Day 15 of Clean Eating Challenge!

Day 15

There will be days when you will feel like, “I don’t want to do this anymore.  This is too hard.  This takes too much effort.”  In those moments, I want you to look at your goals. I want you to ask yourself, “Are these goals still important to me?”  If the answer is “YES” then stop whining and complaining and keep going.:)))  If you decide that the goal is too much for you then go ahead and quit.  You have come this far….what are you going to do???



1.  Monday- Stretch and do 30 min of solid cardio and lower body work. I expect you to push yourself hard today.  I want sweat & tears!!!  DO IT:))) Stretch your body and breathe!




2.  Food- Clean, healthy food doesn’t have to be boring.  Since I’ve been on this journey with you guys, I have discovered so many new foods that are good for you and rich in flavor.  I hope that you are enjoying it as much as I am.  Be adventurous!  Try new ethnic foods, be courageous and just go for it!  In the last couple of weeks, I have tried Indian food, Thai, Mediterranean, Vegan, and many others.  Try something new this week and tell me about it:)  Oh, and did I mention the ‘clean’ treats are AMAZING!!!!  I am getting my sweet fix and it’s in the plan:)  Woo hoo!!!




3. Mantra for the day:  Quitting is the Enemy to Success!!!
If you even ‘think’ about quitting, then you have already quit.  It’s so easy to quit.  It takes so much more character and a strong will to persevere.  Dig deep in your soul and remind yourself that you are worth fighting for.  It’s not too hard, too difficult, too painful, too (fill in the blank)…You are worth it and you deserve to live the life you were designed to have.  Be proactive about your health and wellness…It’s the only one you have:)



Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)


Day 8 of Clean Eating Challenge!

Day 8

You are amazing and you should be so proud of yourself.  By now, you should be enjoying the physical activity and eating clean should give you lots of energy!  Keep it up!  One day at a time.  You should also be pretty regular by now…if you know what I mean;))) LOL!



1.  Monday- Stretch and do 30 min of solid cardio followed by another 30 min of lower body workouts. Stretch your body and breathe!



2.  You should have your weekly meals planned and ready to go.
(For my private coaching clients, I sent the new weekly menu!)
Don’t forget to have BREAKFAST!  You’ve heard it before, it’s the most important meal of the day.  Here’s some ideas…


***Tip- set your alerts on your phone to go off every 3 hours as a reminder to eat!
Buy from your clean eating grocery list!  Take the guess work out of shopping and planning!!!


3.  Mantra for the day:  Success is Not Convenient! 
When you don’t want to work out… Success is not convenient!  When you don’t want to prep your food…. Success is not convenient!  When you don’t feel like eating clean… Success is not convenient!  Anytime you have to do something that you don’t want to do ask yourself, ‘Is this going to help me be successful?’  SUCCESS IS NOT CONVENIENT.  You’ll be inconvenienced for a little while but the rewards are worth it!!!  Don’t quit!  Be determined to reach your goals.  You owe it to yourself!


Have a beautiful day!  I love you guys and I’m rooting for you!



Day 16 of 21 Day Challenge!

Sorry I missed you guys this weekend.  There was just way too much going on and I had to let some stuff go.  I hope you had a great weekend!  Can you believe we only have five day left!?!?!  Is that right!?  I can’t believe how fast it went!

I really struggled during Super Bowl Sunday.  We went to a party with lots of yummy treats and all I had was veggies, hummus, fruit, and pop corn, but I stayed strong and didn’t give in!  Yay me!

Guess what!?  Since we are having such great results and many people have asked to join another 21 Day Challenge group, we will begin another one February 17th to March 9th!  It will be a “Clean Eating” challenge so it won’t be as restrictive as this one.  It’s a great challenge to help you make adjustments to your lifestyle change.  Spots are limited.  RSVP here to save your spot!


Monday Mantra! Live your life by Design not by Default!
Do you live your life aggresively or passively?  Do you make things happen or wait for things to happen?  This is a tricky balancing act.  I’m all about making things happen!  I’m very driven and I like to see results, but I have to be okay when things don’t work out my way.  I need to be surrendered if my plans don’t pan out.  The key is to keep going.  If one door is shut, wait for another to open, but don’t stop.  Really visualize what you want your life to look like, then have a plan to get it.  Whatever area, health, finances, relationships, spiritual, etc.  It just doesn’t happen because you wish for it to happen or you muscle your way through it.  It happens by design and with a great strategy.  So many people think that being successful is about luck.  It’s not.  It’s hard work, dedication, commitment, passion, faith, and never giving up on your dreams.  What are you going to do today that will change and shape your destiny!?!?  Just like the Superbowl game.  Defense wins games!  Don’t just sit there.  Do something!!!



