Day 12 of 21 Day Challenge!

Day 12

We’re around the bend now…it’s gonna go super fast from here.  Let me encourage you to stay in the moment and engage each moment.  It will be tempting to wish that time could fast forward so you could eat that cookie, but this is not the point of this cleanse.  I hope you are enjoying how clean and light your body feels without all that sugar and processed food.  To be honest, I have not felt deprived at all.  I’m eating tons of fruit and vegetables and being creative in the kitchen.  Don’t white knuckle it to the end.  Think of this as the foundation for your lifestyle change!

Mantra for the Day: VULNERABILITY Part #2
We had such a great response from this yesterday that I thought we would continue the dialogue.  There seems to be a perception that being vulnerable is weak.  Actually, in it’s true definition, it means to be open to attack, unguarded, naked.  Well, that doesn’t sound fun does it!? lol!  Actually, true strength comes from being vulnerable and authentic.  When you are secure with who you are, you won’t fear what others may say or think about you.  That my friends, is freeing!  In order to have any kind of intimacy in life, you must be vulnerable.  People that are isolated, lonely, depressed, and discouraged are probably not the most open people.  There is strength in being real. There is great security in knowing that people love you for who you really are and not for what you portray to be. When you are truly present and you can feel what you’re feeling in the moment, that is when you are fully alive!  If you’ve ever rehearsed a conversation to be what you think others want to hear or edit and exaggerate a story so that it pleases people, you are not being your true authentic self.  Just for today, really engage and be in the moment.  Be unfiltered.  But don’t be mean!:) See what happens.  Tell us about it!


Try this out!  Make sure you’re moving and getting a good workout.  Again, this is a lifestyle challenge so do something that you will enjoy and that you can continue to do because you love it!!!


Recipe of the Day: Homemade Lara Bars! From: Real Food Real Deals
I’m so excited to find this!  I love Lara Bars and now I can experiment and make my own flavors.  Check it out here…..Click for recipes!

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