RIP Whitney

After watching Whitney’s funeral online today, it validated the message that we are trying to convey to women everywhere.  You are enough!!!  You are beautiful and you have been designed to do amazing things in this world.  It’s so heartbreaking to me that no matter how many fans and applause Whitney got, she never believed she was enough. We may never, ever sing like Whitney or look like the super models of the world but we all have a unique gift that we were born with.  The more we struggle with insecurity and inadequacy, the more we neglect the gift planted inside of us.  I believe that we are here for a purpose.  We were designed therefore we have a Designer!

Our program may never produce any bodybuilders or elite athletes.  All the women that join may never even see a six pack.  That’s OK. In our program, we measure success by how women start to view themselves, that they value what’s inside instead of what’s outside.  Read our testimonials,  (Read here)   they are filled with women who have learned to love themselves and have surrendered to being at peace with how they were created.  Me included!  And that to me is the greatest love of all….


Greatest Love of All

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