Get off the Yo-Yo Cycle!!!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the yo-yo cycle.  You know, one minute you’re up, then next you’re down!  Why can’t it be easy???  Well, it’s not so let’s deal with it.  Generally when your weight fluctuates by five to ten pounds and for some people even get up to fifty pounds this is considered the yo-yo cycle.  There are many health risks when you go up and down with your weight but the good news is that it can be prevented.  Stop the fad diets and starving yourself to lose weight.  I’m sure we’ve all done it at one time or another.  Unfortunately, the older we get the harder it is to pull off so just stop it.  Learn to have a healthy lifestyle eating good, nutritious foods that you can eat forever.  I wanted to address a question. “How much weight should I lose per week?” Well, when you first start out and are serious about losing weight some people lose weight right away while some people may actually gain weight. This is the detoxing period. Generally this lasts the first few weeks. Remember, it takes 3500 calories to lose a pound. So, for a healthy goal of 1 pound a week, you should plan on cutting 500 calories a day or upping your workouts. You really don’t want to lose more than 2.5 to 3 pounds a week. If you lose more than that, you will likely gain it back. That’s how we get to the yo-yo cycle that we all want to get off of. So, be patient…don’t obsess! It takes time. It’s a marathon not a sprint:))




1. Friday- Core Day!  Today is a great day to do an intense cardio workout followed by our favorite, PLANKS:)))  Challenge yourself to stay up a little longer and do some variations to make it a little more challenging.  Engage your core.  I love this exercise because it’s a great gauge to see how strong you are getting.


2. Food- Keep it clean.  Be honest.  Sometimes we think we’re hiding the little midnight snack or that extra bite or taste here and there.  Those add up quickly!  Learn to have a plan and stick to it.  Allow yourself healthy snacks in case you just want to munch.  Don’t forget to pack your food. Set yourself up for victory not for failure.




3.  Mantra for the Day! Just do it, then do it again:)))

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