Day 24 of February Sweetheart Challenge!

Day 24

I hope you are doing well.  We are gearing up for our March challenge group!  I hope you guys can join us in March.  We will be focusing on de-cluttering our lives and our drawers:)  We will begin a Spring Cleaning Challenge as well as cleaning out some bad habits from our lives.  I’m really excited about it!!!  Sign up TODAY!!! 
We will begin Monday, March 4th!!!

I’m really excited for the great news from some of my clients about what they got out of the “Sweetheart Challenge”!!!

“Thank you, Judy and group for a great month!!!! Although I didn’t make my weight goals for the month, I think I’m on track for a healthier walk in exercise and eating. I’m grateful for the posts from everyone it encouraged me to keep going. I’m also SO glad for Judy’s great workout posts!! I love these. I can do them from home on my own schedule and they reinvented the way I workout and It’s not a boring routine which makes me want to stop working out. I loved the sweetheart challenge and sad to see this stop. I know I need this reminder.” -Sweetheart Challenge Member
“I personally loved the “Sweetheart Challenge” and used the relational tools to help my marriage. Honestly, in the beginning, my husband and I were arguing and I didn’t want to follow the daily challenge. Yet, I did it anyway. It worked! It helped me to be grateful for my husband and reminded me of everything that he was doing right. I chose to express gratitude instead of the things I was mad about. I would not have even thought to do that on my own. I am grateful for the February Challenge. My husband said, “All I know is that I like that Challenge that you are doing!” Thank you for helping our marriage!” -Sweetheart Challenge Member



1) Wednesday- Upper Body Day





2) Food- Portion Control!


3. Mantra for the Day-  Don’t you Dare Give Up!!!
This month we have been focused on relationships. Whenever you have people, you will have problems.  If you are in a relationship and you’re in a difficult season, DON’T.GIVE.UP!!!  Sometimes, you just need to persevere through it. Fake it until you make it!  Action causes emotion!  Just discipline yourself to do what it right, even if you don’t want to.  Interestingly, you can apply this in your health journey.  You won’t always feel like working out, eating right, or planning your meals.  DON’T.GIVE.UP!!!  You will eventually get to a place where you will enjoy it.  Just like your relationship, you will get to a place of deep love.  The more you persevere, the deeper the trust and intimacy.  The problem is that we quit before we get to experience that.  Again, just like our health goals, we tend to give up before we can taste the victory.  Hang in there!!!  You can do this:))))



Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)))  XOXO!!!