This week I will post new exercises for you to try daily!  Let’s start with leg day!


Enjoy!  Have fun!!!

Day 28 of Spring Clean Challenge!!!

Day 28!

I hope you guys had a great weekend and if you had way too many peeps or chocolate eggs, well shake it off and make today a new day!  One of our sayings at Bootcamp Barre is, “Champions have a short memory!”  Don’t dwell on what you cannot control.  Let’s move on shall we!?!?





1) Monday- Stretch, Cardio and Leg Day!
Check out Carrie Underwood’s leg exercises.  She has some great tips!!!
Read article here:)))



2) Binge Recovery!  If you had a rough weekend eating way too much of mom’s home cooking then follow this great advice!


3) Mantra for the Day!- I CAN!
During this challenge we’ve learned that we must love ourselves unconditionally, be grateful, not be jealous, not be greedy, not whine, and really work hard on purification not just our diets but most importantly, our hearts.  So today we’re going to talk about a word that you MUST ban from your vocabulary if you are going to be successful.  This word is, “I can’t!”  If you think you can’t, then you’ve already lost.  Success is a mental game.  If you believe that you can, you will!!!  We don’t allow this word in our home.  It’s considered a bad word.  Our speech determines what we will do. If you start off with saying “you can’t” then you’ve already lost the battle.  You can definitely do it and I believe in you. Don’t listen to the negative people in your life that will tell you, “you can’t!”  Surround yourself with people that will support you and encourage you.  Stick around and you will find that there truly are people who genuinely want you to succeed.

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!! XOXO:)

Day 14 of Spring Clean Challenge!

Day 14!

Happy Monday my friends!!!  I hope you had a victorious weekend and that you worked out and ate clean all weekend:)))  If you didn’t, don’t fret!  Today’s a NEW day:)))  Start fresh, hit restart, and let’s go!!!



1) Monday-Stretch, Cardio and Lower Body workout!  If you think too hard about working out, you’ll talk yourself out of it!  Just do it:)))




2. Food-Portion Control!  This is something we constantly have to keep reminding ourselves.  The portions just keep getting bigger! If you’re not reading labels, you should be.  Be aware.  It’s your body, it’s your responsibility!  Yesterday, we went out to dinner.  I automatically asked for a to-go container and wrapped up half of my plate.  I had more than enough for dinner and enjoyed the other half for lunch!  Check out this great chart….


3. Mantra for the Day!!! -Visualize your Life!!!
Are you using the power of visualization in your life?  In your time of quiet and peace take some time to visualize how you want your life to look.  Take some time to envision what it would be like to run after your kids at the park without being in pain or being winded.  How would it feel to be able to shop at certain stores and wear certain clothes?  If you can see it, you can achieve it.  Keep pictures up in a special place that will motivate you.  If you haven’t discovered Pinterest yet, it’s a great site where you can create your own boards. (Follow me on Pinterest:))  Keep a pair of jeans or a dress that you want to fit into out where you can see it daily.  Strive everyday to move towards your goal.
Everyday spend some time imagining and dreaming about the life you want to have.  Then do one thing that will move you closer to that goal. When you are engaging in an activity or ready to eat a bite of something, ask yourself, “Is this going to get me closer to my goals?”  If the answer is “NO!”  Then get rid of it or stop doing it.


I love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!

Day 8 February Sweetheart Challenge!

Happy Monday!
All right!  It’s time to take away all the excuses and start the week with a vengeance!  Work out with full intention and be completely present and engaged throughout your whole workout.  Whatever you do, do it with all your heart!  Now, drop and give me twenty!!!
1) Start the week with lower body exercises!
2) Food- Clean Treats!
This recipe had three ingredients and looked like it could do the trick.

