Day 33 of 40 Day Challenge!!!

Day 33


Counting down!  Seven days left until we are officially done with our challenge.  I know that it wasn’t always easy.  There were days where we wanted to throw in the towel, but you did it!!!!  We’re almost there.  How are you going to be different after this challenge?  I want you to be so annoyed with me that when you decide to pick up that cookie, burger, or ice cream you hear my voice in your head:)  LOL!  Seriously, I hope you keep up all the new habits you have developed and continue to grow in your journey.


1. Friday- Start with a great stretch and do some cardio.  Check out this list of the most effective cardio workouts.  Are any of your favorites on here?

After you get all warmed up get going on some planks.  Planks are a great core strengthening exercise.  Make sure you engage your core to protect your lower back.  Start with 10 second intervals and work your way up.  Side planks are fun too!  Dip your hips on each side to add some dynamics to your work out.  (check the exclusive page for plank tutorials)


2.  Food- It’s all about the portions.  It’s amazing when you start reading labels how out of whack we can get when it comes to portions.  We have become so used to portions from restaurants that we automatically think that it’s normal to eat a 1700 calorie meal!  Here’s a great chart.  It helps to get a visual.  It’s a little discouraging because when you look at it you’ll ask, “Is that it!?!?”  But once you re-train your body to the proper portions, it will adjust.  You just have to persevere for the first week or so.


3. Mantra for the day: 

I love this because this describes our program.  We are learning tools that will help equip us for the rest of our lives.  Gone are the days when workout real hard for a couple of weeks to look good for your reunion or wedding.  The older we get, the harder it gets to pull that off!  So, we learn how to do it the right way and the long way.  I’m so proud of you guys for sticking to it.  Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint!!!



Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)

Day 31 of 40 Day Challenge!!!

Day 31


I am so filled with gratitude to be on this journey with you guys.  I am learning so much about myself during this process.  Always keep your eyes open because there’s always so much to learn.  I have so much respect for you and your commitment to be fit and healthy.  This is not easy.  We have to go against the grain to make the right choices sometimes.  Thank you for inspiring me.


1. Wednesday- DON’T Forget to HIIT the CARDIO!!! High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a form of short, intense cardiovascular exercise emphasizing quality not quantity and just may be the missing ingredient to supercharge your weight loss. It is composed of a series of intense, all-out bursts of activity lasting 10-60 seconds followed by brief, moderate to low intensity recovery periods lasting anywhere from 50 percent to 300 percent of high intensity work time. The sequence is then repeated for approximately 4-20 minutes depending on your objective and performed two to three times per week. The benefits of this type training are directly related to a high level of intense activity packed into a small window of time in turn forcing your body to spend the rest of the day expending additional energy to recover. This is commonly referred to as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). That simply means you’ll consume a greater amount of oxygen recovering from this type training than if you’d just performed a traditional boring, steady paced cardio workout. Instead, you’ll spend less time in the gym, accelerate your metabolism, burn more fat, improve your endurance and of course boost your weight loss potential. The training intensity and duration of HIIT is determined by the individuals current fitness level and specific goals as it would with any other form of exercise.-David Buer- Trainer


2.  Food- I am so proud of you guys and your food choices.  I keep hearing about all your victory stories.  We live in a place where your every craving can be met.  If you have an urge for something you can pretty much go out and get it fulfilled. Practicing self-control teaches us that just because we want something doesn’t mean that we have to stop everything to get it.  I’m not saying you have to deprive yourself.  You can definitely have a treat here and there but when it becomes a habit of eating and drinking unhealthy options, it takes so much to un-do.  Plan your cheats. I already know that this year I will go to Roscoes Chicken and Waffles,  have pizza, ice cream, and a lava cake:) Not all at once of course! LOL! Enjoy!  What’s your favorite cheat?




3. Mantra for the day:


I LOVE this.  Remind yourself daily that you CAN!!!  In our household we are not allowed to say bad words.  CAN’T is a bad word in our house.  We are not allowed to say it.  I encourage you to take it off of your vocabulary list.  You CAN:))))  and You WILL:)))


Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)

Day 21 of 40 Day Challenge!!!

Day 21


How are you doing today?  I wanted to remind you that the only way we’re going to get to where we want to go is if we know where we’re at.  We’re going to measure and weigh the end of this week.  I want to encourage you to really stick to the plan.  It’s a moment by moment, day by day experience.  You can do it and we’re all going to rally behind each other to make it all the way to the end of this program!


