Day 18 of February Sweetheart Challenge!

Day 18

Can you believe we only have eight days left on this challenge?  How is it going?  How’s your fitness level?  How’s your clean eating?  How are your relationships???  Specifically, with your significant other!?  I hope you have learned some things and have enjoyed the theme this month.  I have personally enjoyed it!  Please share some victory stories:)))



1) Wednesday-Yoga Day!

Take time to balance your mind, body and spirit today.  Be present and be in the moment.



2) Food- Smart Snacking Ideas!!!  I’m a visual person so this helps me.  Check out what 100 calories looks like:)))

3. Mantra for the Day-  Don’t Give Up!

This goes for everything.  Relationships, fitness, career, education, etc…Life is a challenge.  Life was never meant to be easy or fair.  Persevere, be patient, and know that all you can do is give your best.  I love this quote.  I hope it inspires you:)))


Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)))  XOXO!!!