Day 9 of April Challenge!

Day 9

Well, life is a whirlwind right now.  It’s going at lightning speed and I’m working hard to intentionally stay in the moment.  There are a lot of great things happening and there are also lots of great challenges that we didn’t see coming.  Life is like that right!?  We always want to get all our ducks in a row and for some reason, it just never lines up.  I used to get really anxious and worried about plans not working out my way.  Today, I will remember to breathe and count my blessings.  No one ever said things were going to work out perfectly.  All I know is that some how, some way, it will work out:)))

1) Upper Body Day- Are you ready to get those arms strong for the task!?  Don’t be afraid of weights.  Don’t worry, you won’t bulk up. It’s time for tank top arms and bikini weather is right around the corner.  What are you waiting for!?  If you have an exercise ball, use it!:))))


2) Mantra- You are Stronger than you Think!

Strength comes in many forms.  Sometimes you don’t realize how strong you are until you overcome some great hurdle.  Sometimes, you wonder if you could make it through a tough season of life, then when you do you’re stronger for it.  Don’t underestimate your strength, your determination, your perseverance, and your willingness to push through.  Initially, you won’t feel so strong.  You might even feel totally weak and useless.  Unbeknownst to you, people are watching you and are looking at your example.  It’s a high calling but it’s true.  You are strong and you will continue to get stronger as long as you don’t give up!

Please “like” us if you haven’t already:)))  I will host my next challenge group in June.  In the next couple of months, I will be moving and healing.  Thanks for your support, loyalty, and encouragement.  It means a lot!!!

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)))) XOXO!!!

Day 24 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 24

Happy Halloween!!!  I confess, last year I took my children’s candy away and instead of getting rid of it, I ate it!!!  I gained six pounds from Halloween to New Years!  Not this year!!!  I’m gonna stay strong, how about you!?!? Stick with me during this challenge and we will not be part of the statistics.  Did you know that the average American will gain seven pounds during this time of the year??? Getting rid of those extra pounds was a lot harder than I expected and so not worth it!!!  You are stronger and tougher than you think. You have come so far on this program and you are doing awesome. Don’t give in. Change your attitude and you change your course. Be strong and keep working hard!


1. Wednsday- Cardio for 30 minutes and 30 minutes of upper body strength training.


2. Food- Don’t look at this clean eating as a death sentence. Don’t look at people around you who are eating fries, cakes and cokes with those big puppy dog eyes and feel bad that you can’t have any. Look at this journey as a way of life and re-train your taste buds to enjoy real food. If it has a momma and it came from the earth then you can eat it. If it was made in a lab, you should be cautious. Real food is so much more satisfying and fulfilling. All the other frankenfoods might taste good initially but it will numb out your senses. Lets get back to real food shall we!?!?!



3. Mantra for the day:  There is power in visualization.
Are you using the power of visualization in your life?  In your quiet time take some time to visualize how you want your life to look.  Take some time to envision what it would be like to run after your kids at the park without being in pain or being winded.  How would it feel to be able to shop at certain stores and wear certain clothes?  If you can see it, you can achieve it.  Keep pictures up in a special place that motivate you.  Keep a pair of jeans or a dress that you want to fit into.  Strive everyday to move towards your goal.  There is also a powerful motivating tool to show you what you’re fighting against.  Look at this picture the next time you want to reach for that unhealthy option.  Bon apetit!!!

Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you☺

Day 24 of Spring Clean Challenge Part II

Day 24!

WOW!  I can’t believe how fast this session has flown by.  I really appreciate all of you that have participated in the program.  You guys are truly an inspiration to me and a great source of encouragement and joy to my life.  I’m blown away that I get to call what I do “work”!  I am really passionate about seeing you guys succeed and it’s such an honor to work with each and every one of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart:)))

1) Thursday- Yoga!  Take this day to stretch your body and connect.  Re-engage and take a moment to consider why you’re doing this.  What is your motivation?  What is your goal?  It’s good to take a moment to remind yourself the “why”.  I know when I first started out, my motives were strictly for vanity reasons.  I had no intention of being healthy.  I just wanted to look good!  It wasn’t until my body started to fall apart that I realized I had to get healthy.  Now, my motivation is to stay healthy and be an ambassador to help other people get on the right path.  I encourage you to take the time and reflect on your goals and dreams.  Believe that you can do it.  Know that we’re here to support you!  XOXO:)))


2) Food- Portion Distortion
This is a great visual for what true portion sizes are.  Be aware that restaurants will serve you huge portions.  Sometimes the portion size can serve four people!  Unless of course you’re at a French restaurant then you better eat before you go!:) LOL….


3) Mantra for the Day! -You are Stronger Today!!!
We are 24 days in and you are stronger now than when you first started.  Focus on all the things you can do now and how much you have accomplished.  Always think about how far you’ve come instead of how much further you need to go.  You are getting stronger everyday as long as you don’t give up!!!


Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!! XOXO:)))