Howdy Y’all!!!

My first post from Austin, Texas!

I just wanted to connect and say hello.  We’re gearing up for our June Detox program.  Sign up TODAY if you want to join us.  Reserve your spot here…  Whether you’re a newbie or a returning client, we would love to have you!

Well, it’s only been a few weeks since we uprooted our whole family and made a huge decision to move to Austin.  We LOVE it and we’re enjoying the new city.

I feel incredibly blessed to have already found a job at the most amazing gym in Austin!  Check it out!!!  They have their own lake and a rock climbing wall.  I remember praying to find a gym close to the Domain.  I didn’t even know if there was a gym in that area but for some reason, that’s what God put on my heart.  When I met with Shirley, the fitness manager, she told me we were right next to the Domain!!!  She had such great energy and everything that the gym believes in is in alignment with my core values.  Their number one goal is to respect and honor everyone. They believe in making their clients feel important and to provide a great experience!  I was SOLD!!!

Also, my first week here I met Rita Aceves who is an amazing Zumba instructor with a heart of gold!  I took her class and she asked me to teach a few songs.  We had a blast!!!  Not only is she a phenomenal instructor but she clearly has a heart for her students and it shows!  If you’re ever in Austin, you have to take her class!!!  “Like” her page here….

Just last night I had the honor to participate in a Zumbathon at the Twin Lakes YMCA and got to meet more amazing instructors!  We had a blast and we danced all night long!  (excuse the crazy eyes!) LOL!  All of these instructors are amazing and gave it their all.  I could barely keep up!!!

Lastly, I’ve had the honor to sub classes for Sabrina Barker Truscott who’s an amazing instructor and has the best students ever!  She has a back row reserved for 70 year olds and up!  They bring their A game and they are tough.  It’s so inspiring to see these guys take such good care of themselves.  I want to be like them when I grow up:)

So, I share all this because all of this is AMAZING and even in my wildest imagination, I would never have dreamt that this would be possible at such a short time.  I’m blown away and humbled that I get to do what I love for a living.  Even though I miss my clients in LA, they keep me going and remind me that they are the reason I get to do what I do.  If you ask me how I was able to accomplish all this in less than three weeks, the only answer is GOD!  Seriously, God has hooked up every meeting, every location, every situation in order for me to be able to serve people with the gifts he has given me.  That’s the only rational explanation cause I seriously haven’t even tried to look for work yet!  My schedule in June and July are already full, subbing for amazing instructors and meeting many new clients.  I do have to say that the Austin clientele is a little more reserved than the LA crowd.  We’re working on it.  I’ll have them hootin’ and hollering in no time!:)))  Thanks for listening and I’m just overjoyed with all the blessings.  Hope to see you in class soon!!!
Much Love,

Judy Thureson
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