Day 1 of Spring Clean Challenge!!!

Hi there!!!

We are starting another 30 day challenge and we are going to start it off with a ten day detox!!!  We are going to cut out refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol, white flour, processed food, fried food and anything else that is man made.  Basically, if it has a momma and it came from the earth, then you can eat it:)))  This detox is designed to get you off the chemicals that trigger and cause addiction in your body.  If you looked at the list and said, “Oh, no way, I could never give that up…that’s too hard….I need my _____…..I can’t live without my _______!”  Well, my friend, you have an addiction and there’s no other way than to go cold turkey!  It’s a decision.  It’s a mind set.  It starts with you deciding that you are no longer going to be a slave to your cravings!  You are going to be in control of what goes in to your mouth and not let your cravings dictate what goes in your mouth.  Just like detoxing from drugs, it will not be easy.  The first few days you may experience irritability, headaches, nausea, and even in some cases, flu like symptoms.  It’s amazing how the body will respond.  I promise you that you will feel a lot better if you persevere during the first few days.  Take advantage of our exclusive member site (for those registered members) and connect with others.  That will really help you get through the toughest part of the detox.  Just knowing that you are not alone helps.

Remember that what you put in your body you will crave more of.  If you put junk in, you will crave more junk!  If you put good, whole foods in, you will crave those types of food!  I used to have a $5.00 a day Starbucks habit.  Now, I have a kale and spinach green drink habit!  I can’t live without my green juice:)))  It’s much cheaper and so much better for me!



So, if you want to join us, we have a few spots left.  We have extended registration until Wednesday, February 29th at midnight.  It’s not too late!!! REGISTER HERE!!!

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