Day 21 of 40 Day Challenge!!!

Day 21


How are you doing today?  I wanted to remind you that the only way we’re going to get to where we want to go is if we know where we’re at.  We’re going to measure and weigh the end of this week.  I want to encourage you to really stick to the plan.  It’s a moment by moment, day by day experience.  You can do it and we’re all going to rally behind each other to make it all the way to the end of this program!


1.  Sunday- R & R Day!  I hope you are really taking this time to restore and replenish your body.  Get plenty of sleep and rest up because next week we are going to work harder than you’ve ever worked before!!!



2.  Food- Remember that the choice is yours.  If you want to eat a piece of cake then eat it!  I don’t want to hear anyone complaining that they fell off the wagon.  It is not bad to eat cake.  It’s bad when we can’t control ourselves and we become victims to our appetite.  You can make a conscious decision to eat whatever you want as long as you know what the consequences are.  Be in control and do not let your belly dictate what you’re going to eat.
Knowledge is power.  Know what you’re eating.  It’s ok to indulge sometimes but it shouldn’t be your way of life.


3. Mantra for the day:  Surrender

Sometimes, we just have to quit hanging on and let go.  Some of us have an unrealistic view of what we want our bodies to look like.  Especially after having children, our bodies are just different.  It’s not better or worse, just different.  For some of us, it’s really hard to fathom that our forty year old body doesn’t resemble our twenty year old body.  Again, I blame the media for the unrealistic expectations it puts on women after kids.  Let us surrender and accept that our bodies have changed.  We have had the honor to house another human being in our bellies!  That’s quite traumatic.  Embrace your battle scars.  It’s a beautiful thing!  Even if you’ve never had kids, age does affect our bodies.  Maybe we’ve abused our bodies and haven’t taken great care of it.  It takes time to restore it.  The beauty is that your body will bounce back and be healthy and strong again. Work with what you have and make it the best body it can be.  You are beautiful!!!



Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)

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