Day 19 of 21 Day Challenge!

WOW!  I can see the finish line!  Great job on pushing through and making it this far.  It was tough but we are tougher:)))


Mantra of the Day- Step into your Destiny
Do you ever wonder what you’re meant to be doing with your life?  Do you have deep desires and dreams but are too fearful or doubtful to pursue it?  You were designed with a purpose!  If you have something deep in your soul that you desire to accomplish, the great designer put it there.  Someone out there is waiting for you to step into your destiny because they need you.  Stop letting fear, doubt, and excuses, get in the way.  DO something everyday to get you closer to your goals.



Thursday Workout- Try HIIT Training!
What It Is and How It Works- Article From Spark People
HIIT is a specialized form of interval training that involves short intervals of maximum intensity exercise separated by longer intervals of low to moderate intensity exercise. Because it involves briefly pushing yourself beyond the upper end of your aerobic exercise zone, it offers you several advantages that traditional steady-state exercise (where you keep your heart rate within your aerobic zone) can’t provide:

  • HIIT trains and conditions both your anaerobic and aerobic energy systems. You train your anaerobic system with brief, all-out efforts, like when you have to push to make it up a hill, sprint the last few hundred yards of a distance race, or run and hide from your spouse when they won’t stop nagging you about the dishes.
  • HIIT increases the amount of calories you burn during your exercise session and afterward because it increases the length of time it takes your body to recover from each exercise session.
  • HIIT causes metabolic adaptations that enable you to use more fat as fuel under a variety of conditions. This will improve your athletic endurance as well as your fat-burning potential.
  • HIIT appears to limit muscle loss that can occur with weight loss, in comparison to traditional steady-state cardio exercise of longer duration.
  • To get the benefits HIIT, you need to push yourself past the upper end of your aerobic zone and allow your body to replenish your anaerobic energy system during the recovery intervals.

The key element of HIIT that makes it different from other forms of interval training is that the high intensity intervals involve maximum effort, not simply a higher heart rate. There are many different approaches to HIIT, each involving different numbers of high and low intensity intervals, different levels of intensity during the low intensity intervals, different lengths of time for each interval, and different numbers of training sessions per week. If you want to use HIIT to improve performance for a particular sport or activity, you’ll need to tailor your training program to the specific needs and demands of your activity.


Good luck!  Let us know how you did!


Day 4 Spring Clean Challenge!

Day 4

1. Friday- Core Day!  Abs, abs, abs:)))  Can someone please tell me when the obsession with six packs happened???  I understand it when it comes to men but when did women think six packs were attractive?  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been trying to get a six pack for forty three years now:)))  I’m just wondering when the trend began.  Anyway, here’s my take on it.

#1. Genetics- there are people born with it. Period!
#2. Cardio, lifting, HIIT training, clean eating, and pure hard work will reveal what’s underneath that layer of fat.

No matter where you’re at, don’t judge your progress by whether or not you can do laundry on your mid section.  XOXO!!!

Lucky for me, I won’t have to worry about six pack abs for a while…my abs will look like this:))))

Because of this….
Yup!!!!  Baby #4 is on the way.  I’m excited to blog about the pregnancy/fitness journey.  This is the first pregnancy that I will be consistently working out.  Stay tuned…..





2. Food-  Try to make breakfast your biggest meal.  I remember a time when I would get up and drink about four cups of coffee and not eat until about 2pm.  Yeah, very unhealthy!  I can’t believe I functioned that way for many years.  Then at about 4pm when I hit my wall, I would drink a few more cups of coffee. I finally gave up my coffee habit.  I only drink it on occasion when I want to not because I need to.  Big difference!  Now I make my green juice and it gives me real energy.  I crave it when I don’t drink it.  So, whatever you put in your body, you will crave.  Why not make it the good stuff:)))




3. Mantra for the Day:  What am I doing to achieve my goals????

In order for this challenge to work, you MUST work.  This challenge works when you follow directions.  When you’re feeling frustrated and mad that things aren’t changing, you must ask yourself…”What am I doing different?”  If the answer is “Nothing!” then don’t be surprised when nothing changes.  We are going to attack our goals this session.  We are going to write it down and break it down to small manageable pieces.  So if you want to lose ten pounds this session, then aim to lose 2.5 pounds per week.  How will that happen?  Cardio, eating clean, weight training, cut out refined sugars, fat, processed food, etc….It will take work.  Every step towards your goal will get you there.  So don’t get frustrated. Keep your head in the game and let’s do this one day at a time.  This is a marathon, not a sprint:)))

Here’s a great example of breaking down your goals …..

