Day 5 of 60 Day Challenge!!!

Day 5!

Confession time…Hi my name is Judy Thureson and I’m a sugar addict! The first step of recovery is being honest and acknowledging that you have a problem.  I am a fitness and lifestyle coach and it’s so disheartening to admit that I cannot control my sugar addiction.  I’ll do ok for a while but then I relapse like a crack addict on skid row! No joke! I remember last Halloween, I gave my kids a portion of their candy and confiscated the rest. I hid it, (I should have thrown it away) and then I ate it!!!! All of it! I started doing online coaching in January and went through several detoxes.  I was doing so much better and had self control.  Well, about a month ago, my doctor suggested I get off gluten completely and then had a number of health issues that just depressed me.  I started to eat more sugar because I felt like since I wasn’t eating gluten, then I deserved sugar.  Then it became more of a rebellion.  I was mad that I couldn’t eat gluten so I self sabotaged my success by eating more sugar.  I know it’s crazy and doesn’t make sense but I’m just being open.  Last week, we had friends over for dinner and they brought over a whole bunch of cakes and yummy goodness! Well since I was gluten free, I couldn’t really have any.  Again, I was mad so when no one was watching, I ate all the frosting off six cup cakes and the cheesecake without the crust! Don’t judge me!!!:))). There’s a difference between having a treat that you can enjoy and being completely out of control and not being able to stop.  As I write this I am in tears because I hate to be weak.  How can I help women be healthy and live healthy lives when I can’t even do it?  Well, if I can just help one person get honest and deal with this in their life then that is so much more rewarding than helping someone get to their ideal weight but still battling and struggling inside. Mind you, I had just reached a huge milestone with getting to my goal weight and once again, I self sabotage. This journey is so much more than just weight loss.  It’s about dealing with what’s inside.  So I had to humble myself and get help.  My partner on the 60 day challenge is an amazing nutritionist and she advised me to go cold turkey for 2 weeks.  Michelle is a tough cookie and I know she will hold me accountable as well as all my Facebook friends cause I put it up there too.  So, I’m going through a process, I’m going to dig deep stay committed to dealing with this issue. I’m grateful that I can be honest and get help.  If you are struggling with this, know that you are not alone.  Some people call sugar the legal cocaine.  There are many books I need to read on the subject.  Suicide by Sugar being one of them.  I’m done with day 1 and have 13 more to go:) join me on this journey.

Let’s do it together.  I love you guys and I’m rooting for you!



1) Whew!!!  OK…now that I got all that off my chest, today is your workout day with your loved ones!  Take the time to do activities with people that you love and enjoy the outdoors together.  Have fun and let us know what you guys did.  I will be going to yoga with a friend then hopefully a bike ride with the family.


2) Mantra of the Day- Be Honest

Love you and thanks for listening!  Join me on my sugar fast:)))  Follow us at Bootcamp barre.  We would love to hear from you.  Let’s encourage each other:))))

Day 28 of Spring Clean Challenge Part II

Day 28!

It’s Monday and we are ready to start the next session.  It’s been such an honor and a privilege to be working with such determined, courageous, beautiful people.  You guys inspire me so much and I am so blown away by your dedication and faith to live a healthy lifestyle.  It’s not easy and you guys fight through the bad days.  Thank you for being my heroes and for being such a great example to so many others.  Your life is making a difference just by your example.  You are a role model whether you want to be or not.  Keep it up!!!  Be an ambassador for health and fitness with your own communities and let’s be aware and educated to the dangers of poor nutrition and lack of exercise.  Keep persevering and keep shining!!!


1) Monday- Lower Body and Booty Day!




2) Sugar is from the DEVIL!!!!  Just say “NO”!!!

I admit, I have a sugar addiction.  The more I have it, the more I want it.  In order to overcome, you must educate yourself.  Knowledge is power.  If you’re having too much sugar, definitely cut it out and detox from it.  Check out this chart!


3) Mantra for the Day! -Blueprint for Life!  Just print this and read it everyday:)))


Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!  XOXO:))))