“I appreciated the honesty, safe place of no judgement, and just finding peace and calmness.  I learned tools on how to be vulnerable and dig deep with God and myself.”
Hailey-Journey to Wholeness Participant

“The ability to have a “safe” place to share my deepest fears.  I can now see the things that hindered me from being vulnerable.”
Anette-Journey to Wholeness Participant

“I really loved our breakout sessions.  I got to connect and share with others and I felt heard.”
Aisha-Journey to Wholeness Participant

“I really felt like I could be open, free, no judgement.  I really enjoyed the yoga portion and the guided meditation.”
Kelly-Journey to Wholeness Participant

“For myself, I really enjoyed getting to know all these ladies and talk in our most raw state.  I liked the guided questions and being able to be completely honest.”
Nickey-Journey to Wholeness Participant

“I was really impressed by Judy’s example of vulnerability and listening to people in the group and answer questions.  Everything was great through the lessons, food, positive atmosphere, etc.”
Paula-Journey to Wholeness Participant

“Amazing workshop. Judy created a safe and loving environment and we all got to dig deep into our hearts and see what stops us from living an Audacious Life. Doing yoga for the last portion was so incredible- a true mind, body and soul experience! Thank you Judy, great job!”
Vicki H.


“Last night at my exercise class, I held myself in plank position for 90 seconds! I am shocked, because I never thought I would be strong enough to do that! THANK YOU JUDY for helping me grow, change and get fit!! I get it now, it’s not about the numbers on the scale, but the changes in our bodies.” M.A. Transformation Member


“I’ve been so grateful for Judy and all that she’s done to transform me not only physically but spiritually over the years. I have never lost more than 5 pounds in a 30-day period until now (Although I did lose 10 pounds last year over 6 months, again thanks to Judy’s bootcamp…) I just didn’t think I had the will power to do it. Thanks to her daily emails, encouragement, the GOALS group, recipes, menus, bootcamp, workout videos when I couldn’t make it to bootcamp, I did it! This program has given me the motivation to start eating healthy again. I’ve eaten more fruit and veggies in the last month than I had in the last 4 before that! Because I don’t eat much meat to begin with, I didn’t think I could ever lessen the amount of bread and rice that I was eating, but now, I’m thinking that being gluten-free isn’t as impossible as I thought it would be. I’ve eliminated my daily Starbucks habit, which my husband is so grateful for! Although everything is not perfect, I can honestly say that I’m on the right track and will continue to practice all that I’ve learned in the program.” -J.E. Transformation Member


“I just wanted to check in with you to first of all thank you so much for inspiring me to change my eating and health.  I went to the doctor on Monday and in the last 45 days, I’ve lost a total of 15 pounds.  AND that is amazing!!! But aside from that I’m feeling so much better.  THANK YOU!!!!” -B.E. Transformation Member


“I have lost 15 pounds in the past 45 days, mostly in my belly. I am wearing jeans I haven’t worn since pre-baby and because of all the food changes and finally adding exercise, I have more energy than drinking all the coffee I was drinking!! I had gotten so use to not looking at my body (because it was easier to not look and not weigh than to “deal”) that I had forgotten I had a 15 year old tattoo on my lower belly…I literally could not see it before I started my new health journey. WOW! Having had 3 BIG babies my belly was super stretched out, BUT, it’s beautiful to me!! Thanks for all the encouragement and support! Thanks Judy, for all the awesome food and exercise ideas that have been so practical, doable and yummy! Thanks to God for helping me go to YOU and not to food. To Him be the glory! Love you all!”-
M.G. -Transformation Member

“Wow!….thank you. I have been feeling this for so long. I have been so judged and disliked because I have always been thin but the fact is that just because I am thin doesn’t mean I am healthy. I have never been healthy! Comments, looks, among other things have scared me so much when it comes to my body. I was hoping that by signing up for this I would gain an understanding of myself like never before…I have! Can’t wait to see what it looks like at the end.  Beyond the weight I gain or loose, inches here and there the weight I will have dropped from my heart will be huge! Thank you for caring!” – M.Q. Transformation Member

