“I Hate Yoga”

I Hate Yoga!

Yes you read that correctly. We live in a culture where we are conditioned to LOVE everything and if something is hard, we just move on and do something else that makes us feel good. Instead of dealing with conflicts or challenges, we just delete and un-friend people from our lives.

In relationships, we easily discard the ones that have issues.  Just look at the divorce rate. When it’s hard, just give up. That is what our culture is teaching us. There are many options and it’s easier to quit and do something that will make us feel good. When I have a tough yoga class, (and I often do) I want to quit! I can easily do other types of workouts, Pilates, barre, dance, tai chi, cross fit, zumba, etc…when something doesn’t work out, there’s always something else.


In my yoga class this week, about twelve minutes in, I was done! I was challenged and I wanted to leave. In my mind, I was battling. “What am I doing here? I hate this!” I have a love/hate relationship with yoga. Although in the moment, I hate it, I love who I’ve become in the process. Yoga teaches me surrender, patience, self love, non judgement, how to overcome fear, perseverance, self acceptance, all in about seven breaths. All of 30 seconds! In the moment that I was ready to bolt out of class, I learned how to persevere through the tough pose. Before you know it, we were back in child’s pose. Ahhhhh…


I confess, I want to be good at everything. I don’t like not being good at something. You can’t fake yoga, you either have the pose or you don’t. The frustrating part is that one day you may have the pose perfectly and the next time you do it, you’re falling all over the place. Yoga keeps me on my toes:) but isn’t that real life? You have victories and successes one day and then you fail miserably the next day, sometimes in the same hour! The lesson is how to fail gracefully. How to breathe through the rough moments of life. How do we respond when the going gets tough. I know it sounds trivial that I’m learning these important life lessons from yoga but this is a place where I know I will learn some of these important tools even if it’s just for one hour a week.  It’s one thing to know it in my mind and mentally understand it, it’s a whole other ball game when you can physically experience it in your practice.


Persevering through the pose doesn’t guarantee that I’ll get the pose perfectly next time. That’s why it’s called yoga practice, not yoga perfect:) That’s not the goal. For me, the goal is who I am becoming during that pose. How was I mentally, emotionally, spiritually? The physical practice is not the point.  The physical accomplishment is just a by-product of the practice.


So as you go about your day today, be mindful. What do you hate? What do you do during those moments? Whether it’s traffic, an unpleasant work environment, family drama, teenagers, tumultuous relationships, unemployment, financial problems, etc… How do you get through these moments? Do you drink to “take the edge off”, do you go off and unleash your anger, do you give in and overindulge in food or other substances, do you just check out and give up, play on your smart phone or computer? No matter what your default is, fight to stay present. Feel the emotions, breathe through it. This too shall pass. Let the moment teach you something, otherwise, it will keep coming back until you learn it.  That is the TRUTH!


Let us embody what surrender and peace looks like. Enjoy the process my friends. Persevere through the tough moments in life and love who you become because of it!

Day 4 of 21 Day Challenge

Day 4

Power of intention- mindfulness, bring present…daily acceptance.
It’s not going to be pretty and perfect everyday. What is your focus?

Yoga was a great tool for me. It taught me how to be in my body. In yoga, it’s impossible to check out. You have to be fully present or you won’t be able to do it. Yoga gave me a physical example of what being present and mindful looks like. I was able to practice that on and off the mat. It’s a gift! I remember doing yoga after my third child. I did it strictly for vanity reasons. I was trying to get rid of the last of the baby weight and I tried everything! The first three years of practicing yoga, I hated it!!! After every half moon, standing split, and warrior three I vowed never to come back. For some reason, I kept on showing up. I remember one class while I was in savasana, I laid there and tears just started flowing out of my eyes. I had finally surrendered and yoga won! I had to physically feel what surrender felt like. It was freeing. I still don’t practice yoga as much as I would like, but it definitely has changed my life!  I’m a work in progress.

Today, accept where you’re at. Embrace it. Stop fighting it. Surrender. It will free you. Don’t be afraid.

****try this yoga video. Fight to stay present and connected. Tell me about it. Commit to trying out yoga for the remainder of the challenge even if you can just do it for a few minutes a day.

Food Today:
Breakfast- banana and almonds, banana lara bar
Lunch- baked sweet potato with coconut oil and sea salt
Dinner- Black bean tacos with homemade gucamole
snacks- hummus, carrots, apple, berries,
Drinking more water:)))  Starting to crave it more.  It’s super cold in Austin and I really miss having hot tea or hot chocolate:(((

I taught two classes today and had a great workout.

So far, I’m feeling great!  I feel like my spirit is lighter, almost like I’m floating:)  I received some very bad news today and I had a lot of faith and peace about it.  I’m not going to over analyze why I’m having a good day, I’ll just take it and enjoy it:)

Much Love,


Day 22 of Spring Clean Challenge!

