Day 17 of Spring Clean Challenge!

Day 17!

Wow!  This week has flown by!   I’m taking it easy and listening to my body.  It’s very hard for me to chill and relax.  I’m early in my first trimester and being “advanced maternal age” I want to be careful.  I had high hopes of doing high intensity workouts during this pregnancy but so far, I’m too tired to do anything!!! LOL!  Please keep me in your prayers:)))


1) Thursday- Yoga Day!


2) Sugar Fact of the Day!  I am convinced that sugar is from the devil!!! LOL!
I challenge you to go ten days without sugar.  Starting NOW!!! :))))  Let us know how it goes!  Don’t worry, you’ll live!  Trust me:)))


3) Mantra for the Day- What’s your Transformation Story?

I’ve had my moments of being chubby and thin.  I am really excited because for the first time, I feel like all my cylinders are working together.  I am eating well and exercising at my peak performance.  In the past, I couldn’t get it together.  Either I worked out a ton and ate like crap or I ate really well and didn’t work out.  Also, my mental game was not on straight.  My motives were not pure and because I wasn’t obese, I didn’t really feel the urgency to get fit.  I knew my body well enough that if I needed to lose a few pounds I could.  Well, the yo-yo dieting took a toll on my body and now I struggle with thyroid issues, gluten sensitivity and sugar addiction.  I really have to be super careful and eat healthy because I HAVE to, not just because I WANT to.  I think the biggest thing I’ve learned so far on this journey, is to be yourself.  So much of my struggle came from looking at other women and comparing myself.  My standards we’re not realistic.  So I learned to be patient and OK with myself.  I had to surrender the idea that as a forty two mother of three I wasn’t going to look like a woman in her twenties.  I don’t mind it because I’m actually in way better shape now than I’ve ever been!  So, be patient.  Surrender your expectations and enjoy the journey.  It’s not going to be perfect everyday.  Be OK with it!

Now, I get to work on having a fit pregnancy.  Wish me luck:))))

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:))))  XOXO!!!

Day 11 of January Detox Challenge!

Day 11!

Sometimes we can feel like we’re losing steam.  We can hit a wall and feel like we’ve run out of gas.  If that’s where you’re at, don’t worry, it’s not unusual.  We can start well and then get tired.  That’s when I want you to read your goals.  You know, the ones I had you write out in the beginning of the challenge!?  I want you to remind yourself ‘why’ you’re doing this!!!  If it’s to look good for a wedding or reunion I can almost guarantee that you will gain the weight back.  Those goals are too short sighted and superficial.  If your goal is to live longer so you can see your children grow up, grow old with your spouse or loved ones, to be healthy and not be enslaved to medication and doctor visits, then you will muster up the energy and keep going!!!  You owe it to yourself and those that love you to be a great example of health and fitness.  They’re counting on you:)))  No pressure;)

1) Thursday-Yoga Day
Yoga is so awesome!  I have a love/hate relationship with yoga.  Sometimes, I hate it when I’m in the middle of my puddle of sweat all twisted up like a pretzel.  But I love how I feel after:)  It’s great to challenge your body and be amazed at all the wonderful things it’s capable of doing.  Try it!  Let us know how it goes:)))


2) Food- Juice Recipe
There’s a nasty flu bug going around.  I pray that everyone can steer clear of it and if you do get it I hope you recover quickly.  Build up your immunity by juicing!  Try this one:)

3) Mantra for the Day- I give myself permission to CHILL!!!:)
This is my mantra fro 2013!  I need to learn how to chill and relax.  My husband is always trying to help me with this because I feel like I always have to be doing something.  Well, today was a good day.  I gave myself permission to go to the spa and let go of all my responsibilities for the day.  I delegated and let stuff go.  My wonderful husband was kind enough to pick up the slack and took care of getting all the kids from point A to point B!  Anyway, I hope you get a chance to do the same.  Even if you don’t go to a spa, go for a quiet walk, hike or go to a bookstore and read a book, enjoy a mani/pedi or whatever it is you like to do.  Taking the quiet moments to recharge and refuel will make you that much better.  Good night my friends:)))

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)))