Day 39 of 40 Day Challenge!!!

It’s day 39 people!!!  I can’t believe it!!!  I don’t know about you but the last few days have been really difficult.  All the hard work can wear you down sometimes.  I have to continue to persevere and not let setbacks get the best of me.  Remember, “Champions have a Short Memory!”  Keep it moving and don’t give up.  XOXO:)))

1. Thursday- Yoga Day!  Enjoy stretching, breathing, and feeling every muscle in your body.  Connect the breath to your movements and stay engaged.  When we learn to connect our mind, body, breath and spirit on the mat, we learn to do it in life as well.  As you practice today, check in and be aware of where your mind goes.  Get rid of all attachments, ego, competition, and expectations.  Just accept where you are and be honest.  One of the things I love about yoga is that it keeps you honest.  You cannot cheat.  Your body will do what it can do.  When you try to force it or ‘will’ it to work, it will not.  It’s OK.  When you get off the mat, practice your awareness in your daily life and breathe through it.  You will not have control over your circumstances, just your attitude and choice to surrender.  Namaste!


2. Food-What I love about this program is that we are able to enjoy really delicious food without sacrificing taste and quality.  We learn how to eat well balanced meals and stay away from the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) that is full of crap!  Remember that you are what you eat!!!



3.  Mantra for the Day:  You are Beautiful and Worthy!!!!
I’m going to keep telling you this until you believe me.  I am so inspired by many of you who have really begun to believe this in your life.  You have allowed yourself to see the goodness and beauty of who you really are.  I am so proud of you.  This is so much more than just weight loss.  This is a journey of self discovery.  I know for me, this is the first time in my life I have been able to look in the mirror and honestly be OK.  I have turned off the tapes of criticism and judgment.  I’m 42 and have birthed three children and I haven’t had any work done!  I am excited to be strong and healthy.  It’s still a daily battle to feel like I need to do more or lose more but it’s OK.  I will keep working hard and keep the positive tapes running.  Some of you still have toxic people in your life that will put you down at any chance they can.  Remember that you have the power to reject negativity.  You don’t have to listen to it.  Create healthy boundaries in your life.  Give yourself permission to have a safe place, friend, community, church, etc…where you can get built up and encouraged.  It’s OK  you deserve to be loved.  I want to thank our community and the people in this challenge.  You guys have really stepped up and have been that guiding light to one another.  I am so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to be with such amazing women.  I love you guys!!!!



I’m rooting for you:))))



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