Day 19 of 40 Day Challenge!!!

Day 19

How’s your progress? Are you enjoying your new found energy? Isn’t it amazing how good you can feel with just diet and exercise? You don’t need pills or surgeries, just go back to the basics.  The more you consume good, clean, whole foods the more you will crave it!  Your body will also start rejecting all the yucky processed stuff.  Even though it still smells good and your mouth waters when you look at that cake or fast food burger, your body will pay for it.  Believe me!!!


1. Friday – Core Day!  This is such an important part of our body to work out.  If you work in an office and sit behind a desk, make sure you are getting up at least every half hour or so and move around.  So many people behind the desk are being diagnosed with diabetes.  They are not getting enough movement.  Consider sitting on a medicine ball so you can keep your belly engaged. Make sure you have a really good stretch before and after each workout.  We will have videos updated on the exclusive page.


2. Water, water, water!!! How’s your water intake going? Please make sure you’re getting enough water.  You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces.  Example if you way 200 pounds, you would drink 100 oz of water! Here’s another motivation to lose weight…less weight = less water:) Also if you drink one cup of coffee, replace it with 8 cups of water to hydrate you. Yes, one cup of coffee dehydrates. You can drink it but make sure you replace it.


3. Mantra- Control your Thoughts!!!

How many of us would never allow the garbage man to back his truck up and dump sewage, dirty diapers, old moldy food, trash, etc in our back yard? We would call the police and get our shotgun out of the closet!!!  Yet, when it comes to our minds, we entertain such negativity that it  just continues on instant re-play.  A lot of our emotional eating come from emotional triggers.  We remember that Susie in the third grade called us fat or Aunt Becky commented on how big your belly was, or ex-boyfriend said…(fill in the blank).  There are so many negative tapes that haunt us and the problem is that we listen to it!  We have the power to say “STOP”!!!  Replace the negativity with positive words.  If you can’t be kind to yourself then it will be hard for others to be kind to you.  I constantly surround myself with positive people who encourage and support me.  I listen to cd’s of my mentors, go to seminars, listen to lectures, read lots of books and I’m plugged in to my local church.  It is not easy or natural for me to be positive but I have to work hard to keep the positivity flowing.  Say “NO” to the voices in your head that want to criticize, condemn and be cruel to you.  Say “YES” to compliments, encouragement and kindness.  If you need a cheerleader join us at Bootcampbarre on Facebook!  We have an amazing community of people who love to encourage and speak life to one another:)))  You are amazing and beautiful!!!  Believe it!!!

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