Day 19 of January Detox Challenge!

Day 19!

How’s it going???  Don’t get weary.  We’re here for the long haul.  Dig deep and start again.  You have to get sick and tired of being sick and tired.  In order for true change to happen, you must be willing to push through when it’s uncomfortable.  You must be willing to do what others are not.  You have to keep your focus.  What did you do today to get you closer to your goals?  It’s not too late.  Keep going!!!

1) Friday- CORE
Let’s get that CORE strong!  Here’s how:)))

What if we spent more time focused on this “core”????  How would our life be different?
OK..let’s work on both:)))  Focus on the inside and the outside:)))


2) Food- Buy Organic Whenever Possible!
Now that I’ve been juicing like a mad woman, I’m hyper vigilant about washing my produce in Kangen water.  It’s alkaline water with many levels.  I wash my produce in 11.5 to make sure I get all the pesticides and e-coli bacteria out.  I used to just rinse my produce under the faucet.  Now, I make sure I soak it and wash it thoroughly. Here’s some pictures of the produce I washed today.  Check out our facebook page for pictures and video:)


3) Mantra for the Day- One Day at a Time:)
I couldn’t have said it better…..enjoy the journey!!!



Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:))) XOXO!!!

Day 13 of 30 Day Challenge!!!

Day 13!

How’s it going?  It’s the middle of the week and we are excited to work the upper body today.  I talk to so many athletic, fit people who don’t have upper body strength.  It’s really important to build our upper bodies and have strong arms, back, chest and core!  So let’s make it happen:)))  Don’t forget the tri ceps!  Those guys are stubborn little suckers!!!


1) Try these upper body workouts….

Combine some cardio and strength training today!

Don’t forget the push ups!!! Check out these variations:)))


2) Try to buy these ORGANIC as often as possible:)))


3) Mantra for the Day- EARN IT!!!

How many of us just wants to sit back and coast without having to put much effort in our everyday lives?  It’s not easy and just when you think you had a great day, you have to do it all over again!!!  Seriously!?!?  Didn’t I just work out!?!?  It can feel like that sometimes.  It’s important to just let go and be in the moment.  Forget what is in the past and focus on the NOW!  It’s not easy and it’s not for the faint of heart.  You can totally do this.  You have it in you to dig a little deeper and create change.  Let’s do it!!!

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!  XOXO:))))

Day 22 of Spring Clean Challenge Part II

Day 22!

1) Tuesday- Cardio Day!

If you’re a runner, check this out!!!

If you’re a Cross Fitter, check this out!

If you like Zumba….LOL!!!:))))

Indoor workouts.  Make it happen!!!

Whatever you decide, just DO SOMETHING!!! :))))



2) Food- The Dirty Dozen
Here’s a handy visual.  Go organic as much as possible.



3) Mantra for the Day! -Why Not You!?

This is an awesome question to ask yourself.  Stop holding yourself back.  You CAN do whatever you put your mind to.  Why not you!?!?!?


Love you guys!  I’m rooting for you:)))  XOXO!!!