Have a fabulous day!  I’m rooting for you:)))

Day 17 of January Detox Challenge!

Day 17!

You guys are doing such an awesome job.  I love how determined and intentional you are about this challenge.  This is what it’s going to take to get you to the next level and to stay connected.  Once we slack off, it gets easier to fall back on our old habits.  Keep looking ahead and keep your eye on the goal!!!

1) Wednesday- HIIT and Arms!
We’ve been doing a lot of HIIT training in class.  This is a great way to burn fat and build muscle.


2) Food- Try these Juicing Recipes!

3) Mantra for the Day- KEEP GOING!!!

We live in the world of the “We want it now” generation!!!  We want everything at microwave speed and we’re not willing to wait for it.  Health and fitness is NOT something that will happen overnight.  Unless you have a good plastic surgeon, getting healthy the right way takes time.  Know that you WILL see results with every good choice and every good workout.  Keep going!  Don’t give up:))))


Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)))

Day 2 January Detox Challenge!

Day 2-

How’s it going???  The key to success with this detox is preparation.  I had to run around and didn’t really get to eat the appropriate snacks, just nuts and by the time I got home, I was cranky, tired and wanted a Starbucks latte stat!!!!  I also ended up having too few calories for the day and not enough water.  Good news is that there is no perfect way to do this detox.  It’s all about trial and error and figuring out what works.  Be forgiving, learn from your day and move on.  Remember, “Champions have a short memory!”

1) Tuesday- Cardio Day
People always ask me, “What is the best workout for me to do?”  My answer, “The one you will do!” Find something that you enjoy and do that.  My problem is that I love it all!  I love yoga, Zumba, pilates, HIIT training, Tabata, kick boxing, dancing, etc…that’s why I love being a fitness trainer, I’m able to experiment and do all kinds of crazy things in my class.  So keep trying new things until you find the workout you love.  There’s so many to choose from.  What are you favorite workouts???



2) Food- Well day 1 of detox juicing wasn’t exactly mouth watering.  It’s amazing what fruit can do for your juice!  For the first three days of our detox, we are not having any fruit at all.  It’s all part of the sugar detox.  We’ll add it in after day three.  Also, we are cutting salt.  I think I missed salt more than sugar.  We are re-training our taste buds to go back to its natural state.  There are a lot of ways to get flavors naturally and creatively.  Let us know if you have any tricks or recipes:)  Please share!


3) Mantra for the day:  Success is not Convenient!
You’ve heard me say this before and especially in the beginning, we need to hear it again.  Prepping for our detox takes time and work.  Having to actually cook and not just open a pre-packaged meal is not convenient.  Working out and being sore is not convenient.  Juicing and cleaning the juicer is not convenient.  Carrying and packing your snacks is not convenient.  You choose.  If you want success, it’s going to take some work.  If you want to be average and mediocre then do what the rest of the population is doing.  Go eat fast food, drink soda,  microwave your meals, and be too busy to workout.  You’re either going to pay for it now in hard work or pay for it tomorrow in medical bills, health challenges and being overweight.  Stop thinking about it and just do the work.  No whining and complaining, just do it.  I believe in you.  You can do this:))))

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!  XOXO:)))


Day 65 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 65!

WOW!  Look at what you have accomplished in the last month!  By now, you are getting used to clean eating and working out consistently.  You feel great and are encouraged by great results not only in your weight but your heart as well.  You should be so proud of yourself!  Keep fighting and keep setting small goals.  Make your goals measurable and attainable.  Instead of rewarding yourself with food, learn to reward yourself with a new pair of jeans, running shoes, or a massage:)



1. Tuesday- Stretch, Cardio Day
Do a variety of cardio exercises!  HIIT is a great choice.  All you need is twenty minutes:)



2. More on metabolism! Metabolism 101


3. Mantra For the Day!!!

Think about where you were when you first started this program.  Look at how far you have come!!!  Look at how strong you have become and how much you have overcome!!!  It’s truly an honor to be a witness to your transformation and I’m so grateful that I get to be in this journey with you.  You are not alone.  I am here for you and I believe in you.

