Day 10 of April Challenge!


Day 10

I was hoping my day would be a little more productive today.  Instead, I was distracted by every shiny object and was pulled in many different directions.  I struggle with being a procrastinator.  It’s really something I hate about myself.  Nothing makes me more productive than the last minute!  LOL!  Arghhhh…..I am really trying to overcome this.  Somehow, I do get things done and will make it happen!  I just wish I was more of the tortoise than the hare.  Slow and steady wins the race, right!?  I will overcome this weakness!  This is something I really want to go after in my character.  I’ll start tomorrow;))) LOL!!!  How do you overcome procrastination????

1) Yoga- Another chance to find your center.  Take some time to meditate today.  Make it part of your daily practice to find some quiet time and clear your hard drive:)  The real work starts within. Breathe in and breathe out:))))

Meditate on this.  This is powerful and beautifully said….


2) Mantra- Perseverance!

Perseverance is the complete antithesis of procrastination.  Quitting is easy, perseverance takes blood, sweat, and tears!  I know that in order for me to overcome my procrastination I have to take ACTION.  It doesn’t have to be a HUGE step but I must take baby steps and make progress.  Make a decision to take action everyday towards your goal.  Do not quit!!!


Please “like” us if you haven’t already:)))  I will host my next challenge group in June.  In the next couple of months, I will be moving and healing.  Thanks for your support, loyalty, and encouragement.  It means a lot!!!

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)))) XOXO!!!