Day 5 of 21 Day Challenge!

Day 5

Clarity! In order to have clarity, you need to take away distractions. What kind of distractions do you have? Food? Social media? TV? Gossip? Worry? Bills? Relationships, Drama? Too many things on your plate?

What can you start stripping from your life today?  I’m notorious for over packing my schedule.  I have no problems teaching three classes, drive my kids to activities, run my errands, clean, make dinner, and go to a birthday party all in one day.  I appreciate my very wise husband who teaches me to say “no”.  Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should.  So, I had to cancel some things for this weekend and now I have some space to breathe and just be.  I don’t have to do everything!!!  Whew!!!

Are you praying for clarity? When we are bogged down with “stuff” it’s easy to have too much chatter in our brain.  During this fast, focus on the letting go of the things that no longer serve you.  It will be hard…but it will be freeing:)))


During this cleanse, I’m eating pretty much a vegan diet.  It’s really not that bad.  The food is tasty and I feel so much better.  My only gripe is that it takes a lot longer to prepare and plan.  Other than that, I’m doing well and haven’t cheated at all!  Yay me!
Much love,