1.  Sunday- R & R Day!  I hope you are really taking this time to restore and replenish your body.  Get plenty of sleep and rest up because next week we are going to work harder than you’ve ever worked before!!!



2.  Food- Remember that the choice is yours.  If you want to eat a piece of cake then eat it!  I don’t want to hear anyone complaining that they fell off the wagon.  It is not bad to eat cake.  It’s bad when we can’t control ourselves and we become victims to our appetite.  You can make a conscious decision to eat whatever you want as long as you know what the consequences are.  Be in control and do not let your belly dictate what you’re going to eat.
Knowledge is power.  Know what you’re eating.  It’s ok to indulge sometimes but it shouldn’t be your way of life.


3. Mantra for the day:  Surrender

Sometimes, we just have to quit hanging on and let go.  Some of us have an unrealistic view of what we want our bodies to look like.  Especially after having children, our bodies are just different.  It’s not better or worse, just different.  For some of us, it’s really hard to fathom that our forty year old body doesn’t resemble our twenty year old body.  Again, I blame the media for the unrealistic expectations it puts on women after kids.  Let us surrender and accept that our bodies have changed.  We have had the honor to house another human being in our bellies!  That’s quite traumatic.  Embrace your battle scars.  It’s a beautiful thing!  Even if you’ve never had kids, age does affect our bodies.  Maybe we’ve abused our bodies and haven’t taken great care of it.  It takes time to restore it.  The beauty is that your body will bounce back and be healthy and strong again. Work with what you have and make it the best body it can be.  You are beautiful!!!



Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)

Day 20 of 40 Day Challenge!!!

Day 20

We are at the halfway mark!  I’m so proud of you guys! All the hard work, dedication and commitment are paying off.  This is the time where we can tend to let up.  Don’t look back or to the side to see what everyone else is doing.  Keep your eye focused on the goal!


1.  Saturday- Family fun day!  Incorporate your friends and family for a fun activity!  We’re going out dancing tonight and will be sure to burn lots of calories:)  Whatever you decide to do today, make sure it’s fun!  Enjoy:)))

2.  Food- Weekends tend do be the hardest time to stay on track.  If you haven’t heard of you have to sign up today!  Its FREE and so easy to use.  They have an app that you can use right on your phone.  It will track your calories, exercises and even scan food items to let you know if you are within your limits.  It’s a real handy tool.  Use it when you’re out at dinner.  You would be surprised at how much bigger the meal portions are at restaurants!  Some meals are 1500 calories per plate!!!  Hmmmm…and we wonder why there’s an obesity epidemic!

3. Mantra for the day: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”– Aristotle

This is such an awesome quote!  Our daily habits are what will bring us success.  I know that sometimes life can be a little boring, we can be sick of eating the same things or doing the same exercises but as you’re working little by little everyday you are inching your way closer to your goals.  You may not be where you want to be yet, but at least you’re not where you started!  Enjoy the journey.  Don’t get so impatient and freak out when you’re not seeing results.  Do the work daily and you will get there.


Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)


Day 17 of 40 Day Challenge!

Day 17

I mentioned before that this is a journey for all types of people.  Some of us are trying to lose 100 pounds and for others it just might be the last nagging ten pounds.  What I’ve realized is that it doesn’t matter what the amount is, it’s all mental!  My theory is that it’s 99% mental and 1% genetic.  You know those people that are naturally slender and can eat whatever they want?  Yeah those people!  I ain’t mad at ya but I’m talking to the people that actually have to work real hard to be fit and healthy:)  It starts in the mind.  Keep your mind tough and make no excuses!!!


1.  Wednesday- Stretch and do 30 min of solid cardio and 30 minutes of upper body work! There will be a few videos uploaded to our exclusive page.


2.  Food- Part of being successful in this program is to eat small meals throughout the day.  I eat about every three hours.  Remember to pack a snack always!  Nuts and fruit are great to keep in your purse in case of emergencies. Consider putting an emergency packet of protein bars and water in your car for those unexpected moments. It would be great to plan your day and pack your food so you are not tempted.  Remember. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”


3. Mantra for the day: Forgiveness!

You may be asking, “What does forgiveness have to do with weight loss?”  Well, you would be surprised!  A lot of our issues stem from holding on to resentments, bitterness and hurts.  One of the way it manifests in our being is by self sabotaging and not being kind to ourselves.  It doesn’t make sense at all but I see it all the time.  Really forgive from your heart.  Forgiveness is for you not the other person.  You are basically allowing your heart and soul to be free of baggage and negativity.  Once you let all that stuff go, make sure you forgive yourself.  We can get so guilted out by our own bad decisions and we punish ourselves because we don’t think we deserve to be happy or have the life that we desire.  Empty yourself of the things that are hanging you up.  Underneath all that stuff is an amazing person waiting to come out!!!

Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)

Day 6 of 40 Day Challenge!!!

Day 6

You’re getting the hang of this now.  You are actually enjoying eating clean and your body is asking for more movement.  You are waking up the mind, body and spirit!  Good for you for making this lifestyle change!!!


1.  Saturday- This is a great day to incorporate the family in your fitness fun!  Go on a hike, bike ride, roller skating, etc.  Find something active the whole family can do.  If you’re single, you have the luxury to do whatever you want!  If you’re not fortunate enough to live in sunny So Cal.  Sorry:)  You can  crank up the music and dance in your living room!!!


2. It’s Saturday and you’re probably going out on a hot date or driving kids to gazillion bday parties!  If you are going out, check the restaurant menu ahead of time and know what you’re going to order.  If I were you, I would opt for making a romantic picnic basket for your man.  You will be in control of what to serve and know that your food will be a delicious healthy meal too!  If you are going to a party, offer to bring an appetizer.  This will ensure that you will have something safe to munch on.  Also, eat before you go out.  Don’t let the moment of being tempted by the sights and smells fool you.  You can do it if you arm yourself!!!  Step away from the dessert table…just walk away, don’t look back…you can do it!!! :)))


3.  Mantra for the day:  Knowledge is power.  Fill your mind with information that will give you intense conviction to make healthy choices. Some of us live by “Ignorance is bliss!”  Well, how is that working for you???  Be well informed about what you put in your temple. There are so many resources now from documentaries, internet, youtube, etc…It’s your body, It’s your responsibility!  (Go to exclusive page for some content that will blow your mind!)


Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you!




Day 5 of 40 Day Challenge!!!

Day 5


Wow!  You need to be so proud of yourself.  You ROCK!!!  I know it’s hard and tiring and painful.  Anything that is worth having takes hard work and dedication.  Keep it moving and smile:)


1.  Friday- Stretch and do 30 min of solid cardio.  30 min strength training.  Today is core day.  Check out the exclusive group for some great ab exercises.  Remember that if you have access to a gym or you have a group to workout with then adjust your workouts.  If you do more, GREAT!  The most important part is keeping it fun and exciting!!!


2.  By this time, you should start feeling really great.  If you have cut out caffeine or soda, you should be done with your detox headache by now.  Remember to drink tons of water!  For example, if you weigh 120lbs, drink half your body weight in ounces.  So you would drink 60oz of water.  If you are working out and sweating, then drink more.  You will have to pee often..sorry but that’s the way it goes:)


3.  Mantra for the Day- I need to shower myself with love and encouragement.
I posted on FB today and asked people to share what their favorite physical attribute was.  It was so hard for people to respond confidently and really own what they loved about themselves.  I bet if I had asked, “Give a reason you don’t like your physical appearance.”  I would have gotten tons of responses.  Why are we so hard on ourselves?  I think that we sometimes think that it’s wrong to toot our own horn,  yet its so easy for us to criticize ourselves without even thinking about it. Hmmmmm…something to think about.
Here’s the challenge.  Starting today, write one new thing you love about yourself for the remainder of the challenge.  I know it will be hard and uncomfortable but we need to practice…starting now:)))



Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)




Day 3 of 40 Day Challenge!

Day 3

Day 3!  How are you doing?  You might be a little sore if you haven’t worked out in a while.  It’s ok.  “The only way to get through hell is to go through it!”  Push through and remember that it’s just one day at a time.  Forget about yesterday, live in the now.

1.  Wednesday- Stretch and do 30 min of solid cardio and some weights.  Grab your 3 to 5lb weights and put some music on.   (check out the group page for videos)

2.  Follow the meal plan.  Make sure you are eating often.  You should actually feel like you are eating all day with this plan.  You will not be hungry.  Even when you are not hungry or thirsty, force yourself to stay on schedule and eat and drink water.  Cut sugar, alcohol, white flour for this challenge.  It doesn’t mean that you will never have it.  You’re just detoxing for the first ten  days.  You will crave it, but remember that whatever you put in your mouth you will crave.  If you eat junk, you will crave junk.  If you eat broccoli, guess what!?!?  You will crave broccoli!!!  Seriously!!!:)

3.  Set aside time to meditate daily.  This is just some quiet time to connect with yourself.  Time to affirm yourself, set your intention for the day and focus on your mantra for the day.  It can be a one word mantra like “surrender”, “patience”, “kindness”, “self control”, etc….this is essential to our journey.  We run around so fast that we forget what or why we are doing things.  As many of you know, I am a Christian and I use this in my time with God every morning.  Reading the Bible or whatever inspires you is a great way to set the tone for your day.  This is where you get your gas to rejuvenate your spirit and your soul.