I made them and after about fifteen minutes in the deep freeze they were ready.
These tasted just like a frozen ice cream bonbon. The banana inside had frozen up to taste much like smooth ice cream. My kids were elated, my husband…well…I kept catching him sneak into the freezer drawer…even in the morning!
I hope your family enjoys them too.
2 Large bananas cut into chunks
1/3 cup of dark chocolate broken into pieces
1/4 cup of natural almond butter
Place the chocolate and almond butter in a glass bowl and microwave for one minute.
Stir rapidly till it is melted together and smooth.
Dip the bananas in the chocolate and place on parchment paper over a cookie tray.
Place in freezer for fifteen minutes or overnight.
Enjoy!  (found on Pinterest)
3)  Love post of the day:  Love Unconditionally
It’s funny how I want to be loved unconditionally and yet it’s so hard to love others with the same standard.  I can easily get irritated and self righteous.  If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times!!! LOL!  I need to stop and ask myself, “How would I want to be treated right now?”  My husband is a great example of this.  He’s always so full of grace with me.  I need to be more like him.  So, the challenge of the day is to love unconditionally.  Love your spouse, your kids, your parents, your boss, etc….even if they don’t deserve it.  Actually, especially because they don’t deserve it!

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)))  XOXO!!!

Day 1 of January Detox Challenge!

Happy Monday!
It’s a New Year and it’s time for a New You!!!  Just like many people during this time of year, we are making resolutions, writing down our goals, and making decisions to change and do things differently.  Well, I hope you’re ready for the detox!  We are going to retrain and recharge our taste buds:)))  Forget about what happened or didn’t happen in 2012!  It’s time to start new and make DAILY decisions to take steps towards your goal.  You got this!!!  If you signed up for the program, make sure you connect on the private page and keep plugged in.  The magic is in the community.  We were not meant to this alone.


1) Lower Body Workout- Make sure you stretch before and after and do some cardio to get your heart rate up.  Don’t be afraid of weights and work those squats and lunges.  Try some of these workouts.

2) Food- For the first three days, we are only juicing greens, carrots, lime, and lemon.
Experiment and tell us how it came out:)))

Greens ideas to juice:)))
Greens Ingredients:
Arugula – spicy, grassy
Basil – sweet, spicy
Bell Pepper – hydrating, sweet, zesty
Cabbage – mildly grassy
Celery – zesty, hydrating
Chard – grassy, sweet
Cilantro – sweet, fragrant
Collard greens – grassy
Cucumbers – hydrating, sweet/sour
Endive – bitter
Fennel – anise, zesty
Green apples – very sweet, tart
Green grapes – very sweet, tart
Green onion – zesty, spicy
Green pears – very sweet
Honeydew – sweet, hydrating
Jalapeno – spicy, zesty
Kale – grassy, dark
romaine – hydrating, mild, grassy
Limes – sour, zesty
Mache – grassy, dark
Parsley – grassy, zesty
Spinach – grassy, dark, pungent
Watercress – spicy, grassy, hydrating
Wheatgrass – very grassy
Zucchini – hydrating, mildly bitter
Mint – vibrant, minty, cooling
assorted green herbs


3) Mantra for the day-  Actually I can….

I was thinking about how grateful and lucky I am to be doing what I get to do.  I have struggled with insecurities, quitting, fear, anxiety, you name it!  The voice that would badger me and criticize me was much louder than the gentle whisper of encouragement.  Once I started choosing which voice to listen to, I started to feel more confident, secure, faithful, and excited about my path.  During this journey, CHOOSE to listen to the voice that says, “YOU CAN DO IT!!!”  If you can’t hear that voice right now, then listen to me:)))  I’m here to be your biggest cheerleader.  I’m excited to be on this journey with you!

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)))

Day 64 of 90 Day Challenge!

Happy Monday!

Day 64!  The trick this holiday season is to eat clean MOST of the time.  You will have days to indulge and eat stuff you normally wouldn’t.  That’s OK!  It’s what you do MOST of the time that will bring you victory.  Get rid of the mindset of, “I’ll just start next year!”  Don’t do it!  I guarantee you that it will be much harder to start off the year with extra pounds.  Have a goal.  My goal is to maintain my weight this holiday season.  I’m not looking to lose weight or cut body fat.  I’m just here to enjoy life and eat responsibly:)))


