Coming to LA!!!!

Hi guys!


I’ll be in town and would love to see all of you!!! I will be teaching a Bootcamp Barre class on Wednesday 6/11 and introducing Dance-Fit Workout Like A Dancer on Friday 6/13!!! Class will be from 9:30-10:30am!

Hopefully you guys can come and try out both classes. I MISS my LA people!!!

Please RSVP. Cost is ONLY $10 per class:)))

6/11 Wednesday 9:30am-Bootcamp Barre – Barre class is a combination of cardio, strength training, ballet barre work, and stretching. No dance background needed! Come and join us!!!

6/13 Friday 9:30am -@Dance-Fit Workout Like a Dancer! This is a NEW class that was created by Johnnie Smith and incorporates High intensity, interval training with dance, strength training, and flexibility!

Both of these classes will kick your booty…Guaranteed;))))

Also, on Friday after Dance Fit, we want to go to the beach!!! Join us!!! I miss you all:)

Please share with your friends!!!



BOTH classes will be at Degas Dance Studio!

  • 17247 Ventura Blvd.
  • Encino, California 91316


Purchase NOW to secure a spot!


Much Love!


Day 3 of 21 Day Challenge

Day 3

We’re only three days in and I’m already feeling like this is going to last forever!  I’m actually enjoying the food and not missing anything in particular but it does take being mindful, planning, and being engaged.  Always plan for success.  Pack snacks if you’re going to be out for the day and make sure you’re staying hydrated.

Sometimes, I can really struggle with what everybody else is doing.  I need to be reminded to just worry about myself and not compare.

A Few mantras that have really helped me:

Sweep your own side of the street!- Me

If I just worry about myself, that will keep me busy for my whole lifetime. What defines you?  Are you concerned by what others think of you? Too often I’m consumed by insecurities then I have to remind myself to be defined by my creator! That’s the only opinion that matters.  All the other stuff is rooted in ego and pride.  Let it go!!!

***what defines you?

How’s your eating going?

Today I had:
Breakfast- Grits
Lunch- Lettuce wrap
Dinner- Salad with lots of veggies
snack- popcorn, carrots, hummus, grapes

Make sure you’re drinking lots of water!!!

If you want some recipe ideas…follow my Pinterest Board!
Also, “like” us on Facebook at Bootcamp Barre
Check out Myfitnesspal for tracking your food and exercise!

Much Love,