“Day 41…9.4 lbs lighter…12 inches gone! Thank ya! Thank ya! Thank ya! I have to say that although I am happy with the inches and pounds lost, I am more thrilled with the way I feel. Judy…girls…you inspire me!” -D.D. Transformation Member


“Judy is amazing! The Bootcamp Barre-40 Day Transformation Series was so much more than just a diet!  I learned how to change my body for life: I eat more consciously now and I try to work out everyday. Judy gave me inspiration to keep going; and with her support and the support from community that she created, I was able to really improve the quality of my life. Thank you Judy!!”  Michelle H.- Transformation Member


“Bootcamp Barre helped me enormously; totally changed my body, strengthened me, helped me lose tons of inches ( 29 inches!) and a lot of weight! After 10 months of no bootcamp I feel like I’ll be starting almost completely over, but I am SO looking forward to it!”
– Robin Noll Bootcamp Barre devotee


“Here is where this amazing journey has led me… I have gone from a size 26(almost 28) to a size 22(almost 20)… starting weight 262lbs to as of this morning 250lbs!! and a total loss of inches all over of 15 inches since I started this journey. I’m so sad to see this end but I will be back in 10 days!! I have learned a lot about portion control and accountability, and as a recovering addict that is a big one for me! Thanks for always letting me honest and share without judgement! I love you all!! Goooooo GOALs!!!! (Group of Amazing Ladies)” C.M. Transformation Member


“I lost 4 pounds and almost 5 inches all around.  More than anything, doing this for 40 days has built in me great habits. I can say that I have learned to be healthy and care for my body much more than ever. I am worth the time and effort…..thank you Judy and good luck to all of you. It has been inspiring to see you all go through a journey of transformation….” M.Q. -Transformation Member


“I’m doing my Happy Dance….12 lbs, 15 inches!! Wow…what an amazing journey this has been…but it’s only the beginning. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be successful doing this, so I’m amazed! My ultimate goals is to be at peace physically ( finding my healthy weight), emotionally (dealing with my choices & triggers) and spiritually. To think that I’ve consistently exercised/been active 6x in a week is mind-boggling to me:) Thank you GOALS (Group of awesome Ladies)  for sharing your daily successes and struggles, everything you’ve shared has helped me personally:) Mega THANKS to Judy for her daily encouragement, inspiration and practical tips. Every day it’s helped me!”  T.H. Transformation Member

“I did reach my goal which was to lose 5 lbs so I’m at 128! I am almost at my high school weight and that’s saying a lot! Hahaha! I am thankful and grateful for this program cause it really has helped me stay the course especially after the holidays. As Judy says, it’s a marathon, not a sprint and my take away from this program is exactly that! There are no short cuts. If you want results, you gotta want it and stick with it. And if you fall, it’s okay! Get right back up and dust yourself off cause you know, we all fall whether we like it or not. May it be accidental or on purpose and when we do, it’s our choice to either cry about it or do something about it! And you know what? I chose to do something about it! Thank you to all of you, GOAL!!!!” K.S. Transformation Member

“Judy as usual I have tears in my eyes reading your post. My sister and I are constantly talking about how much you’ve helped to change our lives. I am so excited to hear how my sister has found energy that she hasn’t had in years!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time, determination and willingness to help us out. I am torturing myself because I have had the flu this week and no energy to make it on the treadmill. BUT, I feel like I have made lasting changes over the last 40 days. I drive through a drive thru at least once a week and that has stopped, except for plain coffee and oatmeal from Starbucks…. I can go on and on, but all I really want to say is THANK YOU!!!” J.C. Transformation Member


“Judy weighed and measured me today for the first time since we started the challenge: lost 8 lbs! Woo hoo! Couldn’t believe my eyes!!! But I just can’t believe I’m in the 140′s again!!! Lost 4.5 inches in the hips! Amazing. I’m so grateful! Love you ladies!”-K.T.

