Day 45 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 45

Hi guys!  Happy Thanksgiving eve! Continue to eat clean and don’t sabotage your progress.  You will be amazed at how delicious ‘clean’ treats are!  Find a new way to reward yourself when you hit certain goals.  Get a massage, mani/pedi, buy a new workout outfit, watch a movie, get a new book, download some new tunes.  Let’s get out of the habit of giving ourselves food rewards for losing weight!  Kind of defeats the purpose don’t you think?



1. Wednesday- Upper body workout.  One of the greatest upper body workouts IMHO is the push up.  When you master the push up, you will gain upper body strength and will continue to grow.  Add a few push ups to each rep and track your progress.  Try to do at least twenty push ups per day.  You can start on your knees and work you way up.



2. Food- Food is not the enemy.  We have to learn how to eat the right foods to fuel our body.  Eat things in moderation.  Try to eat as clean as possible.  You will not gain all the wight back with one slice of cake.  If you have cake everyday for a month, then you will most likely gain it back and then some.  Learn the science of weight loss.  Do the math!  Be mindful and intentional.  You can do this!!!




3. Mantra for the Day:  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!!!
Here are some excuses I hear, “I don’t have time.”, “I don’t have a gym membership.”, “I don’t have the money to eat healthy.”, “I don’t know how to cook.”, “I just have bad genes.”, “I’m big boned.”, “I hate working out.”, “It’s too cold.”, “It’s too hot.”, “I can’t do it!”, waa, waa, waa,……*insert whiny voice*  OK Ladies, it’s tough love time.  We were all given the same 24 hours in a day, we can make this happen if we really want to.  Excuses will get you NOWHERE!!!  Action produces results!!!  Even if you decided to work out for fifteen minutes a day, I bet you would find the time to keep on going.  You have to want it bad enough or you will just remain the same.  Make a decision.  Tell your excuses to SHUT UP and keep moving!!!  You have the tools here to be successful.  Now do it and watch yourself morph into the person you we’re designed to be!  XOXO:)))

OK..I think you get the picture:)))  Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!

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