Have a beautiful day, I love you guys and I’m rooting for you!




Day 2 of 40 Day Challenge!

Day 2


Congratulations!  You survived the first day of the detox!!!  The first five days are going to be the toughest but you will get through it.  Remember, excuses don’t produce results.  Take action everyday and you will see changes.


  1. Tuesday- ½ hour of solid cardio and some yoga or pilates.  (Check our group page for videos.)


  1. Follow the meal plan. This is a great way to introduce your family to clean eating.  Get them involved in the kitchen, let them go to the grocery store with you.  You are modeling a great example for them to follow.   What you do today is making a huge impact.  They are watching you:))) (Follow the menu on the group page)


  1. Be real with yourself. We are bombarded by images that are not real.  We see women who are nipped, tucked, airbrushed, photoshopped, etc. and we wonder why we don’t look like them.  We feel bad and beat ourselves up because we think we’re supposed to look a certain way.  I want you to join me by  revolutionizing how real women are to be viewed.  Not by the size of our hips but by our strength, determination, character, love and beauty that we possess!  When you are evaluating your goals, ask yourself what you are willing to sacrifice to look a certain way.  Your “why” has to be bigger than just wanting to look good.  That will come and will be a byproduct of being healthy and fit.  Remember your goals, make sure they are specific.  Throughout the day when you are craving something or tempted to eat something unhealthy then ask yourself, “Will eating or drinking this help get me closer to my goal? Is it worth it”???  If the answer is “no”…walk away:)))



Have a beautiful day,


I love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!



Day 1 of 40 Day Challenge!!!

Day 1

Everyday I will give you three call to action steps that will work towards your goals.  No excuses, just action.  Get it done and move on…You will be held accountable.  These steps are determined by where you are and what you can do.  Listen to your body and honor your body.  If you’re like me, you think you can do more than what your body can.  That is called ego!:)  Courage and strength is listening and knowing what your limits are.  Trust me, you will get stronger.  Be patient and do the work daily.


1.Monday- Do some cardio today.  It can be a brisk walk where you get your heart rate up.  If you have small ones, put them in the stroller, they LOVE it!!!  Put some loud music on in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom and dance!!!  Again, incorporate the kids.  They will love it and you are being a great role model to them.  Release your inner Jlo and shake what your momma gave you!!!
(Members- check the group page for the leg workouts today)


2. Eat clean, follow the guideline.  Be conscious of what you put in your mouth.  Discipline is key.  You will send me your food journal for the day.  Believe me, just knowing that I have to send my food journal helps keep things off my lips!!!  I don’t want to have to tell everyone that I ate the whole bag of chips, candy, pie and the brownies!!! LOL!  Eat every three hours.  This is key to revving up your metabolism.  If you’re going out for the day, pack your food. (Members- see the menu plan on the group page)


3.Repetition is the mother of change…Have a daily mantra to remind yourself why you’re doing this.  “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.”  What you speak or think you give power to.  If your thoughts and words consist of, “I can’t do this, this is too hard, I’m too fat, My legs, thighs, butt, arms are too big,” you have just attracted power and energy to those thoughts.  You will get more of what you focus on!!!  Focus on what you do have…the courage, strength, commitment, determination, health of your bodies.  You are beautifully, fearfully, and wonderfully made.  Make your body your ally and not your enemy. Have a beautiful day!

I love you guys and I’m rooting for you!


My schedule and meal plan:

8am-  green shake (kale, spinach, strawberries, banana, ice, soy milk, and one packet instant coffee)  This is yummy!

9:15-10:30am teach Bootcamp Barre

11am  two egg omelet with onions, feta, bell peppers, olives  & cup of green tea

2pm turkey wrap with lettuce and tomatoes

3:15-4:15 pm teach Bootcamp

5pm apple and almonds

7pm homemade chx soup with brown rice

9pm piece of fruit and cup of soymilk or almond milk

Drink  LOTS of water and be in bed by 11pm