  You need depth.  It takes vulnerability to take your relationship to another level.  Sometimes, we don’t go there simply because we don’t know how.  We don’t have the tools.  I’m so grateful to have created a curriculum that we will be using at our weekend retreat workshops to help women how to live authentically and love wholeheartedly.  Erik and I are in such a different place today in our marriage.  We absolutely have our bad moments but there’s a complete joy, respect, admiration, and deep love for one another that had to come from sufferings.  We didn’t like it at the time but now we are stronger, wiser, and more grateful for what we have.  I hope you’ll join me for our next workshop.  Learn how to live your most authentic life now!!!

January 17-19  Austin, TX
March 28-30  Malibu, CA

Inbox me or send an email for more info.  Spaces are very limited only 10 spots.

Judy’s Journey to Wholeness


I’m really excited to share with you the next chapter of my life.  As you all know, I started Bootcamp Barre at a park in Los Angeles back in September of 2009.  I never imagined that the little group of friends working out together would evolve into several bootcamps all over LA and be able to work with amazing trainers who were also my friends.  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.  I have relocated to Austin, Texas and will no longer be running my LA bootcamps.  Thank you to all of you that supported me in the last four years!


I have transitioned into more of a coaching role and my new passion project will be hosting workshops, seminars, and retreats.  This is truly a dream come true and a dream that scares me to death!  If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough!!!




Judy’s Journey to Wholeness workshops will give us tools on how to live an authentic, audacious, life through breakthrough exercises and soul movement classes.  I am so excited about this next chapter in my life.  I truly feel called to be an ambassador for helping women live their lives to the full.  All you need is an open heart, a yoga mat, towel, and water.  (No yoga experience necessary)


What-This is my new passion project.  I am on a journey to help as many people live their lives as authentically and audaciously possible!  I will be sharing my own journey and sharing many tools that I have accumulated over the years.  Being able to share our stories brings connection and courage as we go on this journey together.  Be ready to dig deep and shed layers to help you take one step closer to being whole!


Why- I have been wrestling with this topic for a long time.  This has been cultivating in my soul for decades.  I just couldn’t articulate it and didn’t know how to do it.  Living in LA, I often wished I could get away and just connect with God and cry out to him.  I wouldn’t carve out the time, energy, money, etc…because frankly, I didn’t have it.  But not only that, I wished I could get away with my close girlfriends and connect to one another in a vulnerable, authentic way.  My father recently passed away and I was fortunate enough to be there for his last days.  That time was the most special time I spent with my dad.  His death gave birth to this project and has fueled me to not wait another day.  I feel his blessing and support.  I’ve never been more certain of anything in my whole life!


How- I have developed a curriculum and will be working together as we explore what it means to live wholeheartedly.  There will be three parts to the program.
Soul Searching -(workshop portion)
Soul Cleansing -(breakout groups)
Soul Movement -(a yoga/fusion type class to engage your mind, body and soul)


Where- So far we have two dates.  January 2014 in Austin, Texas and March 2014 in Malibu, CA.  Please send me your email if you would like to be added to the mailing list.


Much love,
Judy Thureson