Love you guys!!!  I’m rooting for you:)))

Day 33 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 33


I am so filled with gratitude to be on this journey with you guys.  I am learning so much about myself during this process.  Always keep your eyes open because there’s always so much to learn.  I have so much respect for you and your commitment to be fit and healthy.  This is not easy.  We have to go against the grain to make the right choices sometimes.  Thank you for inspiring me.

1. Friday- DON’T Forget to HIIT the CARDIO!!! High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a form of short, intense cardiovascular exercise emphasizing quality not quantity and just may be the missing ingredient to supercharge your weight loss. It is composed of a series of intense, all-out bursts of activity lasting 10-60 seconds followed by brief, moderate to low intensity recovery periods lasting anywhere from 50 percent to 300 percent of high intensity work time. The sequence is then repeated for approximately 4-20 minutes depending on your objective and performed two to three times per week. The benefits of this type training are directly related to a high level of intense activity packed into a small window of time in turn forcing your body to spend the rest of the day expending additional energy to recover. This is commonly referred to as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). That simply means you’ll consume a greater amount of oxygen recovering from this type training than if you’d just performed a traditional boring, steady paced cardio workout. Instead, you’ll spend less time in the gym, accelerate your metabolism, burn more fat, improve your endurance and of course boost your weight loss potential. The training intensity and duration of HIIT is determined by the individuals current fitness level and specific goals as it would with any other form of exercise.
-David Buer- Trainer


2.  Food- I am so proud of you guys and your food choices.  I keep hearing about all your victory stories.  We live in a place where all your cravings can be met.  If you have an urge for something you can pretty much go out and get it fulfilled. Practicing self-control teaches us that just because we want something doesn’t mean that we have to stop everything to get it.  I’m not saying you have to deprive yourself.  You can definitely have a treat here and there but when it becomes a habit of eating and drinking unhealthy options, it takes so much to un-do.  Plan your cheats. Don’t just eat mindlessly.




3. Mantra for the day:  We need each other!
We all need each other for support and encouragement.  I don’t know where I would be without you guys!  Keep your fire burning.  Someone is counting on you:)))




Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)

Day 30 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 30


I can’t believe a month has flown by!  Look at what you have accomplished in the last 30 days???  Remember that the habits you have developed have taken way longer than 30 days to create so be patient with yourself.  Embrace the progress you’ve made and remember that you have come such a long way.  And by the way, if you haven’t voted yet…GO VOTE:))))  XOXO!!!



1. Tuesday- Today is cardio day and strength training.  Try interval training, sprint training, tabata training, HIIT, cross fit, Zumba, Tae bo, etc….there are so many awesome forms of cardio.  Try a new one and sweat it out:))))



2.  Food- 10 Commandments of Weight loss!



3. Mantra for the day: Take Responsibility!

With today being an important day in this nation, let us not forget that the real change comes from taking personal responsibility.  Government, churches, establishments, schools, gyms, trainers, etc….will not make you change anything unless it comes from within.  You have the power to choose and at the end of the day, you live with your choices.  So, stop blaming, stop making excuses and start in your own backyard by taking inventory of your life and making the right choices.  Every right choice will get you closer to your goals.  No one is stopping you.  You can do it!!!!



Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)

Day 11 of 30 Day Challenge!!!

Day 11!

Happy Monday everyone!!!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!!  I had a very busy weekend with my family.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to work out:(  I’m bummed about that but it’s OK!  Today is a new day:)))  I hope you are ready to work hard this week!  In order to see changes, you must change up your routine and really push yourself.  Just when you think you’ve had enough, just dig a little deeper:)))  I’m starting to sound like Shaun T!  That Insanity workout is getting to me:)))  It’s a good thing.  If you’re not being pushed to your max, you’re just maintaining.  If you want to burn fat and lose weight, you have to kick it up a few notches:)))

LOL!  I know none of us feel this way.  We’re ready to conquer the day!!!:)))  At least that’s what I tell myself:)))

This is more like it:))))

1) Monday- Lower body and leg day!!!
Start with a good stretch then do some HIIT training or Tabata training…
Now try these lower body exercises….


