Before and After!!!’s mine.  It’s quite embarrassing and empowering at the same time!

I’m 45 years old and a mother of three and I have a hypo-thyroid condition that has slowed down my metabolism quite a bit.  I’m very excited not only to fit in my favorite pair of jeans but that I can be active and fit for my family.  I love being able to chase them around without running out of breath!  Also, I love that I can be a great role model of health and wellness for them.

This is from January to June of 2010. I lost a total of 12 pounds and 15.5 inches total all around my waist, hips, legs and arms!  I’m happy to say that I’ve kept it off!

Started- 138 lbs to 126 lbs
Waist- 35 inches to 28.5 inches
Hips- 39 inches to 35 inches
Legs-22 inches to 19 inches
Arms-13.5 to 11 inches








Wendy is an amazing, dedicated client and a mother of four kids!!!  She makes no excuses and has made the commitment to her health and fitness.  She’s an inspiration to all of us and has been nicknamed “The Green Bikini”!!!

She lost a total of 11 pounds and 15 inches!!!! Here she is rocking her green bikini…Before and After pics:)))

Started in January to April

Wendy went from 128 lbs to 117 lbs and lost about 18 inches all over!!!
Waist -36 inches to 27.5 inches
Hips – 38 inches to 35 inches
Legs- 24 inches to 20 inches
Arms-13 inches to 11 inches





Here’s ROBIN NOLL!!!  Robin is an amazing woman!  She has persevered through many trials and has been a huge inspiration to all of us.  She is our walking billboard!  She will share her story with you so stay tuned…..

I’m so excited to share Robin’s transformation…(scroll down to see pics)

Robin’s measurements from January to August:

Weight -137 lbs to 120 lbs
Waist- 34 in to 27.5 in
Hips- 40 in to 33 in
Arms- 14 in to 10 in
Legs- 22 in to 18.5

Total weight lost 17 pounds!!!  About 22 inches lost overall!!!

What I love about this program is that it’s doable for real people.  Our clients are not losing all this weight in thirty days only to gain it all back again.  We are learning tools to change our lifestyle and not have to deprive ourselves.

Our clients are working out three times a week and eating a sensible diet!  It doesn’t have to take three hours a day and starving yourself to get the results you want!




Meet Nicole!
Starting weight 144.5lbs down to 129lbs
“Lost 15 pounds!!! I’ve gone from 144.5 to 129. I’ve lost inches in my hips/belly and that is the part of me that drives me nuts. I dropped that inch pretty quick! I’m excited I can finally wear one of these things at 44 and not have to run for cover!!!”


Meet Karina!!!
“I have to say, Bootcamp Barre has helped me get in the best weight since high school! Actually, better than my best weight! Thanks Judy Salgado Thureson!”

Starting weight January 9th to March 31st
Weight-136lbs to 126lbs



Meet Heather!

From January 9th to March 31st!

Starting weight 171 lbs to 163 lbs
Lost a total 8 pounds!!!
Chest 43 in to 40 in
Waist 39 in to 37 in
Hips 41 in to 39.5 in
Legs 24 in to 23.5 in
Arms 13 in to 12.5 in



Meet Claudia!
Age: 40 years
Height: 5’2 1/2
Weight: January  262lbs -March 250lbs

Lost a total of 12 pounds!!!
Bust: 49 inches – Now- 43
Waist: 47 – Now 44.5
Hips: 49 -Now 49
Left/Right thigh: 29/27  -Now- 26.5
Left/Right calf: 20 both -Now-18
Left/Right arm: 20 /20.5 -Now -19

“This program has saved my life. I have learned to love me for me. I may not have the biggest weight loss but I’m in shock with the numbers of inches I have lost. I’m feeling stronger not only physically but mentally and emotionally! I look forward to seeing more changes and growth (except physically!!)”


Join the revolution!!!  We’re going to balance mind, body and soul!!!  We don’t do fad diets!  There are no potions, lotions or pills!!!  Just good ole’ fashion diet and exercise and a lot of mental toughness!!!

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