New dreams on the horizon….

Thanks for checking out my site.  There’s a new look and feel on the blog and I’m so excited to share with you all that GOD has been doing in my life.

My BFF Vicki Hagadorn and I have been working closely with people for the last decade.  Through Grief Recovery classes, Retreats, Workshops, personal coaching and mentoring we knew that we wanted to do something to help encourage, empower, and equip people to live out their calling.  We didn’t quite know how or what it would look like but we knew God was stirring our souls for something BIG!

First, we asked God to give us a name that when you heard it, you knew exactly what it was about.  We didn’t want to have to explain it.  We thought of many, many names and they were all taken.  I prayed specifically for God to give us a name and he gave us “Get Inspired Movement“!  It was perfect!  We checked to see if it was available and sure enough, it was!  Luckily, my husband is an amazing, talented web designer, photographer, and director, etc…he does it all and we needed it all!  Erik was able to build us a site and get all our social media pages done!  Now, we still had NO idea what and/or how this was all going to work,  all we knew was that we had some great dreams for the future.  Well, let’s just say God had other plans.

On Sunday, October 12th I was in the middle of church service and I just so happen to get on facebook:)  Shhhh… don’t tell my pastor!  For some reason, I looked at my messages and there was a message on there from August 7th from a friend in LA introducing me to an inspiring young lady named Jen Bricker.  When I clicked on the video, I realized who this woman was!  I saw a segment on 20/20 about her incredible life a few years ago!  So what does any normal person do!?!?  I emailed her and said…

“Hi Jen,
I want to let you know that we’re having an event in Austin, TX in January and we want you to be our keynote speaker!”

To my surprise, she emails back immediately…

“Hi there, I happen to be speaking in Austin, TX this weekend, maybe we can connect for coffee!”

By Thursday night, Vicki and I are having dinner with her talking about our event!!!

Having Dinner with Jen Bricker!

Having Dinner with Jen Bricker!

Of course, when I told Vicki about what I did, she was ready to strangle me…”YOU did WHAT!?!? you mean this January!?  Like in a few months???”  We looked at our schedule and the only weekend in January that would work would be January 31st.  That was our secret prayer.  If Jen was available and willing to do it, then we would go ahead and plan the event.  Well, after talking to Jen, she loved the idea and totally supported us and encouraged us.  After looking at her schedule, the only time she could do it was the weekend on January 31st!!!

My friend mentioned checking out the Renaissance Hotel.  I emailed them the very next morning and they replied back that all the weekends in January were booked.  Marilyn, the events manager called me about two hours later and was wondering if we were flexible on the times because they did have an opening from 9-4pm on January 31st!!!  What!?  That’s crazy!  Especially since this ballroom holds 1400 people and is way out of our league and budget!!!

The Gorgeous Renaissance Hotel!

The Gorgeous Renaissance Hotel!

We knew the Renaissance was a little too much for us to handle, okay a lot to handle!!! LOL!  So we came to our senses and found a nice small theater close to downtown.  It held 500 people and the cost was very affordable.  The risk was smaller and it was a much safer choice.  Well, we called and left messages to book the theater all week and no one ever got back to us.  Marilyn from the Renaissance Hotel kept calling us and was so excited about our event.  At the very least, if we didn’t have the event at her hotel, she wanted to attend our event.



We had a staff meeting and we talked about what all our options were for venues.  My husband Erik reminded us, “God already told you it was the Renaissance, you’re just not listening!”  We really wanted to create a nice intimate atmosphere and have the seats set up theater style, but we had the problem of breaking for lunch and not wanting people to have to eat with a plate on their lap.  So we thought, the only way it would work at the Renaissance is if we could have one room where we can hold the event and then we can break for lunch in a separate room.  It seemed like a long shot but that was my secret prayer.  I would ask Marilyn If we were able to set it up that way,  and if we could, then that was the sign! We’re supposed to have it there! So the next day, Vicki and I made an appointment to finally meet up with Marilyn.  We walked in to the Renaissance and it was absolutely breathtaking!  It’s GORGEOUS!  We walked in and there were white, empty screens on the wall.  On one of the screens, the word “inspire” just kept scrolling across the screen.  At first I thought I was seeing things, but sure enough, it was there.  Hmmmm….is that a sign???  We walked into the first ballroom and it’s set up with round tables and chairs.  Marilyn proceeds to tell us that she has the perfect plan on how to make our event work.  They have a huge dinner booked that evening so they needed to have all the tables and chairs set up in one room. Then she walked us in to a bigger ballroom where we had the flexibility to arrange the seating plan.  WHAT!?!  We didn’t even have to ask.  She offered to set it up that way!  When I looked at the room, I was reminded of a dream I had the night before.  I dreamt that we were having the conference in that very room, in my dream there were big columns in the middle of the room and I asked Marilyn to stand up so we could acknowledge her and thank her for making it happen for us.  In my dream Marilyn had short blondish bob and was wearing a black blazer.  She looked exactly like the woman in my dream! At this point, I’m totally overwhelmed and had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom to pull myself together.  I knew what this meant, we had to step out on faith and rent out the Renaissance and pray that we could get hundreds of people to this event.  God was making it very clear that HE wanted this to happen, all we had to do was obey.  After talking to Marilyn and getting to know her, it was clear that God sent us to meet her because we NEEDED her.  Her faith was so strong and so supportive of our event.  She reminded us that God was going to bless this event and that he was already preparing many people to come be impacted by this movement.

So here we are,  days away from a HUGE event that we are putting together by faith!  We are so excited because we KNOW that anything that happens will be because of God’s power, not ours.  It’s so audacious, and big, and crazy that it’s only going to happen with GOD!!!  So please join us in prayer and share this event with everyone you know.  We are planning an incredible event with singers, dancers, inspiring speakers, and an awesome lunch.  Thank you for being a part of our journey!  This truly would not be happening without you!!!

Here’s a video of Vicky & I sharing the story:)

Please PURCHASE your tickets NOW:)

General Admission- Includes Swag Bag, Catered Lunch, & Parking

Children Price (12-18 years old) if purchased with an Adult Ticket.

VIP -Includes all of GA plus a private dinner with Jen Bricker (ONLY 50 seats available)