Day 25, 26, & 27 of Spring Clean Challenge!

Day 25, 26, & 27!

Hello guys!  I hope you’re doing well.  I am feeling great and getting stronger.  Sorry I missed the blog yesterday.  I am giving myself permission to be OK with letting things go. Please forgive me:)  Our bodies are amazing. Our bodies remind us that there is so much to learn.  I hope you are challenging yourself and trying new things.  You will amaze yourself by how strong you really are.  Sometimes strength means to be present and do nothing.  Sometimes, it takes more strength to do that:))))



1) Friday- Friday’s are our CORE day! We will be meeting at the park since it’s Spring Break!  I love that my clients don’t make excuses.  They want to work out and figured out a way to do it without having to get a sitter:)))  Meet us at Balboa Park 9:30-10:30am
We’ll start off at the bleachers:))))


We have a treat for you this weekend!!!  Karen from Fitness With Karen will be here to take care of our Zumba addiction:)  So dance with us and do your core exercises too!!!
Saturday at Pulse Fitness LA in Sherman Oaks!!!  11-12pm

SUNDAY- Is relax and unwind day.  Take a day to recover.  Quiet your mind, body and soul.  Whether or not you celebrate Easter Sunday, take some time to reflect on what the day represents.  A new day, a new beginning, a fresh start, redemption, hope, glory, and love.  Enjoy:))))


2) Food- Water!!!
I will keep reminding you guys to drink your water!!!  Be intentional about getting it all in.  Drink half of your weight in ounces.  For example, if you weigh 150 pounds you will drink 75 ounces of water daily.  Just make it a habit.  Carry your water bottle everywhere.  Do it!


3) Mantra of the Day! – Champions are not Born, They’re Made!!!
Everyday you have an opportunity to be a champion.  The only thing that separates the average people from the champions are the time and effort champions are willing to put in. It’s not automatic or genetic.  It’s not going to happen by osmosis.  It’s a CHOICE to take action towards your goals and not give in to laziness and excuses. Another thing about champions is that they have a short memory.  Shake it off and move on!  You decide!!!  It’s up to you:)))


Stop talking and just keep doing.  You ARE a CHAMPION!!!  Act like it!

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:))) XOXO!!!

Day 23 of February Sweetheart Challenge!

Day 23

How’s it going?  Everyday is a new opportunity to change your life.  Don’t take this day for granted.  What you plant you will reap the benefits of.  It’s only four months until summer!!!  What are you planting today that you will reap in four months!?  Don’t procrastinate, don’t dilly dally, know that today makes a difference!



1) Tuesday- Try ZUMBA!

Tuesday is normally our cardio day.  I’m not a fan of cardio but I LOVE Zumba!  Try it:)
Just sayin’!;)




2) Food- Paleo Post! What do you think?  Have you tried it?


3. Mantra for the Day-  Let it go….
Part of the process of letting go is to not concern yourself with people’s opinions of yourself.  I know we talk about this a lot.  We need the reminders.  I need the reminders.  I’m so proud of one of my clients who has learned to turn off the negative tapes that go off when she starts to feel low.  Those tapes come back quickly and loud too!  She has learned to change the tapes and learn to replace it with good, positive, loving voices.  You can do it too.  Just input more positive and reject the negative.  You don’t have to listen to the critics.  You have to be your own biggest fan instead of your biggest enemy:)



Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)))  XOXO!!!