Day 18 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 18


I love that I get to share my journey with people. I am blown away by the openness and vulnerability of women I barely know. It really shows that this is a deep need we all have to be understood and to be validated. By being open we see that we are not alone. There is strength in numbers. Stand by your team…keep cheering each other on! Love you guys!

1.  Thursday- Stretch and do 1 hour of yoga today.  Enjoy and breathe….


2.  Food- Write out your meal plans and check to see how your fruit and vegetable servings are.  If you  are having a hard time consuming all your greens then either juice or blend them!  Check our exclusive page for great smoothie, juicing and blending recipes.


3. Mantra for the day:  Being vulnerable is not a weakness.

To be vulnerable is to be exposed.  To be stripped to our core is a humbling experience because we must deal with what’s left.  Food can be a great mask.  Extra weight or being underweight takes the focus off of what’s really going on inside.  When we start to deal and peel off layers then we have to come face to face with who we really are.  Take a moment to embrace that person.  Your authentic, vulnerable, amazing self is dying to come out.  Give her a chance to prove to you that she is strong and capable of dealing with what life has to offer.  You are stronger than you think you are.  Openness and honesty gives others the courage to do the same.  Share your heart and share your strength!!!


Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)

Day 20 of 30 Day Challenge!!

Day 20!

Happy hump day y’all!  Why is time flying at lightning speed???  I can’t keep up!
How’s it going?  Clean eating and exercising should be a habit by now.  Your body should be craving healthy food and rejecting junk.  You should feel like you want to work out instead of dragging yourself to your work outs.  It doesn’t take very long for your body to acclimate to healthy living.  This is how we were designed so your body will actually respond better when you are treating it well.  On the flip side, it doesn’t take long to go to the dark side.  Just a few cheats and you will be back to square one.  It’s not worth it.  Don’t do it!!!  Wherever you are today, start today to treat yourself well.



1) Upper Body Day!  Check out these workouts and do them!!!  Let us know how you did!


2) Summertime!!!  Eat your fruit early in the day so you can burn it off:)))


3) Mantra for the Day- Don’t let one bad day kill your progress!!!


Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!  XOXO:)))