Don’t Hope for the Best!

1. Thursday- Yoga day.  Really set your intention on your practice today.  Be intentional and be in the moment.  This is a great challenge and it’s great practice for us to just ‘be’ and not ‘do’.  Don’t forget to breathe:)


2. Food- This is a shocking report!  The bad news is that it is BAD!!!  the good news is that it’s totally preventable.  Let’s educate and change the face of our country by making a difference in our own life and then modeling this behavior for our loved ones around us.  If we do nothing, this will only get worst.  Let’s not get overwhelmed but make a decision to be proactive and do something daily to contribute to reversing this epidemic.



What are some practical ways to change this?  Educate yourself.  Eat clean, whole, organic foods as much as possible.  Make dinner at home and avoid eating out.  Cut the sugary food, sodas, coffee blended drinks, etc. out of your diet.  Go back to living simply.  Know portions sizes and don’t give in to the super sized mentality.  I will be sending more tips to help us with this.  Be on the lookout for some great guests that will come and share recipes and tips for us.  So exciting:)))





3. Mantra for the Day:  Don’t Hope for the Best!
You’re probably shaking your head and wondering if I made a mistake.  Actually, I really mean what I’m saying here.  Hoping for the best is not a good enough action plan for your health and wellness.  If you do not have a plan and if you are not diligently going after your goals then hoping for the best is not going to get you anywhere.  There are many well intentioned people who are sincerely hoping to lose weight, start exercising, get out of debt, get a better job, get good grades, etc…if you are not DOING something towards your goal, you will not produce results.  So, let’s get our head in the game.  Re-evaluate your goals.  Have a plan and let’s do this!  Why wait???  Do it now!!!



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