Day 28 of Spring Clean Challenge!!!

Day 28!

I hope you guys had a great weekend and if you had way too many peeps or chocolate eggs, well shake it off and make today a new day!  One of our sayings at Bootcamp Barre is, “Champions have a short memory!”  Don’t dwell on what you cannot control.  Let’s move on shall we!?!?





1) Monday- Stretch, Cardio and Leg Day!
Check out Carrie Underwood’s leg exercises.  She has some great tips!!!
Read article here:)))



2) Binge Recovery!  If you had a rough weekend eating way too much of mom’s home cooking then follow this great advice!


3) Mantra for the Day!- I CAN!
During this challenge we’ve learned that we must love ourselves unconditionally, be grateful, not be jealous, not be greedy, not whine, and really work hard on purification not just our diets but most importantly, our hearts.  So today we’re going to talk about a word that you MUST ban from your vocabulary if you are going to be successful.  This word is, “I can’t!”  If you think you can’t, then you’ve already lost.  Success is a mental game.  If you believe that you can, you will!!!  We don’t allow this word in our home.  It’s considered a bad word.  Our speech determines what we will do. If you start off with saying “you can’t” then you’ve already lost the battle.  You can definitely do it and I believe in you. Don’t listen to the negative people in your life that will tell you, “you can’t!”  Surround yourself with people that will support you and encourage you.  Stick around and you will find that there truly are people who genuinely want you to succeed.

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!! XOXO:)