Day 40 of 40 Day Challenge!!!!

WE DID IT!!!  We finished our first 40 day challenge of 2012!  I am so excited for you and all the new habits you have formed during this time.  I am amazed at all the weight that has been shed and inches that were lost!  I’m most proud of the mind shift that happened in this group.  The self love and acceptance that was cultivated during the last 40 days is truly priceless!!!!  Our worth is no longer tied to a size or number on a scale but on the belief that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  We were designed for a purpose and we have a lot to offer.  My prayer is that you continue on that journey and continue to grow in your love for yourself and those around you!

1. Friday- Core Day!!!  Do a victory work out today and push yourself!  Remember where you were when you first started and now look at how much stronger you have become.  Make this a turning point for you and take a check list of how many push-ups, how long you can plank, how many burpees you can do:)))  Then in the next 30 days you can measure how much stronger you have gotten!
Check out this Fit Test!


2.  Food- Continue on the clean eating train!  Do not reward your victory with food.  Here’s some great ideas.  Get creative!  Reward yourself:)  Put a dollar in a jar for everyday you work out.  Then when you reach $100, buy yourself something sexy!



3. Mantra for the Day:  This is just the beginning!!!!

Even though we just got done with our 40 Day Challenge doesn’t mean we are done.  We are just beginning!!!  If you want to continue with the program, we are starting a new session on February 27th!!!  If you decide to move on, we wish you the best of luck and know that we are always here for you.  This is my wish for all of you!!!


Join us for our “Spring Clean your Life” session!!!  Officially starts February 27th but registration is now OPEN!!! Check out the link here and register today!!!  Register Here!

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