Day 22

Well, I went to the Doctor and sadly I had a miscarriage over the weekend.  We were not very far along.  Initially, we thought we were already at 12 weeks but the ultrasound only showed 6 weeks.  I’m grateful that I didn’t experience a lot of pain.  I’m doing well and getting my energy back.  Thank you for all the well wishes and enthusiasm for my pregnancy.  Unfortunately, it’s not meant to be right now.  I have never had a miscarriage and it definitely helps me to have more compassion on others.  I’m thankful to be surrounded by such amazing friends and family.  I feel very blessed.



1.  Tuesday- Cardio day.  Go for a walk, run, hike, bike ride, swim, dance class, etc….
Whatever you end up doing, just move that booty!!!:))))



2.  Food- Clean Eating List!
I’m happy to report that kangaroo is on the list! LOL:)))  This list must be from Australia:)



3. Mantra for the day:  Surrender
Surrender and faith go hand in hand.  Being a Christian, it’s a given that I want God’s will for my life.  I’ve been living my life by faith.  The kind of faith that makes my knees shake and puts knots in my belly.  I love to conquer my fears and do crazy things that I would never do.  Now, my prayers have been, “God let me walk through every door you want me to walk through and close every door that I’m not supposed to walk through.”  Walking indicates ACTION!  I will keep moving until the door shuts.  Then I will move again in another direction until it’s clear that I need to go another way.  It has been such an amazing ride.  It gives me such security and I don’t have to second guess myself because I truly trust that God is leading my life.  So, even with going through a devastating miscarriage, I truly feel surrendered to God’s will and I feel a lot of peace.  I think it’s a blessing to be able to relate and comfort another person who has gone through the same experience.  I know I’ve been comforted by people who have wished me well and have been through it too.  Surrender is a beautiful thing.  It totally takes the pressure off of trying to be in control of everything.  I did that for a long time and believe me, I do not want to go back to that!  Thanks for letting me vent.  I think it helps to just get it out.  I’m feeling good physically.  Maybe it will hit me later but I’m not sad.  I’m resolved that this is how it’s supposed to be.  I will focus on what I do have and that’s a loving, amazing, encouraging, supportive, husband and three healthy, vibrant, funny, smart, loving kids.  I am surrounded by people who love me.  I am truly blessed.  I am humbled and amazed by the blessings.  Thank you:))))



Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!  XOXO:)))




Day 89 & 90 of CHALLENGE!!!!

We did it!!!  We completed the 90 Day Challenge!  How did you do?  What did you learn?  What worked?  What didn’t work?  I hope you got some new tools and convictions about your healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes we have this regret of what we could’ve, should’ve, would’ve done differently in the last 90 days.  We can get discouraged because we are not where we think we’re supposed to be.  If you focus on what didn’t happen, you will go backwards and continue to spiral down.  If you focus on what new habits you formed, the victories you experienced, the food that doesn’t tempt you as much, the clothes that fit differently, etc…you will get more of what you focus on.  What you put your focus on will flourish.  Make sure you’re focused on the right things:)


I thoroughly enjoyed being with you in the last 90 days.  I have definitely seen the biggest growth in my healthy lifestyle in the last 90 days.  I think it finally happened when I truly surrendered.  I decided I was going to do this because I want to be healthy, I want to be around for my kids, I want to feel great, I no longer wanted to be a slave to my emotional eating, my negative thoughts, I was going to live this way unconditionally regardless of the results.  When I no longer cared about what the scale said, and stopped obsessing about calories, the pounds melted off and I totally exceeded my expectation of weight loss. Of course the temptation of self sabotage crept in and at times won.  Like when I ate all those brownies and ice cream:)))  See, it’s not about perfection.  It’s about balance.  It’s about being forgiving when you blow it and starting over.  I get it.  I’m living it and I’m so excited about helping as many people as possible stop the crazy cycle and enjoy the journey.

If you’ve been following us, thank you for your participation and encouragement.  We are going to move on to our January Detox Challenge group that is going to take us to another level.  I want to encourage you to keep going with the program.  We are not meant to do this alone.  We need each other for support and encouragement.


Love you guys and see you Monday 1/7/13!!!  It’s not too late to register. Click here!



Judy Thureson

Day 50 of 90 Day Challenge!

Day 50

I’m still struggling with a severe allergic reaction that appeared on Friday morning.  I didn’t think anything of it but it hasn’t gotten better and I’m still not feeling 100%.  I’m frustrated because I am doing all the right things, eating well, juicing, exercising and I feel like this is a great challenge to surrender and trust.  I am bummed about not working out because I was really on a roll and getting so strong.  Then I remembered what I always tell you guys, “This is a marathon, not a sprint!”  So, I will wait patiently and get to working out when I’m able.  Thanks for the support:)))


1.  Monday- Just because I can’t work out doesn’t mean you can’t:) Stretch and do 30 min of solid cardio and lower body work. I expect you to push yourself hard today.  I want sweat & tears!!!  DO IT:))) Beast mode needs to be ON!!! :)


2.  Food- Super food of the day!!!  Kale!!!
I put kale in my smoothies every morning.  Kale is amazing with salads and pasta.  Try baking it in the oven and make kale chips.  Here’s some recipes…enjoy!  Don’t be scared, it’s really good!!!  Read here for the amazing benefits of kale…..Why kale is good for you!



