Day 4 of 21 Day Challenge

Day 4

Power of intention- mindfulness, bring present…daily acceptance.
It’s not going to be pretty and perfect everyday. What is your focus?

Yoga was a great tool for me. It taught me how to be in my body. In yoga, it’s impossible to check out. You have to be fully present or you won’t be able to do it. Yoga gave me a physical example of what being present and mindful looks like. I was able to practice that on and off the mat. It’s a gift! I remember doing yoga after my third child. I did it strictly for vanity reasons. I was trying to get rid of the last of the baby weight and I tried everything! The first three years of practicing yoga, I hated it!!! After every half moon, standing split, and warrior three I vowed never to come back. For some reason, I kept on showing up. I remember one class while I was in savasana, I laid there and tears just started flowing out of my eyes. I had finally surrendered and yoga won! I had to physically feel what surrender felt like. It was freeing. I still don’t practice yoga as much as I would like, but it definitely has changed my life!  I’m a work in progress.

Today, accept where you’re at. Embrace it. Stop fighting it. Surrender. It will free you. Don’t be afraid.

****try this yoga video. Fight to stay present and connected. Tell me about it. Commit to trying out yoga for the remainder of the challenge even if you can just do it for a few minutes a day.

Food Today:
Breakfast- banana and almonds, banana lara bar
Lunch- baked sweet potato with coconut oil and sea salt
Dinner- Black bean tacos with homemade gucamole
snacks- hummus, carrots, apple, berries,
Drinking more water:)))  Starting to crave it more.  It’s super cold in Austin and I really miss having hot tea or hot chocolate:(((

I taught two classes today and had a great workout.

So far, I’m feeling great!  I feel like my spirit is lighter, almost like I’m floating:)  I received some very bad news today and I had a lot of faith and peace about it.  I’m not going to over analyze why I’m having a good day, I’ll just take it and enjoy it:)

Much Love,