“I’m celebrating my tiniest victories and well I have NEVER had much of a neck and this is my neck now!! I’m so emotional over the fact that I can see I have a neck! “–C.M.

“I was nervous to exercise because I injured my back & had excruciating sciatic issues for months. Thought it was much better by the time I started class it still was painful & I was afraid of re-injury. Within one month of bi-weekly classes my leg, ankle & back improved about 90%! I no longer had to constantly rotate my ankle for relief & I could do the work out (& life) without the pain I had fel…t in my butt, leg & ankle for over 6 months. Judy was very conscientious about my injury & always gave me modifications. She is very encouraging & kindly relentless as a trainer. I also lost an inch off of my arms & legs after the first month. So grateful for her & Jeanette C too! Sooooo worth the time & $ to feel this good.” – Trina Goodwin


“Judy worked me so well that when I saw a picture from my brother’s wedding of a woman’s back I thought, ‘Wow, what a really fit, toned back’. Then I realized it was mine! Thanks Judy!”- Jen Preuss Hesby Bootcamper!!

“My son is getting married this summer and the thought of pictures scared me to death, so I decided to take Judy’s class. I am addicted! I look back and remember how hard it was for me during those first few classes.  Now I am stronger, trimmer,and fitting into sizes that put a smile on my face and my husband’s as well!  I am so amazed at myself.  I didn’t even know I had a core!!! I can’t imagine life without Judy.  I am so inspired by her classes.  She is so helpful and patient.  This 55 year old feels like a new woman!”
Annette- Bootcamper from Hesby!

“Judy is fantastic! I have been a dancer and cheerleader most of my life and consider myself to be in pretty good shape. However, Judy’s class has managed to transform my body completely in ways I never expected. Her teaching style is always exciting, informative, and interactive with each move targeting multiple areas of the body. I have taken all sorts of workout classes at the gym, but nothing compares to bootcamp barre. Judy teaches a butt kickin’ class with a smile on her face. She is positive, motivating, energetic, caring, and insightful. I look forward to our afternoon workouts knowing that I will leave her class re-energized and feeling an overall boost physically and emotionally.” Kati -Hesby Bootcamper

“ I’m a 45 year old mom of 3 and was never looking for a workout. But I was lucky enough to meet Judy and a wonderful group of women!! I go to class without fail and make it part of the schedule of my day. Being the mom of 3 girls can really take its toll and the kick butt work out that Judy plans for us is so healthy mentally, physically and spiritually! I see a slow but steady transformation of my body. I am getting stronger and leaner as well as toned at a steady rate. I have really bad knees and with Judy’s patience and knowledge, I can modify exercises so that I still get the work out with out injury. Not to mention that so many of the isolated muscles exercises we do are ones my orthopedist recommended for my knees!! Just when our muscles get used to our routine, Judy has new exercises and circuits to whip us into shape!! Thank you Judy for everything you are doing to transform me and the ladies!!”  Helaine- Devoted Bootcamper

“Judy, we LOVE you at Hesby!! Knowing you’re going to “kick our booty” after school motivates me through the day! You always have such a positive demeanor & a great smile; it makes the pain seem almost fun. You help us to decompress at the end of a long day & I’m having a blast working out with friends!! This may be the 1st time in 16 years that I actually put on a bikini!”

Kathie Elementary teacher, Bootcamp devotee


“I was not looking for a workout class when I started with Judy. I didn’t think I needed one. That was well over a year ago now and I haven’t looked back. Aside from being one of the most caring, generous person I know, she’s hands down the best fitness teacher I have ever had. Her classes are filled with her infectious warmth and openness and she somehow manages to get the most out of us with a positive attitude and gentle encouragement. Always conceiving of new ways to challenge us, she often adds new goals and new aspects to our workouts. She has even been known to throw in Salsa Dancing!! I’m never bored. Sore, for sure, but never bored! I’m in better shape and have more stamina at 40 (with two small children!) than I had 10 years ago. Her classes have become a staple by which I start my days. I’m amazed to say that the tummy flab I was hiding is gone. I’m ready to toss the one-piece for a bikini this summer!” Shanon -Bikini Mom!