3. Mantra for the day:  Surrender
This is my mantra today.  No matter where you’re at in life, this is always a great lesson.  Here I am totally helping people get fit and healthy and I have all these health issues!  I’m so frustrated.  I have to remember that I’m not in control of my own body.  Things will happen totally beyond my control and I have to learn how to surrender.  It’s not easy but it’s a great life lesson.  How are you doing with your surrender today? 



Have a beautiful day! I love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)


Day 3 of 60 Day Challenge!

Day 3!

Some of you are finishing your three day detox today.  Congratulations!  It takes a lot of will power to stay away from foods that are so readily available to us.  Mindless eating is a terrible habit and when we are not fully engaged and connected, it’s so easy to do.  I’m guilty of it and I’m trying real hard to be more conscious.  Keep it up.  We are just beginning!!!

1) Thursday- Yoga day.  It’s great to do yoga at least once a week.  I know some of you really dislike yoga.  It’s OK.  Make a decision to discipline your mind, body and spirit.  Yoga is one of those workouts that will grow on you.  I hated yoga for three years before I began to fall in love with it:)  Every class I attended I would murmur under my breath that that was the last yoga class I was ever going to take!!!  Then one day, something just clicked.  I was actually in shavasana (dead man’s pose) at the very end of class and tears just started streaming down my face.  It’s as if I surrendered and stopped fighting.  If you know me, that’s hard to comprehend because I’m a tough cookie!  I can’t really explain it but I knew that after that class, yoga was going to be a huge part of my life.  There are many lessons yoga has taught me.  Even if you hate it, try it and focus on letting yoga teach you something.  You might surprise yourself:)))


2) Mantra for the Day! -SURRENDER

I LOVE this because it truly illustrates that in order to surrender, it requires change.  Change is scary sometimes.  We can get very comfortable in our skin, our lives, our schedules, relationships, etc.  But if we truly desire to change, we need to do something different.  We have to give up what we’ve been doing and do something completely different.  I appreciate all of you on the 60 Day Challenge because you are allowing yourself to be coached to do things that are not comfortable.  You are eating differently, exercising, trying new foods and recipes.  You will see changes if you continue to surrender.  I want you to surrender your mind set today.  Go back to the basics and start over like you don’t know anything.  The more we think we know, the less we can learn.  Let’s open our hearts and our minds and be humble to try and learn new things.  I’m looking forward to seeing your journey unfold right before your eyes.  It won’t be easy but we’re here for you to remind you that it will be worth it!!!


Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!  XOXO!

Day 18 of Spring Clean Challenge!!!

Day 18!

Wow guys!  We are here at the midpoint.  We are going to weigh in today and I know that may bring up feelings of trepidation.  Some of you are elated because you have been weighing in everyday and you can’t wait to shout from the rooftops how much weight you have lost.  No matter what end of the spectrum you are in, remember that YOU are not a number.  The number does not define you.  Be happy no matter what:)))


















1.  Thursday- Stretch and do 1 hour of yoga today.  Enjoy and breathe…. There will be a few videos uploaded to our exclusive page.






2.  Food- OK..So I just wanted to remind you guys that losing one pound is a huge accomplishment.  When you eat clean and workout consistently, you will see results.  It’s not magic.  It’s work.  You have to be willing to make the sacrifices to see the results.  Go on to myfitnesspal.com and enter your meals.  You will be amazed at how much it all adds up when we graze all day.  So if you’re serious, then you have to be disciplined.  If not, then you will continue to get the same results by doing the same things.  It’s up to you!  You have the power to change it if you really want it!











This is FIVE pounds of fat!!!  WOW!  I want to know how many of these we have lost as a group!!!  I can’t wait to find out:)))




3.  Mantra of the Day:  Surrender
One of the biggest lessons I learned practicing yoga is that you have to surrender.  When you are doing poses you cannot do, you are forced to surrender.  You cannot cheat or muscle your way into a pose.  You either have it or you don’t.  The beautiful thing is that you have to accept it and surrender.  No matter where you are today, accept it and surrender.  The more you fight it, the harder it is.  I know that a lot of us are going to have feelings today after our weigh in.  Remember that there are other measures of growth and strength other than the scale.  If you are growing in your self love, acceptance, patience, and determination then that is GROWTH and more AWESOME than any number on the scale:)))  Believe it!









We’re not in a hurry.  It’s a marathon not a sprint!!!

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)))