2) Mantra for the Day- Every Choice you Make is IMPORTANT!!!

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)))  XOXO!!!

Day 1 of 30 Day Challenge!!!

Day 1!

It’s the first day of June!  If you are new to the challenge, WELCOME!!!  I congratulate you for taking the step to take charge of your health and fitness.  This is a challenge to help you and hold you accountable to a lifestyle change.  This is not a quick fix fad.  We are going to learn how to make changes that will last a lifetime.  I did not start living this way until just a few months before my fortieth bday. That was only a couple years ago. I didn’t really have an urgency to get fit because I was pretty content with being mediocre.  What I mean is this, I wasn’t huge by any means and I wasn’t skinny and fit.  I ate what I wanted and worked out sporadically.  I grew up dancing and was into dance and fitness in my twenties.  In my mind, I was still pretty fit but in reality I was skinny fat.  I ate processed food and was addicted to sugar.  The most weight I ever had to lose was twenty pounds.  So even though twenty pounds wasn’t that much the problem was in my mental game.  I struggled with body dysmorphia and eating disorders.  It wasn’t very obvious but just like all alcoholics don’t look like the guys on skid row didn’t mean I didn’t have a problem.  I was able to really turn things around by the help of my faith, friends, and family. So, no matter where you are in your journey, I want you to know that it’s not too late and that you are worth it!!!  The only regret I have is that I didn’t get healthy sooner.  I wasted so much time not taking care of my body.  Now, I feel great!  I am fit and healthy and I did it the right way.  There are no shortcuts!!!  Join us and we will walk with you and help you one step at a time:)))  Join our community on Facebook. Bootcamp Barre

1)  Friday is CORE day!
Start out with a good stretch, warm up with some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and work the core.  Check out these exercises!!!


2) Insanity Day 11- Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs!
I love this abs workout!!!  It’s fifteen minutes of pure ab work without a single crunch.  I feel like I’m getting stronger.  The first time I did this exercise I couldn’t get through it.  I was definitely sore the next day.  Work your core and tell us how you did!!!

This isn’t the Insanity Abs Workout but check this out and do it!!!

3) Mantra for the Day!  -It’s your Body, It’s your Responsibility!!!!
Take charge and do something!!!  If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired you have the power to change.  Do something EVERYDAY that will get you closer to your goal.  Every time you eat something, ask yourself if it’s going to help you or hurt you from meeting your goals.  You can do it!!!  It’s a daily battle.  Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  It’s OK!  Champions have a short memory.  You got this!!!

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!  XOXO:)))

Day 7 of 60 Day Challenge!!!

Day 7!

Hello there.  I am doing well on my sugar detox.  The headaches have subsided and my family is grateful that I’m not the cranky, crazy, woman running around the house anymore! LOL!  I am learning a lot about being self controlled and alert.  My pitfalls usually come when I mindlessly snack and eat.  I have to be very intentional about what goes in my mouth.  It helps not to have junk around in the house.  I’m feeling stronger and more empowered everyday.  Thanks for your support and encouragement.


1) Monday- Get your week started off right by working out hard today.  Start with a good stretch, get the heart rate up with some HIIT Training or Tabata training.  Focus on your lower body with lots of squats, lunges, and booty work!  Check these out and do them:)))



2) Mantra for the Day!- Character Counts
I wanted to share my struggles with you because I want to be transparent with you.  I am not going to ask you to do something that I’m not willing to do myself.  It was hard to be open and I really didn’t have to.  No one would ever know and it could have just been my little secret.  Well, the problem is that what you do when no one is looking is really who you are.  I had to face who I really was in order to change it.  I’m grateful for all the support and encouragement.  I know that this is an epidemic and unless we’re willing to really look at it, it won’t change.  Join me and detox your body from sugar.  I’m on day four and I feel great.  The first three days were brutal but you will get through it.  Persevere and gain support by visiting our facebook page.

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!  XOXO:)))