Judy Thureson’s classes are a one stop health and wellness destination.  We offer classes for all shapes and sizes.  We cater to everyone from beginning level to the top, elite athletes. Our services also include life coaching, nutrition counseling, accountability, wellness retreats and lots of support.  We care about the success of all our clients.


Current Teaching Schedule in Austin, Texas!
(may change without notice) Please check the links.



Tuesday- 6-7pm Barre Fusion at CG Arena

Wednesday- 8:30am Yoga at N’Caliente Fitness
Wednesday- 5:30pm Barre at Pure Austin Fitness Quarry Lake

Thursday- Hot Barre 9:30am at Pure Austin Quarry Lake


****Offering personal training and group training.  Ask us about it!

Please contact Judy Thureson if you have
any questions please email






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