Day 27 & 28 of January Detox Challenge!!!!

Day 27 & 28

WE DID IT!!!  Can you believe we’re done!?  I have to say that this was one of the most successful detox groups I’ve ever hosted.  I’m so proud of you guys and how you really went after juicing, giving up processed food, and staying active.  Thank you for giving me the honor of sharing in this journey with you.  You guys inspire me, encourage me, and help me to stay on track!  If you’re ready to go to the next level in your fitness level, then it’s not too late to join February’s “Sweetheart Challenge” group!  We will begin Monday, Feb. 4th!

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1) Saturday-Enjoy an activity today.  Whatever it is, have fun and explore new things!

Sunday-Rest Day.  Be sure to let your body recuperate:)



2) Food- Super bowl Sunday!!!
The best way to ensure that you will have a healthy treat at your party is to bring one:)  This is what I’m bringing:)))
It’s just mixed fruit with a vanilla yogurt topping!!!  Yummmmm:))))


3) Mantra for the Day- Discipline
The key to success is discipline.  It’s what you do everyday that counts.  Everyday won’t be perfect but you have the opportunity to make the best choice every time.  Tonight I was at a restaurant with friends and I didn’t have any good choices.  Everything was either gluten laden or fried.  I waited and made a juice when I got home.  I would have NEVER done that before.  Because of the daily discipline, I knew that my choices would have consequences. I’ve already been there, done that!  The more you put in “good” food, the more your body will crave it.  Believe me, I WANTED those fries so badly tonight!  I knew I would have to pay the price with how I felt the next day.  The price is too high for me now.  I can’t afford to feel lethargic, bloated, sick, and tired.  So, if I can do it, you can too!  Take it day by day.


Love you guys and I’m rooting for you:)  XOXO!


Day 24 of Spring Clean Challenge Part II

Day 24!

WOW!  I can’t believe how fast this session has flown by.  I really appreciate all of you that have participated in the program.  You guys are truly an inspiration to me and a great source of encouragement and joy to my life.  I’m blown away that I get to call what I do “work”!  I am really passionate about seeing you guys succeed and it’s such an honor to work with each and every one of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart:)))

1) Thursday- Yoga!  Take this day to stretch your body and connect.  Re-engage and take a moment to consider why you’re doing this.  What is your motivation?  What is your goal?  It’s good to take a moment to remind yourself the “why”.  I know when I first started out, my motives were strictly for vanity reasons.  I had no intention of being healthy.  I just wanted to look good!  It wasn’t until my body started to fall apart that I realized I had to get healthy.  Now, my motivation is to stay healthy and be an ambassador to help other people get on the right path.  I encourage you to take the time and reflect on your goals and dreams.  Believe that you can do it.  Know that we’re here to support you!  XOXO:)))


2) Food- Portion Distortion
This is a great visual for what true portion sizes are.  Be aware that restaurants will serve you huge portions.  Sometimes the portion size can serve four people!  Unless of course you’re at a French restaurant then you better eat before you go!:) LOL….


3) Mantra for the Day! -You are Stronger Today!!!
We are 24 days in and you are stronger now than when you first started.  Focus on all the things you can do now and how much you have accomplished.  Always think about how far you’ve come instead of how much further you need to go.  You are getting stronger everyday as long as you don’t give up!!!


Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!! XOXO:)))