Day 14 of 30 Day Challenge!!!

Day 14!

I hope you are doing well and staying in the program.  Please let me know if you need help or need support.  I’m so encouraged by all the great news and victories.  I am so honored and humbled to be a part of this journey with you.  Thank you for being so open and vulnerable and letting me be a part of it.


1) Yoga Day! -Try out some new yoga moves today.  Try to hold the pose a little longer.  Engage your whole body and be mindful.  Train your mind to be present.  When your mind starts to wander and you start checking your mental to do list, bring it back in with the breath and keep breathing.  Even if yoga is not your thing, try it for at least fifteen minutes and add a little more each time.  Yoga helps with your strength and flexibility as well as your mental discipline.  Enjoy:)



2) Yummy Recipe of the Day!!! -White House Salad for “The Biggest Loser”

head of fresh lettuce
1/3 cup olive oil (for dressing)
1 cucumber
4 tbsp lemon juice (for dressing)
2 fresh in-season tomatoes
1 tsp honey (for dressing)
1/4 red onion salt and pepper
1 bunch fresh basil

This is a great dish to bring to a party or summer gathering:)))  Enjoy!!!


3) Mantra for the Day- It’s Up to You!

Love you guys and I’m rooting for you!!!  XOXO:)))