1. Monday- Cardio & Leg Day!


2.) Metabolism-


3. Mantra for the Day!!! – Overcome your Past!

This picture was taken almost 22 years ago.  This was taken during some of the darkest times of my life.  I was shooting a music video (Yes, I didn’t go around sporting a blonde wig for no reason;) and I thought I was sooooooo fat!  I was about 113lbs during this pic and I was so full of self hatred.  I remember being at the video shoot and being so self conscious and insecure amongst all the beautiful dancers.  My diet consisted of cigarettes and junk food and even though I was a dancer, I was totally unhealthy.  I wouldn’t trade my life now for that time.  I feel so whole, so happy and so blessed now at this place in my life.  It was a long journey to learn to love myself and I’m here to help you do that in your life.  I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learned and the people that have helped me.  Most importantly, God has healed so many of my hurts and that is where it all began.  So, if you are struggling in this area, stay tuned.  We’re gonna overcome this together:))))

This is me today:)  A genuine smile and a healthy lifestyle.  I’m so grateful to overcome and battle my past.  You can do it too!!!


Love you guys!  I’m rooting for you:)))

Day 57 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 57

I wanted to remind you about what this program is all about.  We are trying to balance mind, body and spirit.  We are trying to juggle relationships, careers, laundry, 2am feedings, taking care of kids, husbands, room mates, school, studies, etc….We are trying to figure out how to eat well and feed our loved ones a better diet.  We’re trying to exercise and get fit and feel strong.  Sometimes, when we look at pictures and media we can tend to have an unrealistic expectation of what our progress should look like.  Just to remind you, these models are super fit and have about a 12 to 18 body fat percentage not to mention the best lighting and the magic of photoshop.  In order to have that, it takes a lot of work and dieting.  This program is not for that.  So don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have a six pack yet.  Aim for feeling stronger and healthier.  XOXO:)))


1.  Monday- Leg day!


2.  Food- Food is not the enemy. Food is not bad. There’s nothing wrong with indulging here and there.  The more you deprive your body, the more you’ll be likely to binge.  Give yourself a cheat day.  You’ve worked hard for it so don’t fret if you have something that isn’t normally on your diet.  In our program, we try to get you to eat without the guilt.  The mental part of this program is the hardest because we have to retrain and reprogram our thought patterns.  It’s OK!  Enjoy life!  Live a little!!!  It’s the holidays!!! But don’t do it everyday and don’t do it in excess.  More importantly, don’t beat yourself up and get down about it all week!!!  OK, I’m going to have a cookie now:)))


3. Mantra for the day:  Embrace your Battle Scars!

Do you have an unrealistic view of what your body is supposed to look like?  Especially after having children, our bodies change.  It’s not better or worse, just different.  For some of us, it’s really hard to fathom that our forty year old body doesn’t resemble our twenty year old body.  Again, I blame the media for the unrealistic expectations it puts on women after kids.  Let us surrender and accept that our bodies have changed.  We have had the honor to house another human being in our bellies!  That’s quite traumatic.  Embrace your battle scars.  It’s a beautiful thing!  Even if you’ve never had kids, age does affect our bodies.  Maybe we’ve abused our bodies and haven’t taken great care of it.  It takes time to restore it.  The beauty is that your body will bounce back and be healthy and strong again. Work with what you have and make it the best body it can be.  You are beautiful!!!


Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)

Day 36 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 36

Happy Monday!


1. Monday- Cardio and leg & booty day!!!  Work to your max today.  No letting up.  JUST DO IT!!!



2. Food- Keep eating clean!!!  I think something was in the air this weekend because a few of us, myself included, fell off the wagon and gave in to eating sweet treats. Anyway, no excuses!  Today is a new day and a new opportunity to make the right choices.  Here’s some great tips on what to do after having a binge…




3.  Mantra for the day:  You are enough!

I love this.  You need to be reminded that YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!  Gaining or losing weight does not define you.  You have to accept who you are and love who you are no matter what.  Losing the extra weight may make you feel better, more confident, lighter, healthier, and stronger  but,  just because you may not be there yet doesn’t mean that you are bad, fat, ugly, or whatever lies you tell yourself.  You are amazing now and you will be amazing when you lose the extra weight.  Let’s not get it twisted and think something magical will happen when you see your goal weight on the scale.  You will still be the same person.  Learn to love yourself regardless what the scale says.  The weight loss is just a bonus for transforming your life.  Be content and at peace with who you are because you are brave, beautiful, heroic, and a fantastic human being!!!

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!! XOXO:)))