Bootcamp Barre Yoga is the best way to start my day. Judy has not only helped kick my ex-professional dancer body back into shape but more than that she has helped me balance my life and find peace. Her class has really helped me be more …in the moment no matter what I’m doing. Whether its time with my daughter, work, or play her class has really taught me how to be in that moment. I am forever grateful for all that I receive being in her class with an exceptional group of woman and sometimes men. She helps me push myself to my personal edge and I see the results both physically and mentally.”
Anacia -Owner Degas Dance Studio – Director ACFCLA


Bootcamp Barre workouts are amazing! Judy has helped so many of us transform our bodies and nurture our spirits. Being the mom of 4 kids, I need my days with Judy!!! She has a natural inspiring way of pushing me to reach my goals and reminding me that it is important to carve out a portion of the day just for me. Love you Judy!”
Wendy-Mother of 4!

“I was diagnosed with bursitis in my left knee in the winter of 2010 and was living in constant pain w/a ballooned-up knee and was told that staying active and exercise was really the only treatment. I started Judy’s Barre class, as well as her Bootcamp and have honestly never looked back!!!! I feel like I was given a new knee (not to mention a more-toned booty:) and couldn’t be happier. When I miss classes, my body and spirit are deprived! Judy has created not only an amazing workout-regimen (with weigh-INS and dietary advice) but a wonderfully supportive, creative and FUN atmosphere for all of her students.”
Gretchen -Coolest, Hippest, Librarian in Town!

There are many reasons why I believe Judy Thureson is a phenomenal instructor… her passion to motivate being at the top of the list, the genuine sincerity and love of what she does for herself, and others, the integrity she displays is so encouraging, and especially the variety of exercises and movements excites me given the fact that predictability can get old real quick. She has aided me in committing once again to a “fitness and strength” program mainly for body and mind, and for that, I thank her. Gratefully, JP” Jacki Piper

Judy’s Barre class has rapidly become a favorite class of mine due to the exercises, the quick results and the energy of the class. This is a mix of Pilates, Yoga and Dance ( ballet ). Last year I had an 8mm ruptured disc in my SL6 area and was nervous to work out again. I was told to work on my core so the chances of this happening again would be reduced. I tried a million different things and it wasn’t until I took this class that I found hope. My core is getting stronger and my lower back is healing. I am able to do things I never thought I would be able to do again! This class has given me a second chance!! I thank the Inspirational Judy and the great exercises that we do in class for making me feel energetic again. THANK YOU!!!!!! and give me ten more….” -Melissa -Children’s Book Author

” Judy has a way of kicking my butt but making me smile and laugh the whole class through. I’ve never been to a class quite like hers – the hour flies by, the music is great, and I leave feeling completely worked out from head to toe. Also, Judy has a knack for getting to muscles that you normally don’t target, which means that her workout nicely rounds out whatever else you do to keep fit – running, swimming, weights, etc. She has great taste in music, I love her creativity and she always keeps things new and exciting! “  Sierra -Actress -Barre Client

I especially planned a trip to LA to take this Bootcamp Barre at Degas Studios and it was an amazing experience. I kept hearing about it from friends and family and I had to take the challenge The teacher was thorough and fun and explained each exercise and what it does to your body. I loved the music she played and it was a welcoming atmosphere. The next day was pain but the following day the worst and the best cause that means I got the workout I was looking for. keep up the great work. When I’m in LA, I will definitely take another class! Best pain ever!”  Karen-Fitness Instructor

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